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Sunday, September 28


TOPIC : Why do we say we're OVER when we're truly NOT?

hm...why nga ba? why do we say we're over when in fact we're not?

cguro...prang sort of defense mechanism un... or sumthin.. well, cge sbihin na ntin..guilty ako d2.. eheh

uhmmm maybe kse gusto natin i-convince sarili natin...or cge ako nlng...or sum1...w8 nga ulet.

we do that kse we want to convince ourselves na sooner or later we'll be over that someone...khit na sa totoo lng u feel miserable or sumthin. khit na mhirap..pra lng ma-ease ung pain. hehe. (tamang magpaka-plastic eh no?)

hehe aminado ding plastic ako eh.

bsta. pang-front lng to ung pgsabi ng "im over that STUPID person." may ksama pa yang adjective. hehe. tpos ssbhin mo..."wala nmn shang kwnta.." pro deep inside...miss mo na sha...lalala...

oh well... cguro nga pang-front lng or pra matuwa khit papano.

{khit na prang mas torture}

pro i think in time...msasabi mo rin na YOU ARE REALLY OVER SOMEONE... antay lng taio ng onti

[im sori...i know i did not make sense.]

Princess Jennabebe


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:59.

Monday, September 22


hmm. this isnt supposed to be my real blogspot entry for the whole time i haven't blogged but this is all i can type for now coz i've still got loads to do..

nwei..u may ask..what's up with the title?

well..besides the fact that i love stars..
i heard the simply red song "stars" awhile ago. classic ---sobra. that song dated back to my grade 2 days. i was holding back my NYAHAHAHAs in the fx coz i remembered MY grade 2 days..

would you believe i was part of the "little dancing feet" club when i was in grade 2? hehe. yea..it was a younger version of the dance troupe..i got involved with that club by mistake (coz i was supposed to be in the "singing angels" uhh, choir..)...

anyway..i remembered that we rehearsed for quite some time...we were dancing to that song...

day of the presentation:
and i...could have fallen from the stars....straight into your arms...i....i feel love...i hope u comprehend..
so..we had to dance ryt?

for some reason i did not know the steps..(maybe i didnt really give much attention during rehearsals.. hehe) and when we were dancing...(or should i say THEY [my clubmates]...) i had no idea what to do...

i imagined myself...trying to do something about me not doing anything right during the performance..

i must have looked damn stupid that time.

*i hope you comprehend...*

Princess Jenna


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:34.

Monday, September 15

i promise i'll have a neat-ass entry by tomorrow.

please give me time to think.
i told you i cant think. heheh.

Princess Baby Jenna :) nyahaha


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:04.

Thursday, September 11


im sick.
i cant think.
i cant blog.
i cant feel.
i cant smile.
i cant laugh.
i cant sing.
i cant watch tv.
i cant chat.
i cant use the phone.
im not feeling well.
im sick.

but that doesnt mean i cant love you, does it?

i love you.Ü

Princess Jenna


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:51.

Friday, September 5


[my desire to blog : 17.15 hours : 04 September]

i actually feel as if i'm losing myself...and i dont know why..maybe, because im too caught up with all the schoolwork..RARR.

im such a messed up princess right now.. and if you're asking me how i've been for the past week...
I'M SOOOOO STRESSED UP. that i dont even have time to open my computer anymore. i dont even have time for dinner anymore. i'm actually turning into a sleep-hungry creature right now. i dont even use the phone anymore...

but hey, i dont wanna sound too affected or kawawa...haha, kung mejo naaawa ka na.. (yes you), THANKS..Ü i appreciate ur mercy, er, sympathy, er..yeah... thanks Ü

anyway, as i was saying...im so lost in a world of this so-called "corporateness" etc... wherein my ultimate, greatest, supremest goal is SURVIVAL --- and i think im not gona make it..haha. waaah..oh well.

i'm sorry, im just voicing out my current frustrations..oh yeah...im a frustrated princess right now.. haha.

no, but really. i'm lost. im fading. i nowhere and not found. (yuck ang drama no?) haha. sometimes it feels so good to be such a "damsel in distress". [yeah right!] hmm... i just cant wait to spend time with MYSELF again..


well i told u. she's lost... not empty...just lost...wandering somewhere unfamiliar and confusing.

so what's my point?

that's it. Ü

if i may say that i am a princess, lost in some unfamiliar world...looking for some happiness and for L("v")ve Ü *yihaaa*...

i just have one request. Ü
if i could.. [if only i could]

i want to go back to my own little fairy tale..Ü

Princess Jenna

Kudos to those who signed my guest book.
Lots of love from you to me Ü MWAH Ü


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:44.