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Thursday, January 31



I’m feeling extremely PERKY right now coz of an email I retrieved from my Spam folder.

Thank God for my OC-ness in my email inbox and stuff, so I checked my spam folder. There I saw the most important e-mail that I’ve been waiting for since Sunday. =) and nope, it’s not even work related!!!! Hahaha!

The message read: (click on the image to view it clearly)


I dialed Janina’s number (I was trembling. Great.)

I checked her email and she got the same message.. So I had to click the link..=)

Then this flashed on my screen.. =) [click on the picture to view clearer image]

WE MADE IT TO THE FIRST 100!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! WE’RE GONNA MEET HAPPYSLIP! IN THE FLESH! Oh my gosh, we were shouting like fangirls but I don’t care.. we made it!!!!! =) I’m so excited. =)

In case you don’t know who HappySlip is..

Filipina YouTube sensation Christine Gambito, more popularly known as vlogger (video blogger) “Happy Slip”, is a celebrity in the Internet world. This one-woman production team does practically everything—she is producer, scriptwriter, director, actor, cameraman, editor, musical scorer, production designer, and makeup artist all in one. Her channel on YouTube is one of the video file sharing network’s most subscribed channels, with thousands of subscribers from all over the world. In fact, her video Mixed Nuts garnered second place at the 2006 YouTube Video Awards for Best Comedy. And Filipino netizens are clearly not oblivious to her success; she was awarded the Best Podcast award at the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards.

For only the second time in her life, this global Pinay visits the country that inspired a significant part of her comedy. The Department of Tourism invited the Internet star to our humble shores to witness the beauty and diversity of the Philippine islands. For two weeks, Christine will be traveling to Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Tagaytay, and Bohol, and she will also get to meet red-blooded Filipinos in their natural habitat! The comedic potential of her trip to the Philippines is boundless. (http://happyslip.yehey.com/)

View her site HERE:

http://www.happyslip.com (cant put the link rar)


Thanks Besp for introducing her to me.. promise we’ll wear your mask for the picture taking or something =)

Let’s go Janina! =)

PS: thanks to wikipedia and to happyslip.com for the pics =)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:50.

Wednesday, January 30

worst so far

had another interview again today.. i'm drained. :))
it's really not the worst so far.. it's just bad under certain circumstances :P
ok, so i forgot to wear a watch (it's a must! amp) and to put mousse on my hair (i know it sounds vain, but my hair needs it to be "tamed" hehe)
then i left the house kinda late.. i arrived in the office 8:30 on the dot.. BUT the elevator took a long time.. lalala.
i was on the 4th floor by 8:40.
Then the interview.
turned out to be a practical exam.. :|

1. Draw how you see yourself in 5 years.
- So i took the time and drew.. I enjoyed it too much and when I looked at the next number..
- Oh no. Yung fill in the missing info sh*t. I got confused first, pero medyo nagets ko naman :)
3. Software Blah
- I had to create an excel file showing the computation of the salary of sales officers. It must be presented in a way na presentable sa President ng company.

I DIED. lalala.

Besp said I should go straight to the hospital to cure my internal bleeding.
and Pauwie said I should sue them if don't get the job. Attempted murder. haha.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 12:48.

Sunday, January 27

happyslip is here!!!!

OMGAAAAASHHH i just found out that THERE IS a meet and greet... i really wanna go!!

i've been addicted to this already. and its really fun!

go check out http://www.happyslip.com and go to her youtube account to watch all her vids. :) GO!

PS: be sure to wear your happyslip! :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 08:57.

Friday, January 25

when i say hey, you say HO! "hey!!"


okay. it's now that i blog again. i was verrrrrrry extremelyyy lazy for the past coupla weeks.. coz i was watching them asian dramas. after watching coffee prince, i watched goong/princess hours (korean drama, still starring yoon eun-hye of coffee prince and joo ji hoon PAPA!), hana kimi (japanese drama), and now i'm watching it started with a kiss (taiwanese drama). SHEESH. I'm officially addicted. thank you crunchyroll, mysoju.com and youtube. :D hahaha.

anyway, i want to blog again since this kept me sane during my crazy days. so yeah. im bored.

i went to yet another interview kanina.. and i'm just hoping for the best.

anyway, coffee prince is back on tv. so yeah. later!


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:38.

Thursday, January 24

it's been a while.

i'm pretty lazyyy so i dont have an entryyyy.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:37.

Saturday, January 12

mission: birthday wishlist

okay, so pardon this entry.. but i really need to let it out. =) it's just 2 days away (OMfreakin'G)
can't believe this is it. hahaha. i had this on my mind since this week started.. i really wanted it to be some sort of my "birthday week" but yeah. got lazy. :)) I was busy watching them Korean dramas. aishhhh :))

So yah, I'm making this list to check... well. bahala na. I just needed to get them off my chest (waw, so deep)

all i want for my berdeyyy =)
  1. Simple get together with family and friends (to anyone reading this, this might be held on january 18..so text me :))
  2. KOREAN LESSONS - i swear i'm soooo gonna buy those learning kits sa national. I'm tired of watching them Korean dramas and having to read the subtitles the whole time =) and i really wanna learnn!!! It's so friggin' cuteee! Saranghaeyo! ♥
  3. Princess Hours (Goong) DVD. :) Please. it would really make me smile. Although i'm watching it now on Youtube (it's free, good subtitles yo!).. I still want to have my own copy. Yiii!
  4. Coffee Prince soundtrack. - I'm just lazy. Can someone download the whole thing for me? :)) hahaha!
  5. Job by February? or January? Basta definitely BEFORE MARCH - NAMAN... madugo yan. =)
  6. Foot Spa and Mani-Pedi - part of the prettification process hahaha :))
  7. Stickers for my planner. For decoration purposes ha :))
  8. Black shoes =) for interviews. the one i'm using right now is about to "expire" in a few more uses. How about that?
  9. Some moolah would be nice! =)
  11. more big-ass shades 8) oh you know me. :)
  12. Beaded headbands. =) I saw them on Multiply. Please? =)
  13. Colorful bags. Please? this has been on my christmas wishlist. lalala. =)
  14. Pwede personal? MAAYOS NA. yun lang. =/
  15. OKAYYYY i wanna be materialistic right now but I can't think of anything else. So I'll do some updates. I have till tomorrow naman right?



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:10.

Thursday, January 10


i need time to "absorb" things. hindi ko rin gets kung bakit ganito reaction ko.. may nag-trigger. it sucks. but right now, please.. i can't say anything. siguro i was expecting more from you. or something. or baka hindi kita kilala.. or nagbago ka lang talaga..

bakit lahat ng tao sa paligid ko nagbabago? hay.. alam ko hindi ko kontrolado mga bagay.. pero.. bakit ganun.. hindi ko ma-"alter" man lang? hay.. pakialamera nga talaga ako :(

grabe.. this day kinda sucks. other than the coffee prince thing, walang ibang magandang nangyari.. hay. thursday is misery day. :(

give me time. ikaw. give me time. siguro kasi LOVE IS BLIND. pero... hay. hindi ko tlaga gets e..

ako lang ba nagbago? baka kasi ako lang... hindi ko namamalayan.

i dont want you to feel na hindi kita kaya intindihin.. hindi lang ako makapaniwala.. kasi iba pagkakakilala ko sau. alam ko ikaw pa rin yan deep inside.. ikaw yan. pero bakit hindi kita kilala. 2nd time na to. hindi ko na alam. yun lang

i needed to blog para mailabas to kasi magwawala na tlga ko kakaiyak sa hindi ko naman problema. :(


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 19:58.

make me smile just for a while

i finally finished the Korean drama "Coffee Prince". Much to my dismay (not coz of the story), I felt sad when it ended. It made my 3 days happy =) and now I have nothing left to watch.

I like Youn Eun-Hye :) and Gong Yoo, they're so cute.

anyway, today's a so-so day. did nothing to please me... and well, it's the "sad" day of the week. no excuses here, i just feel that way.

must be the birthday blues again.


wala ka na ngang ginagawa, pero lalo akong napupuno sayo. hay. siguro nga kasi wala kang ginagawa. nakakainis. yun lang.

oh, happy day.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 16:57.

Wednesday, January 9

highly addicting

been watching "CoffeePrince" for 2 straight days now. and I cant stop. :) hehe. waaahhh nakakatuwa and nakakaaliw.. not to mention nakakakilig. may gay-ness factor man sa simula, cute pa rin! waaah.. i cant stop. :P

not that i'm complaining. :)

go, watch!


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:47.

Saturday, January 5


1 week to go (almost. basta ganun, more or less)

Wala pa rin akong idea kung anong gagawin ko. sobrang tinatamad na akong mag-celebrate or whatever... besides, wala akong pera.. nakakahiya namang humingi na naman akong pera sa parents ko (thanks, bumhood)..

kaso naisip ko, first time ko bang hindi magcecelebrate ng birthday ko sa buong buhay ko? 22 years ako nagceceleb tlaga.. pero hello.. makabuluhan bang mag-celebrate ngayon??

rar. sorry. sa multiply at blog ako magdadrama ngayon. iniisip ko pa kung ano gusto ko mangyari. siguro i'll spend time na lang with people na close sakin. or with myself? I dunooo.

tumawag sakin friend ko, sabi niya nag-leave na sha from her shift sa hospital ng january 13 (ahaha benta, wala pa ngang plano e noh)..
yun isa naman nagtatanong na kung anong plans.. kung magpapainom daw ba ako..
yung isa naman na-wrong send sa akin na kung "gusto daw ba ni jenna magcelebrate sa orphanage".. ehehe. :D

ah ewan. i want it to be special din shempre. pero hindi ko pa alam kung paano. so bahala na. nagsstart nko maging worry-wart. yey! 9 days to go. lalalala.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 19:42.

Thursday, January 3

allow me to momentarily slip away

i am sooo hating myself right now. i was off to a good start this 2008, and on the 3rd day of the 1st month of the year, i let myself give up on me for a while. as in, sandali lang siguro.

i need time off from everything. i've been feeling happy and perky towards the end of 2007.. and now i'm wondering why i'm feeling grumpier than usual. :| and i hate it.

i need to divert my attention to other things. i've been too attached to people for comfort and joy.. i need to find it within me first. which sucks, coz i dunoo how to start, or where to start.

i need a new environment, a better outlook, and something NEW. as in.

so right now, allow me to momentarily slip away. i can't stand this feeling - i don't know where i stand, what has happened, what is happening, what is the current state and most importantly, i duno how to act around you. so i think i'd better give myself a time off so things will be pretty un-stressful.

i can't stand this feeling - i don't feel special, i don't feel valued, i don't feel part of anybody's priority. i don't feel special. period - which sucks. not that i'm such an attention grabber or anything. i just want to feel that someone's there.

i can't stand thissssssssssssss. and i'm hating it.

maybe tomorrow will be a brand new day. but i'm not talking to you. i'm not gonna say anything. i hope u figure that out for yourself.

good night and good bye.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:58.