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Tuesday, May 31


i feel soooo sad, i dont even know why. lalng. im currently hating my life right now, although i know that i shouldnt feel this way. pero wala lang. ang dami lang mga pangyayari and i dont know kng tamang i-share ko sa blogspot readers. wenk. as if may nagbabasa. anyway. summer classes are over. finally. yesterday i went out with cheka, rj, charlene and mej. we had lunch at chef d'angelo, rode the rollercoaster at dreamscape, watched "amityville horror", then went back to dreamscape for bumpcars, had a pic taken (with my fone nga lang. ill upload it later), and then went to ice monster. it was a great day, but unfortunately, my dad scolded me for being an irresponsible sister to my sister.. coz she was in galle din. and apparently i was there daw to accompany her, which i did every now and then coz i dont wanna look like my lil sis' chaperone. right? but my dad doesnt understand that. so he's kinda furious at me and i dont even know why.

*edit* here's the pic i mentioned. haha. hilo pa kmi sa bumpcars nian. haha.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

another thing.. me, my best bud (neeka), and janina were supposed to go out today.. we had this plan to meet up at mega, hang around a bit, buy a dvd, and go home. they were supposed to sleep over in our house today but we had to postpone it coz neeka's lola died just this morning.. may she rest in peace.. and that's just so sad. coz there, ndi tuloy, pero shempre kasi ung lola ni nix namatay.. condolence po besp.. sna maging okay ka lang. i dont wanna feel disappointed coz of that, coz it would be really unfair. no one wanted this to happen but i still feel bad about it.. lalng. pero ok lang, i know that it could still push through in the next week or sumthing. neeka wants me to go to mega rin sana so we could just meet up. kaso nga my dad's furious ata at me, so i cant. rar. but i want to go out. hay. im so sad. i have a lot of other things to say but id rather bleep bleep them out.



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Saturday, May 21


hay. im blogging from mi casa right now, and it sucks coz i found out that i lost all of my files. as in lahat. i didnt get to save my sis' pics (im sure she's gonna be soooo furious) and my files and papers.. etc. oh and the music! and pics from the past that i didnt get to save. im soooo saddened. rar. im so scared coz summer class is about to end, meaning finals na. OMG!!! im gonna die!!!!!!


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Thursday, May 19


i forgot to tell u that our pc's broke. so no updates. actually i have a lot of things to say pero tinatamad ako. bow. :)


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Sunday, May 15

i swear i soooo not gonna be too attached to anyone ever. again. for the meantime. ever.

im going back to my old "friend-less" self.


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Friday, May 13

over the phone

that someone: hindi ko na alam gagawin ko sa kanya. ayoko mag-give up agad e kasi *cries* ndi ko tlga kaya... *sob*
you: ano ka ba wag ka ngang gnyan... uyy relax..
TS: hindi ko alam gagawin ko.. sobrang ayoko ng ganto..
you: bakit ano ba kasi nangyari?
TS: sabi niya ayaw na daw niya. kasi nga ang gulo.. parang ndi na daw dpat namin ipagpatuloy kng anong meron samin. kasi walang patutunguhan.. *sob* naiinis ako..
you: uyyy wag ka naman umiyak.. tahan na...
TS: *more sobs*
you: ano ka ba... bakit ba ano ba nangyari? bakit biglaan?
TS: hindi naman biglaan.. kasi may issue na sha regarding sa pakikitungo ko sa ibang tao.. parang mashado ako napapalapit sa iba.. and ayaw niya nun..
you: nyeh eh ikaw un eh, diba? pano un?
TS: well, hindi lang naman yun e. kasi nga diba nagka-issue ako kay *insert your close-close friend's name here*? ayun sobrang big deal sa kanya un...
you: *gulp* ganun ba tlga ka-big deal un? i mean, ung issue kay *insert close friend's name here again* *gulp*
TS: uhmm mejo pero hindi naman mashado kasi wala naman nangyari e.. kasi nga bumalik pa rin ako sa kanya dhil sha gusto ko..
you: *still in shock-mode* ganun? eh pano ba un?
TS: wala un.. pero ganun nga.. kasi nga may prob sha about my relations with other people. kahit na friend ko lang..
you: ganun? eh di dpat cguro explain mo sknya...
TS: hay... *sob*
you: dpat i-trust ka nia.. ang dami nio na napagdaanan...diba? dpat may trust na ksi..
TS: pero pano nia ko ittrust, eh lately lang ung kay *close friend again*..
you: *wew* ganun? hmmm...
TS: pati nga ikaw, may issue din sha sayo.. hay..
you: wenk. hindi nga??
TS: oo, kasi minsan nkkwento din kta saknya...
you: ganun.. sbihin mo wala naman sha dapat ipagselos (in a soft tone)...

then some more crying happens.


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Tuesday, May 10


nope. not really hanging out. our pc's too slow when its online, im sure a turtle can overtake it in a race. anyway. school's been pretty dragging (as usual). luckily i have mej, fem and the rest to "enjoy" it with. hahaha... anyway. we went to galle this morning/afternoon. first it was just me and mejie but cheka, char and jimi followed to have lunch with us. we had chicken at popeye's. haha. then we strolled around a bit and went back to school by 1. rar. mej bought 2 tops ata from teranova.. haha. how i wish i could just shop like that! wehe. i swear the next time i step into a mall i NEED to buy something for myself..haha. (right, mej?) anyhoo. our teacher for business writing and presentation said that we would start with the presentation part of the class next week. we would be having impromptu speeches and stuff and it kinda scares the hell out of me. well. kinda lang. wahaha. i dont like speaking in front of a lot of people. although that fear diminished through my 3 years in UA&P, i still am scared. back in high school i used to tremble a lot when i had to report. ngayon mejo na lang. whahhaa. hmmm i hope i could survive this course. plus, our Business IT class is being such a pain in the u-know-what coz our teacher's really fast. as in racing-fast!!! kaya we have quite a hard time to catch up with what she's doing with her Excel thingy. hay.
anyhoo, me and mejie are planning to go back to galle or any mall for this matter. haha. we need to quench our thirst to shop. kahit walang pera. i just need something. wahaha. khit wala tlga. hopefully this week we get to go out again. khit mall lang. and jimi was asking kng pwde rin kmi friday night. i think i can do that. :) haha. sana!! i wish i had mooolah (which i need badly). boohoo. janina labs and i are supposed to watch Can this be love OUT OF BOREDOM (ok?) haha.. but i think it would be cancelled for a different movie coz she cant na daw this week. anyway. i miss my friends. really.

i live such a boring life. pfft.


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Thursday, May 5

a whole lotta b*llsh*t, happy moments and crap from St. Paul memories
(found while cleaning my room at the other house)

Buti Pa..
Buti pa ang Parañaque, may BF
Buti pa ang bukid, may chicks
Buti pa ang halaman, may nag-aalaga
buti pa ang bulaklak, namumukadkad
buti pa ang candy, sweet
buti pa ang gulaman, may sago
buti pa ang manok, nakatali
buti pa ang mangga, matamis ang pisngi
btu pa ang bees, may honey
buti pa ang tennis, may love
buti pa ang stuffed toy, hinahalikan
buti pa ang papel, sinusulatan
buti pa ang report, may objective
buti pa ang Geometry, may triangle
buti pa ang Chemistry, may lab
buti pa ang mapa, sinusundan
buti pa ang nitso, may bulaklak
buti pa ang patay, dinadalaw
buti pa ang prisoner, binabantayan
buti pa ang jaywalker, pinipituhan
buti pa ang pinto, binubuksan
buti pa ang big bike, humahataw
buti pa ang alphabet, may U & I
buti pa ang poste, steady
buti pa ang radio, pinapakinggan
buti pa ang rosary, may mystery
buti pa ang three kings, may regalo
buti pa ang mass, serious
buti pa ang novena, constant
buti pa ang pari, committed
buti pa ang soccer, may goal
buti pa ang basketball, may ring
buti pa ang disneyland, may Mickey
buti pa si Mickey, may Minnie
buti pa si Michael Jackson, may moves
buti pa si Camilla Parker Bowles, may pag-asa
buti pa ang kalendaryo, may date
buti pa angHershey's, may kisses
buti pa ang probability, may chance
buti pa ang telepono, hine-hello
buti pa ang film, nade-develop
buti pa ang typewriter, nata-type-an
buti pa ang exams, sinasagot
buti pa ang problema, iniisip
buti pa ang assignment, inuuwi
buti pa ang unan, niyayakap sa gabi
buti pa ang kamalian, pinapansin
buti pa ang salamin minamasdan
buti pa ang hininga, hinahabol
buti pa ang tindera, nagpapatawad
buti pa ang awit at tugtog, pinagsasama
buti pa ang sugat, inaalagaan
buti pa ang lungs, malapit sa puso
buti pa ang kotse, mahal
buti pa ang pera, iniingatan
buti pa ikaw, naalala ko!!!

(and just when you thought it's bad.. it gets worse..)
quoted from an English teacher [who loves the color avocado green]
...buti pa ang jukebox, hinuhulugan ng coins para magsalita, ako hindi!..

found in a handmade Christmas card for my mom and Dad
(made by Jenna herself)
Dear Mommy and Daddy,
I love you
it's me your daughter
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Don't forget we love you when you smile
Niña (that's me), Irene and Joanne

P.S. Love your enemies.


then there were the pictures...

isang araw.. may isang bata na excited magpa-ID picture nung first week of school. kaso, may blackboard na dadaanan. ung tipong may gulong sa baba na nakausli. so sa sobrang excitement (at pa-poise), nadapa siya. kamusta naman ang picture nia???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ay ako pala un. wenk..


eto kming tatlong magkakapatid nung baby pa kmi wahahah!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


tapos na-realize ko na nung highschool ako, ndi ako mahilig sa pics. may isa akong film na dala nung field trip nmin sa expo filipino. 24 shots. out of the 24, eto lang ang pic ko. at nsa bus pa ko!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


tapos nung nagbirthday ako nung 1st yr ako.. ndi ako mahilig magpaka-gurl. pero ndi ako tibo! haha. :P tamad lang tlga ko mag-dress up.. haha. pero ever since mahilig na tlga ako sa teddy bear. wahahaha

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

naalala ko, i never wanted to wear anything but those brown sandals on my feet. i saw them as i was cleaning up knina.. mukha tlga shang kawawa.


tapos nun highschool ako super tight pala tlga namin ng dude ko.. haha. 2nd yr pa lang pala, inseparable na kmi. partners in crime. wenk!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

uyyy neneng-nene paaa!!!


and... nun 3rd yr ako.. aba mejo babae na ko. proof? junior promenade. haha!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

haha baklaaaaaa!! :)


btw, pictures from today. actually dlawa lang! hahah!! :P

a bonding day with my inaanak hahaha :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ay ka-cute! hahaha!!


anyway, un lang. magbabasa pa ko ng lumang archie. :P


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Wednesday, May 4


i decided to bring back my old layout for the moment.. (coz i like it better than the other one, although its cute.. pero eto na muna. lalng.

anyway. im currently on another kadiri moment.. and it feels so yucky.

honestly, i dont think i can handle another failure again. (but.. i dont know.. failure ka na nga, madadagdagan pa?? ohwells!)

yun lang. im sooooo effed up.


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Tuesday, May 3

a story found in an old bloggy (#paulinians! IRC! HAHA)

Thursday, May 23, 2002

hi guys! lalng. im quite ok now...me & the person have talked na..told me sori daw kse mali daw ung gnawa nia na pag-iwas and ndi pkikipag-usap skn. sobra...nung tym na un prang filing ko ang gaan gaan ng life...ewan ko kng bket...sbi nia "ayaw ko rn nman na mwala ka sken" or sumtin in that sense...sobra naiiyak ako sa tuwa. pro one bit stil hurts. mahal pa rn nia ung frend ko. dat bit SUCKS. nung una ndi pa nga ko naiiyak eh. (btw may 21 ng gabi to ah) i felt i was so manhid. prang wala akong narinig na nanggaling msmo sknya na mahal nia frnd ko...pro nung huli...umiiyak na ko...sbi nia "tama na, tama na..wag ka na umiyak..." pro hell, i kept cryin anyway. (tissue pls) hehe...tpos..sbi ko "lammo sanay na ko kse umiyak eh" then i cried even more...(ahaha and i was trembling at dat tym) then tahimik sha...taz maya2 i realized umiiyak na dn sha...sbi nia..."ayoko dn namn kse na ngkakaganyan ka eh..." prang AWWWWW i was soooooo touched...umiiyak kse sha....eh sobra ndi un umiiyak! lalng. so after nun....nitanong nia kng ano gs2 ko mngyare..sbi ko la na ko mgagawa na ganun. tinanong nia ko kng ndi ba ako nagsasawa sa knya...sbi ko "mlapit na sana eh" sabi nia "sorry"...sbi ko itatapon ko na sana sha eh...shmpre nagdrama kuno sha...ahaha. dun ako ntawa. and i felt iba na ung tawa ko..prang totoo na hehe. labo no. bsta i was smiling again. and that was just so good. it felt nice. ndi ko nlng dn iniicp na muna ung abt sa frnd ko but...its stil on my mind. kse it cud hurt. after nun nagsend sha ng kowt...prang "der wud come a tym wen u mst let go of a person not bcoz u dont luv dem anymor but bcoz sum1 beter wud come to u somwer sumhow sumday.." or sumting like dat. shmpre nagrep ako. sbe ko.."alam ko darating dn naman un sa point na un dba???"...tpos ngtxt sha...sbi nia..."dont let me go...i need u 2 be wid me...(blahblah) u wont get rid of me! haha!" tpos prang ganun...taz sobrang touched ako! lalng. taz sbi ko..."yeah di MUNA kta let go. pro pag ako naasar TATAPON kta. hehe..." tpos ndi na sha ngrep pro ang sweet..tnext nia mga kabarx ko..sbi nia "she's still awake. kng gcing pa kaio...kol jenna up..she needs company.." WALA LANG! ang touchy.dats y mejo nakangiti na ko ngayon. pro shmpre dba mai reason pa ren to cry or sumtin hehe. but ryt now im ok. sori i had to share the whole story to you guys hehe. take care!

posted by princess jenna @ 6:34 PM

joey: ate, ang nasty talaga. please? kadire. mushy. suck-yy. yuck.

ndi ka naman galit na galit sknya no joan?? nyahahah hahahaha.... lalng.. naaliw lang ako sa nabasa ko wahahahaha.... mushy-ness. :P


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Monday, May 2

how life is for a failure *flash a big L on the forehead*
  1. everyone's just better than you --- in all things you do --- no matter how hard you work for it.
  2. someone likes everyone else around you --- close friends in particular --- and sees you as a friend. only. and that someone doesn't even have a clue that you like that someone.
  3. your loved ones think you can't do anything productive. and that you suck.
  4. you can't list any accomplishment/s on your resume.
  5. your relatives think you need a total overhaul, erm, makeover.
  6. your friends don't reply to your messages, be it on friendster, sms or YM.
  7. your vcd player won't work.
  8. you got yourself caught up in a situation you can't escape. like having to admit to someone that you like/liked them --- and it's all your darned fault.
  9. all your friends on YM are on invisible mode, on SMS, mobile or offline.
  10. you can't motivate yourself to start a life-changing thingamajig.
  11. you forgot how to speak/write in spanish.
  12. knowing that you can't reach 5th year or a masteral degree in your course.
  13. everyone else has their own band. you want to start your own -- but you know you can't do it alone. and no one's joining you.
  14. sometimes you feel as if you're the only one who checks our your blog. oh, and nobody ever leaves a comment/tag. some people get a lot of reactions, but not you.
  15. you don't have a best friend anymore. apparently lost to some guy. oh, and the same goes to all your old school buddies too.
  16. you are always the second option.
  17. you can't fix your own life. and everyone else seems to be doing fine.
  18. maybe, you're just too boring.


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Sunday, May 1

*how lame* nyahhaa.
pls leave a msg sa tagboard :)


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i swear

im soooo gonna find a job.
im gonna find a new layout and fix my beloved bloggypoo. for real.


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