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Thursday, June 29

i put down my defenses

hmm. im so bored. and i cant come up with a better thing to do, or make that a better title for my entry.

lalng. i just thought of this entry when i went to the restroom for the NTH million time today coz i kept checkin' myself out. not that its any flattering or whatever...

here's the thing.

i left my make-up/kikay --- make that BIG-ASS kikay kit --- at home.

coz last night, i had to fix myself up coz it was my sis, Irene's birthday.. yey! anyways, i took it out of my bag and left it somewhere in the house. and this morning, as i approached the office, i realized that i did not have the makeup kit with me.

whoa. a whole day without my beloved foundation, blush on and lip gloss. hehehe

i used to think that my makeup kit IS my "security blanket".. and that it would be hard to live without it.

it really is. but i dont really care. pero for some reason i felt sick tuloy today. haha. weirdo.

anyway. im kinda proud of myself for getting thru this day.

it may sound mababaw. pero whatever. hahaha. im a kikay person. ;)

ill do updates soon. our pc's busted. and the pc here in the office its not so good. rar. c ya.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:35.

Tuesday, June 6

You Are Right Brained In Love
Bit of a drama queenPeacemaker, first to end a fightGood at thinking up creative datesTend to fall in love and get hurt easilyGoing with your gut instead of your headEmphathetic and caring, sometimes to a faultGood at recognizing patterns in relationshipsBeen in love many times, perhaps too many to countWildly passionate and intense when falling in loveSpontaneous with relationships, going with the flowOverly visual - can play back past dates like movies in your mindRoses, love poems, and stuffed animals are a good start to winning your heart
AreYou Right Brained or Left Brained in Love?

Got this one from Sarie.

I believe i have always been the right-brained girl. haha


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 11:07.

Thursday, June 1

Home Alone..... in the office.

I'm currently here , stuck in the office. feels like i've been on overtime for the past 2 hours. and im so bored. thank God for the Cable TV. haha.

anyway. yung lang. i just wanted to waste my time. :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 17:49.