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Sunday, February 24

things to do for the next few weeks/days/whatever

since im very bored and i usually forget what im gonna do out of boredom, im gonna write them down while im not in my usual forgetful mode.

  1. buy new korean series loot
  2. watch ELLEN everyday, 7PM on ETC 2nd Avenue
  3. watch gossip girl on ETC every tuesday, ETC
  4. buy gossip girl loot if possible
  5. buy "learn korean" cd or whatever
  6. learn photoshop basics (again and again)
  7. finalize request for multiply design
  8. reformat my laptop
  9. JOB? anyone?
  10. finalize march 7-8 plan
  11. finish reading tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom
  12. finish reading fabulosity by kimmora lee simmons
  13. start reading eleven minutes by paulo coelho
  14. decide on going to the APASE reunion on feb 29
  15. go on shopping date with cha
  16. finalize post-valentine date with college friends
  17. watch a movie in the theater. please.
  18. try blogging everyday
  19. fix my room
  20. remove unused items in my stuff/jungle
  21. create contacts backup for globe and sun sim
  22. have hot oil treatment
  23. buy shampoo and conditioner for curly hair
  24. organize earrings (particularly studs)
  26. buy back issues of magazines
  27. print irene's debut pictures (argh i always forget this)
  28. .... lalala i can't think anymore
  29. buy simplified piano pieces and try learning them
  30. do the grind workout at least 4 times a week?
  31. SLEEP

i will cancel them out if i do it. ok? im really bored.

PS: our freakin neighbors are doing this habit.. they start their videoke sessions starting 11 PM.. for three days in a row and it's freakin annoying.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 00:07.

Monday, February 18

i feel poor

i'm about to run out of fingers if i keep myself updated on how many months i've been bumming already. i need a job demmit. i'm always bored and i can't find anymore interesting things to do. if only staying at home and being in front of the computer all day can be considered work, i would gladly receive salary for this.

i just feel poor. i wish i had a sideline.. so that i can make money on the side, DUH.

i feel poor..

.. then it makes me feel kinda useless.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 15:28.

Sunday, February 17

why, hello there laptop!

i'm currently using my laptop right now, thanks to avery. =) she had breakfast here since it's her birthday. so yeah, i borrowed her ac adaptor so i can charge.. although i know it's temporary. but it's okay, since i'm the temporary superstar. hahaha.

so yes, hello old files. i really missed my laptop since its very very comfortable typing here. F na F ang pagiging blogger. hehe. =) i plan on changing my layout again. i really wanna learn how to design this thing, but im too outdated on all these html, css and rss whatever feeds they call it. so i shall do that in another time. in the near future probably. so yeah.

pardon the editing for this picture,
it's just on paint and i don't have a mouse :D

anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AVERY BLOOM! one more year and you're not a teenager anymore. woohoot for that!

i will blog again later. like this afternoon maybe. imma transfer relevant files to my pc first. yoohoo.

PS: I had to re-edit this for the 5th time since this sucks. the error on the page thing on IE, i mean.


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Wednesday, February 13

naburn-out na kaya si cupid?

valentine's day na naman bukas. araw na naman ng mga puso. kamusta naman ang puso natin lately? hehe.

naisip ko lang. every year, valentine's day is celebrated. parang feeling ko, nagiging "commercialized" na mashado ang araw ng mga puso. yung tipong, "CLICHE" na siya. parang "ok, valentine's day.." araw ng PDA sa malls, roses at chocolates everywhere, heart decorations sa lahat ng dadaanan mo, at ang single's awareness week kuno.

in the process of finding out the essence of heart's day.. naisip ko, hindi kaya nabuburn out na si cupid sa match making job niya? everyone (ok, not all tlaga) is currently looking for their other half, their soulmate, or whatever they call them. eh come on! hindi naman lahat marunong mag-value ng relationships nila... (sinong parang bitter? hehe) so. how can someone tell kung he/she is "THE ONE"??? hindi kaya nasasayang lang effort ni cupid kaka-shoot ng arrows niya sa mga tao tapos hindi naman iingatan nun "match" yun! kamusta?

tapos... dahil uso na ngayon ang friendster, myspace, facebook, multiply, hi5, etc. nawawalan na ng trabaho si cupid.. dont you think? people are making their own moves na! haha (ika nga nila, duma-da moves na). technology is making "dating" easier for people. diba. instant boyfriend. instant girlfriend. ALL ONLINE. So... ano kaya.. naburnout na ba si cupid, or unemployed na siya?

so there..

sorry kung ano-ano naiisip ko. i guess i'm still quite skeptical about valentine's season. i may be (ehem) single but i have my family and friends to spend this season with, right? so friends.. kammon :) hehe.

siguro we just need to remember that this season is all about LOVE. i mean.. dapat alam lang natin ang essence ng love.. and it doesnt matter kung anong klaseng love yan. what matters is, you share love that's real. :)



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:00.

Monday, February 11

HAPPY TRIP: Happy Slip Meet and Greet
The Aftermath

me and Happy Slip!

she signed this for me :)

janina and me with josh verdes

with new found friends (and fans), Ice and Madz :)

FINALLY! (and yes, it was for real!)..

We met Christine "Happy Slip" Gambito, Filipina Youtube Sensation, at mag:net cafe, Bonifacio High Street last February 7, 2008.

Janina and I were chosen to be part of the meet and greet. WE WERE SO ENTHRALLED (right word?) to be part of this one..

Thanks to Department of Tourism, mag:net Cafe, and of course, Team Yehey! for organizing this successful Meet and Greet Event. Congrats!


To start the day off, we woke up a tad bit later than the time we wanted to wake up. haha. We had breakfast lang then got ready na. We were supposed to leave ng 9 AM, but ended up leaving my 10 na ata or past 10. But we were in Serendra na by 10:40 AM. Haha. So we headed na to mag:net.. and registered. Weeh! We were among the first ones to be there.. so we got a pretty good table. :)

We were handed an envelope
upon registration.. It contained the Program flow, food and drinks and raffle stub and CHRISTINE'S PICTURE in Rizal Park! Woohoo! So we TRIED to settle down while anxiously awaiting for Christine's arrival. :)

Then we had company! Yey! We have 2 new found friends: Ice and Madz.. our cheatmates =) Buti na lang we guys had the same "wavelengths" haha. So yeah, thanks! It was verrry nice to meet you. :) We also met some bloggers like Sir Manuel, Dyanie, and Sexy Mom Dine. Hello to all of you! Nice meeting you all! =)

Anyway, Christine arrived at around 11:30 or something.. But the had media interviews first. So lunch was served (in fairness) while videos of Happy Slip were being shown on stage. After a few minutes, Josh Verdes, (Christine's cousin, btw), graced the stage and performed his songs (used in Happy Slip videos) "Save Me" and "Home" [yea, my current faves]. We asked for an encore and he sang "Love at First Sight" woot! I'll try to post links to videos taken by other people in the event next time :)

So after that, Christine finally took center stage. She thanked the people wholeheartedly for making that connection with her work. She said that bloggers should find that unique thing in them and find a creative outlet for that. Those things should never be kept hidden but rather shared for everyone to see. She's glad that she inspires people and was overwhelmed by the acceptance and love "radiating" from everyone. :)

I'll try to post the Q&A part next time. :D

Anyway, after this, each table were asked to line up for the meet and greet proper by around 1:30 PM. Woot! Since we got there early, we were like the 3rd or 4th group of people to approach her. She was really, really nice in person. She's very approachable and warm, and she smiles sincerely at each and every one. As for me and Janina, we decided to have a pasalubong for Nica. So when it was her turn, she asked Christine a favor, to say hi to Nica on a video. :) [I edited the video afterwards.. so it turned out to be a surprise. You can watch it HERE *click me!*

So there, she signed her picture, got a picture with her.. and that's about it. We waited till she totally left the venue before we headed "home" hehe.


After this, we headed back to Serendra.. BUT, we stopped by All Flip Flops first to buy my dad his Anniversary present from us and my birthday present from Avery. Weeh. New Havaianas Spring for me and Brazil for my Dada. :) Janina was supposed to buy rin but she said next time na lang =)

Tapos we "fulfilled" one off our to-do things that day. We went to Marta's Cakes @ Serendra to decorate cup cakes! Weeh! It was so fun and their cupcakes are really yummy =) You get to decorate 2 cup cakes or cookies for only 90 bucks. Great place :)

Then we headed to Market! Market! to meet up with my Mom and Titas. We walked around Fashion Market.. err.. Janina ended up buying this white cardigan type of thing. I dunno what it's called. Hehe. Then we headed to my favorite store, in Villareal. I bought her a pair of oversized glasses. Coz you see, my goal is to make everyone wear big-ass shades so we can all look fierce together. Of course I bought a pair for myself (again, sorry). I bought a vintage one, VERY similar to one I almost bought in People are People, but it's just 1/3 of the price. HAHAHA. Good buy, indeed. Then Tita Didith treated us to halo-halo at Razon's. Yey! Then we went home.


It was such a long day! (Thus, my uber-long description for this entry.) I should've placed this in my blog instead. HAHAHA. Why not? Will put this in my blog na lang din.

I had fun, and I hope Christine comes back! :)

Thanks to Yehey.com again and Janina, thanks for the company! Till next time!

And Besp, thanks for introducing Happy Slip to us! Hurrah! :)

Credits for the Pictures.. (Yeah, stole some of 'em, you see)
THANK YOU: Ice, Madz, Tita Noemi, Sir Manuel, Jori from Team Yehey, and Google. HAHA. :)

Thanks! :)

Enjoy the pics! =)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:25.

Friday, February 8

finally. :)

OK. I CAN'T BELIEVE I REALLY MET HAPPY SLIP YESTERDAY. I CAN'T BELIEVE I STUTTERED!!! DOH. okay, will make a more detailed blog later. i'm currently hunting for pictures. :D


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 10:22.

Tuesday, February 5

short but sweet?

ok. imma make this entry as short as possible.

anyway. it's the 5th of the month again. marks my 8th bumhood month since graduation. so we went to la loma again. anyhoo.

i decided to go to the parlor today. i really wanted to fix my bangs since they hurt (like what i mentioned in my previous blog). plus i wanted to trim (emphasize on TRIM) the ends since the hairdresser forgot to do that when i had a perm. lalala. so yeah.

what happened??

i felt the cut was a bit shorter than i wanted or expected it to be. lalala. :D i hope it turns out good tomorrow anyway.

hay. sabi nga ni besp, hahaba rin yan. :) hehehe.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 17:32.

Monday, February 4

on sickness and "korean noodles"

i woke up to a not too good morning since i felt like coming down with flu. which sucks. as of the moment, here are the medicines i took for today:

- 1000 mg Vitamin C
- 500 mg Decolgen No-Drowse
- 500 mg Bioflu
- 2 Tbsps of Ambroxol

i sense a "high-ness" in myself right now. haha. on drugs? kidding. anyway, i really hope i'll feel well tomorrow. i really want to buy something and have a haircut or hair treatment. or something. i'm really bored. :(

anyhoo. i'm watching they kiss again (it started with a kiss 2) on mysoju. com. but it's an ongoing series so i have to wait 1 week for the next episode to be up. i forgot. i might have to check if there's a new upload after this blog. and.. i decided to watch Full House AGAIN. :) I have a DVD copy so I'm watching it to my heart's desire. :) hehe. now, since I'm always watching asian dramas and the likes lately (thanks, bumhood). I've become really envious of the characters eating noodles with chopsticks. So at around 3 PM, i decided to raid our cabinets. found yakisoba.. found the ever reliable chopsticks. :) TADA.

pardon the picture. i'm really just happy i got to eat them, asian style. who wants to eat somewhere with chopsticks with me? raise your hand! :) hehehe. :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:29.

Sunday, February 3

early to bed, early to rise.. makes me sleepy

rawr i keep on forgetting to put 'em titles.the last few ones i had i forgot. even the happy slip one. rar. [note to self: will edit 'em later]

anyway.. woke up at 7 AM today. whoa. that's due to my early bedtime last night (thank you, natulog ka kasi agad. ehem) hehe. anyway. since I woke up 7 am, my mom told me that i should go to mass early na lang with my dad (since they went to the parlor and had mass na kahapon. next topic.). I asked my dad kung pwde pa ko sumama..pero mauuna na daw siya. haha so i have 30 minutes lang to prepare.. (take a bath, prepare yung susuotin ko, yung dadalin kong bag, magayos ng buhok + maglagay ng mousse, magmakeup).. eh i thought that was impossible. :)) NGUNIT..

i'm so proud of me nagawa ko yun!!! yeahyuh! haha. i made it to mass on time. hahahhahaa =) as in sakto sapul.

yun lang sharing. bakit ba. hindi ako makapaniwala! nakapagmake up at nakapaglagay na ko ng mousse ng lagay na yun!!! c'mon!!!! :)) hehe

ok, obviously im bored. let me sleep again. good night :))


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