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Monday, November 29

im back...

yeyness! im back.. i was here last night.. pero i was too lazy to blog. i had fun in the retreat :) super :) i learned a lot, actually i wanted to post things pa nga sana.. kaso baka i end up preaching... :) ehehe. not that anything's wrong with that. maybe ill fix my thoughts muna. i made a few resolutions for myself. and im praying i get to do all of them, otherwise, sayang lang ung retreat.

now im back to reality! oh no. i have 2 papers to do today, one for introman and another for lit. and my mind's so blank from the 3-day silence. i cant think of anything. hay. ohwells. :) ill just blog later. i cant post pics eh. my image server's malfunctioned.

i missed everyone! :)


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Thursday, November 25

ill be gone for a day or two, or yeah, maybe three.

im going to laguna for a retreat. its been ages since my last retreat. i believe i need the silence. im so tired. hay. im gonna miss everyone. ill skip school tomorrow. no phonecalls, no internet, no tv or music for the next 3 days. boohoo. buy at least i get to renew my spirituality. okay. im sleepy. hay. ill try to blog later. im encoding some stuff for my mom. :) ooh i smell adobo. :) i have new pics. but i cant post them. my server's effed up. ta-ta!

GUYS, please feel free to leave me a msg sa tagboard, but its gonna be too long, so please sign my guestbook, below the tagboard. or drop a line at my email: twisted_angel_xxiii@yahoo.com :) awww im gonna miss everyone. rar.

PALANCA KO SANA! LOL :) i miss retreats. deym. :P

current music: Breakdown - Bone Thugs and Mariah


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Tuesday, November 23

looking at the date today.

[my desire to blog: 23 November : The Family Class, 9:15 am : ended up writing this til my APS Japan Class at around 5:15 pm.]

Oh shit. As I was about to take notes in my Family class, I started by writing down the date. 23 November. I almost collapsed. It's the 23rd of November! HOLY CRAP!!! Hay. Can't believe it has been 2 f*ckin' long years since so-and-so happened. Gawd. I'm positive that if I haven't made myself move on or stuff, maybe until now I would be hanging on to the things we had in the past. 2 YEARS AGO. And yet, sometimes I feel that they are still there. Funny thing is, I was supposed to blog about this for the longest time, especially since I tinkered with my twisted_angel_xxiii email inbox the other day. I felt... restless, disdainful, regretful maybe and bothered. I dunno.

Ang gulo. Minsan parang gusto kong bumalik. Saan? Sa kanya. Ang sama no? Pero minsan lang naman eh. Ewan. Minsan kasi pakiramdam ko pinilit ko lang sa sarili ko na kalimutan ko siya noon. Noong binitawan niya ako, nakahawak pa rin ako. Di ako bumitaw kaagad. Kasi mahal ko siya eh. In a weird way, sobrang mahal ko siya nun. Umiyak ako. After a while, tulad ng nabasa ko sa email, bumabalik sha. Pero teka, backtrack muna tayo. Ilang araw bago niya ako iwanan, mga 8 na araw bago mangyari yun --- lahat na pala ng email niya nagpahiwatig na gusto niya na akong iwan. Lagi na niyang binabanggit na "darating din yung panahon na mawawala ako sa'yo" o kaya "eto lang ang kaya ko, mahal kita pero wala akong magawa". Naisip ko tuloy, napilitan lang kaya siya na hindi ako bitiwan agad kasi umiyak ako? Nagpumilit lang ba ako to stay in the relationship? Matagal na ba niya ako inayawan prior to the pagbitaw? I dunno. Feeling ko, napilitan lang siyang bumalik during the time na umiyak ako nung gusto na niya akong iwan. Shet. Out of pity? Minahal ba niya ako? Ewan sabi eh. =(

Eh di dumating na yung time na bumabalik na siya. Hindi ko siya tinanggap. Shempre nagtira naman ako ng dignidad sa sarili ko. Pero inaamin ko, nung time na yun, mahal ko siya...pero I chose to hold back my feelings. I'm sure na mahal ko siya, pero I was questioning lang talaga kung minahal or mahal niya ako that time. Pero one Christmas Eve we talked about it. We talked about us. If I remember it right, we were supposed to be "together" pero walang formality. I lost the trust, so it's like the person is trying to "win me back". May vagueness, pero I'm glad we were kinda okay then. After two weeks, I was informed (in a rather surprising & hurtful manner) na wala na. Hindi niya ako mahal in a more-than-friends manner. Two weeks? Lokohan ba yun? Kaya nga feeling ko hindi totoo yung samen. Pero para saken, totoo yun. Minahal ko siya. Pero posibleng siya, hindi, diba?

Bakit ba ako skeptical about this? Matagal na to. It's been two long f*cking years. Hello, earth to me... let's just put it this way. Maybe I was wrong about you. Maybe. But maybe I just loved you too much. Maybe I still love you --- that I don't know and that is something I don't really hope or wish for. But when you're around, it's just different. I DON'T KNOW! I told you, I don't know.

Gusto ko nga ba bumalik? SA'YO? Ewan ko. Sabi kasi nila kung hindi nagbago isip ko, siguro 23 would still be very much alive. Wehh? Siguro. Pero... diba sabi ko minsan lang yun? Nag-iisip lang ako nun... Pero hindi naman talaga ganun.

Masaya na ako eh..

Dapat siguro, ibigay ko na nga ung sulat sa iyo. no?
Pucha ang mushy.. yak.

Because I loved you all my life
And I will forever more
Only I would bear to feel this pain
To remind me that you loved me once before
- "Only I", Dianne dela Fuente


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Sunday, November 21

as promised

wow. im such a procrastinator. (tama ba un?) anyhoo. i was supposed to blog as soon as i got home last night..well this morning.. but i got too deym lazy. so its only now that im gonna spill stuff about the debut. we arrived there at around 9 if im not mistaken. talk about late. the party started 7pm. haha. but not a lot of things happened naman so its fine. they just started dinner that time.. my cousin was so radiant that night, im not used to her being too girly eh.. so un. she was wearing a yellow gown. ganda :) she was even wearing a tiara. i asked my mom nga how come she didnt let me wear a tiara! haha. nagreklamo? i didnt get to take her pic na naka-gown eh.. too bad. i have a pic of her naman when she did a taekwondo thingy:

the debutante.. :) she had an taekwondo thingy.. and she was still wearing her crown!! I found it sooo cute! lalng.. astig tignan e :)

Copyright PrincessJenna07

anyhoo. i bumped into some friends and busmates nun high school. they make me feel kinda old.. rar. i saw khrista and jasmin (my batchmates..). they were included in the 18 candles [the well-wishers].. weird huh? we're cousins and we're not really close. erm, okay. anyhoo. i saw my busmates din!! (rar, i miss my bus.) i saw mae-mae, pacheng, riva and joy. unfortunately me and my sis had to sit at a far, far away table coz limited lang seats e.. so i didnt get to chitchat with most of them. me and my sis sat with riva and her mom. anyhoo.. so there was the usual 18 thingamajigs. then i sat with my busmates na :D lalng.. chitchatted a bit and stuff.

thankfully, before i left, i had the chance to grab 3 of em and have a pic taken!! :)

Me and my busmates before I left :) We're just too cute. We're an all-black ensemble! hehe. And yes, they are actually all high school studes. I feel old. Damn. But I still look like one of them right?! :) Kammonnnn!! :D

Copyright PrincessJenna07

there. i guess that's it. i went home. stayed up till 2 and slept. ho-humm.

now i have to start with my hw. swear.


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Saturday, November 20


weeh. weekend. but im not entirely happy. i feel so busy already and yet, school still isnt sinking in! argh. i have loads to do for next week already (i kinda think.) and i cant start on 'em yet. i have to go to my sister's family day at st paul this afternoon. so i cant start yet. then in the evening i have to go to my cousin's debut. hay. kainisss. i want to get started with school sh*t. (OMG i cant believe i said that!!! gahhhh!!!) argh. now i have to take a bathie. rar. whatever. im just gonna post pics later. or sumthing.

mej, thanks for the lollies :) yummies! :) hehe.

im gonna blog blog later when i get home. ta-ta! tag me if u need whatever. :)


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Wednesday, November 17


seriously. im soooo bored right now. ive been sitting in front of the pc since forever. im acutally playing video karaokes right now. so i can sing. gash. im such a borer. (huwwaht?) anyhoo. school started yesterday. im still pretty passive about it. it still isnt sinking in. (whapak heller, may pasok na!) i was able to see the kamberks. and most of my uap people friends. i bummed around with mej [my favorite hangout buddy friendship for this sem, love ko this girl! hehe ang arte ng salita ko shetness] anyhoo. there. i wanna go out but im broke. i wanna watch a movie. i duno. maybe later. i might ask aspe. or sumthing. rar. im telling you. rar.


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Monday, November 15

like what i said, im going to have a neat-ass entry :)

yeah, ive been too happy about me posting pics that i havent really blogged blogged lately. hehe :) ohwells. here goes.

im going out later. im savoring up the last day of my semi-short lived sembreak. cant believe its back to school again tom. but i have an ok sched, and i think i know some friends in all my subjects (hopefully) :) so, yeah. im kinda lookin forward to this sem (yak, ako ba un?)

last last week was enlistment and last week was enrolment. pretty crappy but the system's way better than last year. (but i have to admit, namiss ko ung campout sa labas ng school,,wahehe). i feel blessed for the first sem coz i had good grades. :) at least my sleepless nights paid off :) the much-UNexpected 1-point-something and 2-point-something for my subjects were... great :) sana i wont be too darned lazy to study and shit. rar. i have two philo subjects this sem so, im crossing my fingers right now. i hope i can manage. (duh, think positive).

anyhoo. i need to buy new stuffs for school later. that's why im heading to the mall maybe. and meet my friends. or basta. or watch a movie na rin. savor things up. argh,. cant believe its nov. 16 na tomorrow!!!!

*rarrrrred out*


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Sunday, November 14


Kikay galore! Hindi pa kami sabog mashado kasi kakarating lang namen eh. All dolled up? hehe. Neeka, Einuh, Jenna, Prince, Cha, Mines, Tin and Kats. Too bad wala c Donna and Cye. Complete na sana. :) [See following pics. :)] FUN FUN FUN ulet.

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Pagdating pa lang, peechure na ever! :) Shempre! :) Rex, Kats, Cha, Jenny, Karen, Me, Neeka, Annamae and Mines the birthday girl :)

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Kahit wala ang may birthday, picture pa rin! :) Rexon, Jenna, Cha, Neeka, Annamae, Prince, Tin, Karen, Rica :)

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Welcome to our bangag moments :) gabi na kasi e. haha! :) Prince, Tin, Annamae, Neeka, Me, Jon, Jessie, Kats and Mines... :)

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hehe. ang adik ko sa pics. promise tomorrow. neat-ass entry ulit. naaliw lang ako. pagbgyan nio na ko, ngyon lang ako natuto nito wahehe :)

may pasok na sa tuesdayyyyyyyyy huwaaahhhhh!!


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Saturday, November 13


Baguio Galore! Enjoying the view at Mines View Park with my sis and mum :)

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Chismis with Tita Cory and Cardinal Sin wahaha. Outside a resto :) with my Dad, Mum and sis :)

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At my Tita's house in Pangasinan. Mornin, sleepyheads :)

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its been a while. im back from baguio and dagupan. been there since tuesday. wew. ill post sum conceitedness again later. maybe. :P im sick. =(

im going to mines' party later. rar.

im gna blog later. mas maayos dito. i hope i wudnt be too lazy. rar.



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Sunday, November 7

Peechur galore... :)

finally! i can load pics! yahooooo :)

I'll let the pics talk kung ano pinaggagawa ko sa mga araw na hindi ako nagbblog...

21 October. Galle with Mommy Aspe and Chekabudels :) haha. Pasaway shots sa Neoprint booth :P
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ayan, matinong mga tao na kme dito wahehe :) kunwari :P o diba, lakas trip magpa-neoprint ever!
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26 October. Galle with Nix, Cha and my sis, Joey (and yes, she's the youngest among us) wahehe. :) perky? Watched a movie lang, and then pics, stroll. and oh yeah, we stole the number from mcdo (ung bnbgay pag mag-aantay ka ng order..) haha. im bad =P
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30 October. Whattabarx Reunion (supposedly) haha. :) pero kami lang. Jenna, Jon, Cha, Donna and Mines :) Fun Fun Fun!! :)
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another one.. heheh! ganda! :) LOL conceited! sobra! :)
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Same day. Aspe (leftmost) arrived after our "pictorial". Nagpaka-vain pa kme sa studio.. kapal ng muka namen haha. we took dozens more of pictures! wahaha!! :) astig no? :) [L-R, Top-Bottom: Aspe, Jenna, Jon, Donna, Mines, Cha2] Grabe na ito! Posted by Hello

After nun we left na.. hinatid lang namin c randy and mines tapos overnyt samen c aspe. :) hehe. eion. tapos.. uhmmmmm ...ano pa ba... ahh!

Nov. 1! hehe. shmpre sementeryo galore. :)

Me and my sister. We give a whole new meaning to PASAWAY. Fooling around at the cemetery. haha. We were supposed to be quiet, ryt? haha :)
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ndi ko makita ung isa. sobra na to. conceited ko no? wahahe. naaliw? :) cge. til next time. sensha na panget tlga aku. takpan nio nlng muka ko. wahaha. :)


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Friday, November 5

ok na, peace na kme ng ua&p. i just dont like my sched that mch.

but m hpy dat im classmates with my friends again.

chex: ayus back to panggugulo
mommy aspe: life saver ka tlga. mahal kita!
meji: relax a? tulungan taio ds sem :D mwah!
nadine: san ba kita classmate? hehe. sana khit isa lang!!
tart: ibang klase ka. hoy sa spanish sabay taio ha?
fem: aww ndi na taio blockmates..

uap. hay. cge na nga, im getting used to you na.


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Thursday, November 4

i hate ua&p. i hate my 2nd sem sched. i hate my course. i hate my computer. i hate my schedule!!! i hate my subjects!!! i hate school!! :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:44.

i swear im being lazy as hell again.

hay. i havent been blogging again. rar. im such a weirdo. i have been going out with friends naman.. pero im still a bum. nothing's new. i want to go out. i want to go khit sa mall lng. ewan. kaso im too lazy nga. rar. rar tlga.

anyhoo, i myt go out later. me and mines are having a surprise birthday visit to our friend.haha. ohwell. and later na rin ang online enlistment ng uap. hay. sana ndi sha mshado hassle daba. ohwells.

i want to tell what happened to me, as in todo kwento, kaso like i said, tamad ako. kaya magpopost nlng ako ng quizzes. hopefully mapost sha. hay..

The Breakup Blues: Are you still hung up on your ex?
On the Road to RecoveryWhile you're no longer going through the tissues on a box-a-day basis, you've still got some healing to do. Those breakup blues are still lurking in your life. Be patient with yourself and know that getting over a bad breakup takes time -- and some good, old-fashioned TLC -- from yourself, from friends, maybe even from your mom. So take it easy, take it slow, and trust yourself to work through it.

erm. cnong ex? hehe.

um.. question pala sa nagbabasa nito.. (kung meron).. anong normal na IQ ng person? hehe. im taking IQ tests. :) LOL ung isa 120 ata. ung isa 144. ano ba normal? shmpre binuko ko sarili ko.. nalaman nio na brain capacity ko. haha.



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Tuesday, November 2

WALA PANG DAQT!!! BUT IM SO HAPPY WALA AKONG 3.0!!! I LOVE MY PROFS...!! LOL! shuxz, sori walang kwenta mga sinasabi ko. haha.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:16.

our grades are out. apparently. and im scared to death. im online, but i dont want to check 'em. rar. i swear im scared!! i dont wanna see a 3!!! :(


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