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Monday, May 14

It's been more than a year. No wait, actually, I think it's been more than 2 years since I last composed a blog entry/post for this blog.

I really missed this. Ranting, blogging like there's no tomorrow, consistently complaining about the littlest of things, getting free press so I can say all things I want, etc.

Maybe I should get back to writing. I mean, it's all totally random, and no one's gonna know about it anyway, so there's no worries.

I'm gonna go back to blogging soon. :)

I miss typing.. =) I miss ranting. I miss crying while typing (But I don't need the stress right now, thank you very much).

But anyway, will try to update this as much as I can.

With the outburst of all other social media networking sites, blogs like this become pretty uncommon.. (well, especially since I've been using them lately for comforting myself haha)...

So let's get back to business =)



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