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Monday, January 19


Sometimes I sit at home and wonder how it be if he had loved me, truly loved me yes
I learned awhile ago that kind of thing, it never happens for me,
And so i go around and just pretend love is not for me
I play the circus clown around my friends make them laugh and they wont see that
You never let them see u sweat
Don't want them to think the pain runs deep,
Lord knows it's killing me

So I put on my make up, put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me, everything is okay
I'm laughing coz no one knows the joke is on me
cuz I'm dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face...

On my face singing, la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la

Sometimes I sit at home by the phone, hoping he might call me
But he don't call me

But then I realize, dreams come true aren't for girls like me, not like me
And so i go around with my head up, like it ain't no thing
And when the boys around with all my friends, I'm into other things
Coz you never let them see you sweat
Don't want them to think the pain runs deep, Lord knows its killing me

So I put on my make up, put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me, everything is okay
I'm laughing coz no one knows the joke is on me
Coz I'm dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face...
On my face oooh

Its not an easy (thing to do)
Sometimes its hard to (face the truth)
It's not the life that I would choose, but what else can I do
If he don't love me,
No if he don't want me
I'm not about to sit around let myself go (gooooo)

So I put on my make up, put a smile on my face
And if anyone asks me, everything is okay
I'm laughing coz no one knows the joke is on me
cuz I'm dying inside with my pride and a smile on my face...
On my face singing, la la la, la la, lalala, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la, la la la


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alam mo yun? (PART 2)
Saturday, January 17

My Desire to Blog: 16 January 2009, 2: 50 PM, My workstation

alam mo yung hindi ka na maka-relate? hindi mo naman sinasadya na ganun ang maramdaman mo, pero ganun eh...

alam mo yung gusto mo naman ng ibang crowd? yung feeling na na-burn out ka na hindi dahil sa ginagawa mo pero sa mga taong pumapaligid sayo.. pero ayaw mo ng feeling na yun talaga..

alam mo yung feeling na out of place ka? yung maraming bagay na feeling mo hindi mo na alam and it sucks coz you're the type who'd rather know everything than nothing and then be paranoid about it?

alam mo yung feeling mo gusto mo talaga magmove on --- all the factors are permitting you to fo this EXCEPT for that something or someone na you want to mvoe on from?

alam mo yung may namimiss ka? pero alam mong hindi dapat kasi mali na yun.. hindi na tama?

alam mo yun? yung magulo kang?



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Saturday, January 10

that if I say "I love you" to you,



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Thursday, January 1

I’m making another trip down memory lane.. this time with my 2008, before it bids farewell in a few hours.

/edit: I’m posting this later than expected boohoo. So HELLO 2009!/

Did I start the year right? I asked the same question in my 2007 Yearender..=) So now… I ask the same.. haha!


I was pretty much bumming (still) at that time.. but was very much happy to be spending time with family and friends. January highlights for 2008:
New Year! Hooray to another family picture! Plus, all of us girlies were wearing dresses to welcome the new year! Woohoo! =)
Pre-Birthday Surprise – C/O Besp Nica & Janina Labs.. They gave me a surprise (not to mention early) visit on the day before my birthday to give me their gifts, plus Besp’s platinum award for me. ^_^ Thanks guys!
My 23rd – OMG! 23?? Ohwell. My parents and I went out for lunch after an interview I had that day. Then, Dad got me a watch as a present. =)
My 23rd Birthday Celeb – Another simple get together with friends at home. I’m so happy that most of my high school barkada (well, almost) made it and some college friends too! So happy!
SPCP Center for Dance’s Revolution – My sister is part of the Center for Dance and they had this concert! Hehe.. Didn’t realize that was so long ago! But, good job guys! =)


As for February… well.. the usual.. was gonna ask if love was in the air, but it wasn’t. haha. My February Highlights:
Happy Slip Meet & Greet: OMG I remember that elated feeling when we (Janina & I) found out that we were among the 100 lucky few who got the chance to meet up with Happy Slip! Whew! She’s the nicest and funniest too! =) I’m also glad to have met Josh Verdes coz I loveeee his songs. =)
My Valentine Dates – Well, my usual Valentine daters didn’t push through.. But thankfully, I had the chance to “date” Pia and Vnee =) I miss you guys so much!
Avery’s Birthday & GH Treat – Aves celebrated her birthday here at home.. yun o! AMpon mode.. hehe.. and then we had dinner at Dencio’s in Greenhills, HER TREAT! Thanks dear! And Happy birthday! Haha!
Riot Trio Reunites at Serendra – After N months and 100000 issues resolved, we finally had the time to hang out again. We went to Market Market then headed to Serendra to decorate cute cakes at Marta’s cakes! (They should definitely give me moolah for advertising haha)
Chillin’ with Noli & Cha – This day proved that THREE’S NOT a crowd =) I had so much fun hanging out with this cute couple.. hope to see you guys again soon! =)

MARCH 2008

March was pretty much “quiet”.. well you see, it’s supposed to be VACAY mode but not really? =)) Anyway, here are my March highlights:
Whattabarx’s Get Together for Cha – It was supposed to be sort of a “despedida” since Cha was ‘supposed’ to go to Dubai.. BUT, she didn’t push through, so hooray to that! Hehe. But, I’m glad most of us went to this get together. Super fun time =)
JOEY’S HIGH SCHOOL GRAD – Congrats Joey! =) I’m so proud of you! =) Grabe, it makes me feel kindov old since my baby sis is off to college already.. haha! But what the heck =) Congrats Joey!
Holy Wednesday Procession – The usual.. since it’s an annual tradition. This time, we had a major camwhoring session at home. Haha. Talk about bored. =)
Day Out at Market – Since we had nothing better to do, Mom, Tita Belle & us kids (LOL) went to Market & Serendra to bum around.. =) and splurge and eat. Haha.
Lindsay’s 18th – We celebrated her birthday at Starbucks Pearl Drive. Haha. Happy 18th! =))

APRIL 2008

April = SUMMER SUMMER! But not really.. again. =)) Compared to my short-lived vacay from last year, this one’s pretty lone. Haha. April highlights include:
JOEY’S 18TH – ZOMG! My baby sis is legal! Haha. We had a simple celebration lang at home (like mine, N years ago).. Super simple but FUN! JOEY PWEDE KA NA MAKULONG.. at UMINOM (as if) haha! Heyhey, Riot Trio reprezent! =))
"Awting” – Out of sheer boredom (more like ‘desperation’), we resorted to having out swimming stint at Nica’s village… sa CLUBHOUSE! Haha. Legendary to guys! BUti na lang cute tayo.. haha super fun and wala lang cute lang! Sayang wala si Mines though =(
Pia’s Birthday Treat – It has been months since we last saw each other (that time).. so yeah, major chismis session. (Take note: I was the only bum left that time HAHAHA). Thanks for the CPK treat Piatot! Miss you!

MAY 2008

May… Fiesta! Haha. But my May’s pretty boring, I only have 3 highlights to tell:
Make Your Own Havaianas @ the Rockwell Tent – SUPER TIRING, had to line up and stand up the whole damn time.. But I must say it was worth it. We have personalized Havies now! =)) haha!
Mother’s Day @ Antipolo – Went to mass at Antipolo Church and had lunch at this yummy lechon place somewhere there. HMM HMM! =)) Happy Mom’s Day Mummeeehh =)
NEW “BOYFRIEND” – Haha! New puppy alert! We have MARKY now! SO cute and adorable! ^_^

JUNE 2008

June.. Back to school supposedly and it just marks my 1st Year Anniversary of being a bum. Ahaha. But ohwell!! =) June was pretty cool.. here are my highlights:
Overdue ‘Summer’ Outing @ Shercon Resort – AT LEAST! Better late than never, so they say! Went there (for the second time) with the Victoria people and Tita Didith’s family.. Major pictorials and MAJOR SUNBURN lang naman. =) Played volleyball ba naman ng mga 12-2 PM diba? Ahaha!
Mommy’s Birthday Celeb – House, again. With relatives and special guest, Donna =)
Orange Dance Studio’s University of HipHop – Dance Recital mode! Congrats ODS and Congrats Joey! I lav eet, old school and new school Hiphop yo! =)
Father’s Day – Celebrated with the whole family at Mega. =) Labyu Daddy!
Riot Trio Dinner (again haha) – Dinner near Nica’s office.. ah, Reyes Barbeque mode.. Thanks for the treat Besp! Love you guys!
Irene’s 20th – Happy Birthday Ate Aying! ^_^ So cuteeee! Big girl ka na!

JULY 2008

July was short and sweet. =)
Janina’s Kiddie Party @ Mcdo, El Pueblo – Happy Birthday, Janina Myka! Your party was a blast and the coolest too! It was fun to attend a kiddie party and actually participate in it. Haha! Plus, we got to dress the part too! =)
Best Friend Emergency – You know, best friends have emergencies too. =) And we’re so pretty when we attend to it. Haha =) Love you besp! We so pretty in blair bands! Haha!
SuperProxy haha – Leandre Iñigo’s Baptism.. and I was a proxy for Joey (who had school that day). So cute! ^_^


August was full of surprises.. Happy ones, nonetheless =)
Omin & Ricky’s Wedding – OMG! My first ever friend to get married (I mean, gets).. Congrats! And Congrats for the baby na rin.. next year! =) So happy to see you guys again. =)
Best Friends’ Day Out – Hitting two birds with one stone. Met up with two of my best friends all in the same day. =) Love you Bes Aireen and Besp Nica!
Sunday Trip to Batangas – My first time to visit Tita Edios’ place in Batangas.. it was the death anniversary of Tito Fredo..
Get Together at Anna Mae’s – Tito’s (her dad) birthday.. 60th! Pero doesn’t show diba? Hehe. So glad to be able to hang out with them again. Wala lang si Tin aww =(
Palatiw Fiesta 2008 – Visitors for the year were Donna, Cha, and Noli! Happy FiestA! Haha


September was LEGENDARY. End of my contract as a bum, so to speak. =) First month of work at BoardEx, and it was just the beginning =)
PCSO Day – Can’t believe Joey & I won 500 bucks for the scratch thingy! Off to Sbarro to eat! Haha!
BoardEx Opening Party and First Day of Work – One word: EXCITING. Haha!
A lot of other FIRSTS in the Office – First badminton stint with officemates, first payslip, first few friends (Ays, Thatcher, Josh, Carlo, Bryan) and yeah, a whole lot more!
Kamucho’s First Ever KTV Sesh – At Mucho’s! SAN PA BA? It was Ays’ Birthday also, and KTV sesh lang din! Weeh! So fun!


October! So fast kammon! Since Christmas is nearing (at this time), we had an excuse to have more pictures na. (Of course, it was just ANOTHER excuse haha).. Highlights:
Basketball – Our first basketball “gig”.. ^_^ Mega picture pa rin ang drama haha!
Muchos’ Part 2? – Haha,. This time at a Korean KTV near Muchos lang naman.. (haha I can’t remember the name! ahaha! Fun fun fun!
Puppy’s First Grooming Sesh – Finally.. since 6 months na siya! Woohoo!
LIMANG ABNOY @ GREENBELT – We just had to have a get-together! Tambay mode at Glorietta then headed to Italianni’s for major pig-out and chismis mode.. Love you always!
Daddy’s Birthday/Axe Gang Goes Palatiw 1 – Dad’s birthday celeb and Axe Gang crashed the party! Haha in a good way, okay? Super fun.. kaso sayang wala si Jay.. ^^ bawi na lang! haha.
Bowling! – Okay, it’s actually my first time to REALLY bowl, but 2nd time to play. Nevertheless, I found out I kindov suck. Ahaha. But it was super fun, lalo na when you’re with your friends. Weeh! =)
Reunion with 5th Year College Peeps - I miss you guys so much! (and up until now we owe each other another get together, right?) Had big time buffet at Dad’s and had lots of catching up. And we still need more, diba? Hehe!
Javier Silver Wedding Anniv – Too bad I wasn’t able to attend the actual renewal of vows/ceremonies.. But I’m still happy that I was able to at least get there.. Congrats Tito and Tita! And I was also so happy to see Donna and Cha after how many months.. =)
BoardEx Enchanted Halloween – My first ever event for work! Weeh! Dressed up as a witch, or something.. and actually sang in front of a lot of people (namely, my officemates).. Super fun.. Brighton days.. =)


November… time goes by so fast.. you won’t even realize it. ^^ Lots of bonding moments with my Axe Gang (office friends) and at the same time, I’m very happy that I was able to squeeze in some get togethers with high school buddies that I miss.
Bowling Part 2 – It was such an impulsive decision to go bowling after work. And guess what… IT WAS A WHOLE LOTTA FUN! HAHA! I THINK I did better this time than the last time we played. Haha!
Ate Shei’s Birthday Dinner – Wow, talk about VIP! Haha! Had dinner with the Pedrajas Family (that I miss, coz we weren’t able to attend the retreat during the Holy week). Yumyumyum!
Mines’ Birthday Treat @ Congo Grille – Big time! Ehehe. My gosh, dahil libre e marami nagsipuntahan! Haha. Thanks mare! Happy birthday! Next year ulit! Haha! =) love you!
Axe Gang goes Videoke! – Usual tambayan, our house. Major karaoke and pig out/food session.. Right after shift, diretso na kami ditto then til mga 9 or 10 ata. Adik. I miss you guys, seriously! =)
SUPERSTARCITY – As a “farewell/see-you-soon” thing for Tin before she leaves for Dubai, we headed to Star City to shout our lungs out. =) One of the FUN-nest days of our lives. CHot! Haha.. Thank you Tin for dinner! =) love you and miss you.. come home soon! =)
Maxine’s Debut – OMG all the baby girls are turning 18! I miss attending debuts.. =) and this one’s really fun! =) Makes me want to go back to N years ago.. haha!
Sudden trip to Policarpio St. – In line with the Christmas season.. (haha again, just coming up with an excuse to justify this haha) we went to Policarpio St. in Mandaluyong to do some “sightseeing”! haha! Visited the houses there with different decors and stuff. Super nice! Too bad there were no more tiangge stalls there or whatever.. =) but it was great!
Axe Gang celebrates Jean’s 21st – Weird thing was, Jean wasn’t there.. haha. But Jay was there, so we had to push through! Haha! Kulitan session with Axe Gang, at home (naturally) haha. Good times! =)


December… my, my, my… time flies! December already.. meaning… ubusan na naman ng pera. Haha! Usually December is the most eventful month for most people, and this is the case for myself actually. =) It’s a great time to reunite, blah blah blah. =) Rambling! But anyway, it’s the season of giving! And the season to be jolly! =) Highlights for one of my favorite months of the year =)
Riot Trio Dinner – Again, we just need to “catch up”. Although, catching up with Janina was for only around 20 minutes. Late eh. Haha. I miss you guys!
Random Trips with Axe Gang – Wala lang.. Kung san-san lang kami napapadpad and it’s fun haha! =)
Wave Underground Extreme – It’s been a year since Joey competed with a team for a dance compet. Congrats! Pasok sa finals e.. see you this January! =)
Serendra/High Street Reunion with Mej! – ZOMG! After more than a year of planning, we finally met up again.. My gosh! This should never happen again --- I mean NOT MEETING UP! Grabe.. so much to catch up on, and we’re on our way to the next get together. =) Like what I said, OUR NEXT TIME SHOULD NEVER EVER MEAN ANOTHER YEAR. I love you Shobe!
Unexpected New Car – woohoo! Thanks Daddy! =) [though, it’s not for me! Haha it’s a new family car. Haha]
Christmas Party Preps and Bay Design – It was definitely a chance to bond with different people, team mates, officemates and friends. =) Staying late in the office (I was the one who closed the lights for around 3-4 days), was fun! Wala lang.. it was fun to hang around different people. I love you guys!
BoardEx Silverscreen Premiere Christmas Party – My first ever corporate Christmas party! Super fun! =) Had the chance to dress up again haha! Monumental! Haha!
Christmas 2008 – Simple but meaningful.. shempre well spent with my family. =)
Whattabarx Christmas Party - First time to celebrate it na hindi naman samin ginawa.. Kay na Besp naman! Hehe. Too bad some people didn’t make it: Cha and Karen.. and of course, Tin who’s in Dubai na now.. We miss you guys soooo much.. I love you loads!
Kamberks Get Together – This one sealed the deal! Jimi’s in town so we just had to get together.. it’s been 2 years since I last saw Jimi and 2 years also since we last saw each other. Too bad Nadine wasn’t able to make it.. maybe next time? We need a lot more catching up to do.. Love you guys! I miss college!



All in all, I would say that my 2008 is one heck of a good year for me! It may have started a bit rough, but it ended really well.. A lot of good (and even bad) things happened this year.. and I accepted all of them because they have made me the person I am right now. =) I’m just hoping for another good, if not BETTER, 2009!

A quick thanks to all the people who means so much to me. Pardon me if ever I forget anyone. I still love you to death and you’re in my heart. Haha =)

My Family
Thanks Mommy, Daddy, Joey, Irene & Iko.. and to Ate Glo.. thanks for always being there for me.. I love you to bits! always!

My Relatives
I know we’re not close and mushy like that but THANKS for being part of my life and my 2008. Dami e.. love you all!

My Bestest, Closest Friends
Monica Timbas, Aireen Loares, Joey Santos, Janina Mercado, Mej Loza, Cheska Maristela.. Thank you so much for standing by me all the time. I want you guys to know how much you mean to me.. and sana we’ll be friends till the end of time!

My Sisters from Another Mister
Besp, Mines, Tin, Anna Mae.. mahal ko kayo! Sobra lang! =) Alam nyo na yun kung bakit.. Til our next escapade! Mwah!

I know we rarely get together but I love you to bits! Thanks for being part of my 2008.. and my life! Haha! I love you Jon, Donna, Cha, Kats, Cye, Karen, Mines, Anna Mae, Tin and Nica.. I know that high school friends are forever, right? I miss you!

I’m really really happy we had the chance to get together (at least) before the year ended. I hope we get to catch up naman this 2009. I love you Mommy Aspe, Aireen, Cheka, Jimi & Nadine! I miss our old times!

Axe Gang
I can’t believe we’ve only been friends for around 2 months! But we’re tight like that, right? Thanks for making my 2008 fun and work a lot more fun! =) I love you all to bits and I just wish we get to spend more time in 2009. I love you Ays, Kyle, Jean, Jay, Josh (Buri), Angelo & Daks (Daddy)! I super miss you now!

5th Year Circle of Friends
I miss you guys.. let’s get together naman soon. Thanks V’nee, Aireen, Pia, Earvin.. and Vickie! Ano ba! Paramdam ka! =) Congrats in advance. I miss you all!

College Peeps
I know we haven’t seen each other (or even talked) for ages, but still… friends tayo eh! Haha! I miss you guys! Hope to see you in 2009: Charlene, PAUWIE (uuwi ka for V-day!), RJ, Papa Don, and Mej (reminder na magkikita tayo uli aahaha!). MScM peeps: Fem, Maan, Pia, Omin, Vickie, Sheryl! I miss you I hope we see each other soon! I love you guys!

My High School "Family"
I only get to talk to some of you on certain occasions.. but I really wish matuloy naman yung reunion natin. It’s been years since we planned this and karamihan sa atin (if not all) ay working na! Sana naman we can schedule a get together lang.. kahit dinner! I miss you guys! Holla at Nica, Jon, Cleo, Mhawie, Donna, Morres, Mines, Tin, Jielene, Arianne, Aowie, K-Anne, Bog, Rae, Aicel, Apol… miss ko high school family natin super! See you all really soonest! Naman!

Other Friends and Loves and Colleagues
Sa mga extended friends ko… like yung mga friends of friends, friends of sister.. haha Mahal ko kayo.. =) Salamat sa memories (yun o).. Special mention kay na Avery, Lindsay, Aika, Hix (sa suporta nun bum ako), office friends like Thatcher, Bryan, Carlo (GIRL!), Jojie (KAPWA-DIYOSA SALAMAT!), Jovie, Dimples, Grace, etc. Sa mga Kamuchos! Sa Team Alpha, Team Brighton at Team Everton! Ah sa buong BoardEx na lang! Para walang nalimutan.. haha! Madami pang iba.. salamat sa lahat.. salamat for completing my 2008. =)

At kung may nalimutan man ako pasensha.. wag niyong isipin na hindi ko kayo love. Sobra lang naman! Haha! O basta, sa lahat ng mga kaibigan, kapamilya, kapuso, katoto, kabarkada, ka-echoz, kabaklaan sa mundong ibabaw.. ALABSHOO all! Mahal ko kayo!

Again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed and am hoping for a fruitful, meaningful and happy 2009.. I wish all of you the same!

HAPPY 2009!


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