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Thursday, January 27

wow. i was definitely insane last night.
yun lang.


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Wednesday, January 26

kelan naman kaya magiging ako?

sh*t. im such a frustrated a$*. hay. bakit ganun, once u admit to urself na u like a person na tlga, chaka mo naman malalaman na ung friend mo -- make that CLOSE friend -- ang type nia. lagi na lang ganun, nakakasawa. im always friendship material (if there's such a thing). takbuhan nung taong gusto ko, hingian ng advice, ibang point of view ng sitwasyon. hanggang dun lang ako, no more, no less. nakakasawa lang kasi isipin na ganun. i mean ayoko naman icompare sarili ko sa ibang tao, lalo na sa kaibigan ko.. pero ksi, being a low-self esteemed person (tama ba un), shmpre mrami akong insecurities.. and well,oo, i have to admit, dumadagdag din un sa pagkababa pa lalo ng tingin ko sa sarili (for some insane reason.) i know im being mababaw. pero wala lang. i just always see myself as a todo-unlikeable person. hay. nakakasawa.

ayoko naaaaa. lagi na lang kayo. (shit ang childish ko -- i know, i cant help it. blog ko naman e.) hayyyyyy. i hate this feeling. (although i know mali na ganto ang ma-feel ko.) SHITTTTTNESSS.

my song for the moment:

You give your hand to me
And then you say hello
And i can hardly speak, my heart is beating so
And anyone can tell, you think you know me well
But you don't know me mmmmm

No you don't know the one
Who dreams of you at night
Who longs to kiss your lips, longs to hold you tight
Oh i am just a friend, that's all i've ever been
Cause you don't know me

I never knew the art of makin' love
Though my heart aches with love for you
Afraid and shy, i let my chance go by
The chance that you might love me too

You give your hand to me and then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy
Oh you will never know, the one who loves you so,
cause you don't know me

You give your hand to me, and then you say goodbye
I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy
Oh you will never know, the one who loves you so,
cause you don't know meohhhhh, no you don't know me
You don't know me

-You Don't Know Me, Jann Arden


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Sunday, January 23

a thank you note :)
friends, mraming slamat sa mga nagdrop by sa haus for my party :) masaya although mrami ding hindi nakapunta.. thanks tlga.. hindi nio alam kung gano ko na-appreciate ung pagpunta nio. sayang walang nangyaring concert series. wala kasing magic mic eh! haha! nevertheless i enjoyed ur company people :) thanks tlga :)

A big THANK YOU to Charlene Palad, Jenny Panganiban, Katrina Gonzales, Morres Mortensen, Aowie Panes, Joan Lolong, Neeka Timbas, Janina Mercado, Donna Javier, Anton Belleza, RJ Aguirre, Don Santella, Charlene Meneses, Catherine Torres, Rexon Maulion, Mej Loza, Tin Famadico and Prince Victoria! :)

(langya special mention pa kayo lahat! haha kiddin! *mwah*)

Picture Post comin' up (just like what kats predicted! haha)
thank you beri meni :) ahlabshoo ol!!

new camwhoring moments

early birds! :) hehe maaga pa nito ndi pa kme mga sabog na bata! hahaha :) kats, cha, me, & jenny :)

ayan dumadami na mga tao! haha :) jenny, cha, aowie, me, joan and momo. posing na ito! o diba kunwari pangmagazine! astig naman kme ah? hehe pangmodel! (*shet ang kapal na*)

"nang dumating c torres". torres is usually the LATE-est to arrive pag parties (well, may exceptions din hehe) dumating sha mga nine.. photo session ulit! haha!

my unexpected guest. :) c janina :) friend sha ni nix [left] and eventually we talked na rin, etc. i never thot na pnta sha!! weehee!! hello labs!! :)

my "college gang" guests LOL :) eto ang barkada ng mga bingi, na super swerte ko naman at nagkakaintindihan kme! :) hahahaha!! o diba may pattern ung damit namen? ang cute cute! haha. papa don, mejie, me, chai and papa rj (ogie).. :)

ivy (yes, the raging diva :)), dada anton, me, mama donna and chachers! :) cuteness!

get together na ito??? hehe :) ayan kilala nio na yang mga yan. c mines dumating na kasi kaya panibagong pichur na naman! haha :)

my fave pic!! dpat pic lang namin to ni tin (in pink) kaso etong dalawang aning sa harapan, kunwari daw napadaan lang sila.. pero cute diba? :) hehe.. kaya nga love ko tong pic na to! haha :) CUTE!! :) hehehe.. libreng comment! hehe :)

CUTE NO? HEHEHE just shows how vain i am (i have friends to prove that too! haha) love u all!!! *mwah!* thanks guys! :) Thank you God! :)


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Friday, January 21

screwed update.
wow. it's really been a while since i made a decent entry. i've been pretty busy with school, doing loads of hw and dealing with crappy hypocrites. anyhoo. i really missed this, but i cant always find the right things to say. oh wells. anyhoo lots of stuff have been running thru my mind lately.. i have a lot of things to do, things i need to accomplish and fix but.. i dunno. sometimes i just dont feel like doing anything. it like sometimes i want to vanish, or i wish time would just stop for a moment or two so i can do things i want to do. hay. its just that life has been too stressful lately, but i feel as if i havent done anything right yet. parang naghihirap lang ako sa wala.. nakakainis. hay.
anyhoo. on to my current addictions/weirdness/kabaduyan/update:
1) Ranting - coz of my LOWWWW accounting 1st long test. i studied for it but na-mental block ako when i reached the problem solving part (which was a whooping 46points duh.) i hate my accounting life.
2) Ranting - coz of Introman. Basta, yun na yung. crap crap crap and more crap.
3) Raving - coz I finally found a black brooch na kakaiba. but im still looking for a red one though.
4) Raving - coz naalis si Megan and Kirby sa Final Four sa StarStruck! hahaha!! I know it's kinda weird and jologs for some, but I dont like the two of 'em and I'm glad they are not part of the Final Four. hahaha!!
5) Ranting - coz not a lot of people are going to my party =( most of my friends are cancelling, backing out.. etc. ohwells.
6) Raving - coz its my birthday party tomorrow..
7) Ranting - coz for some reason im not in the mood or im not up for it. hay. pero I'm not saying na i dont wanna push thru with it!
8) Raving - coz... I got good grades on two of the early papers we had for Medieval Lit and APS Japan. They are not exactly very high.. not the one-point-high somethin', but it's more than what i expected. I'm not a paper person eh.
9) Ranting - because I want to go out tomorrow morning to watch a movie but you can't.
10) Ranting - because you seem to have forgotten me. *hay*
11) Raving - because of the new Koreanovela on GMA7: Stairway to Heaven . It's pretty good, considering din na it's produced din by those who came up with Endless Love. so may bago akong tinututukan pag gabi. ahaha. baduy na kung baduy pero i really like the story! kakaiyak! haha :)
RANTING - kasi wala lang. i feel useless.


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Sunday, January 16

Ohhhkay. I was supposed to email people this invitation.. kaso I'm really tamad right now.. kaya I'll post it here for the meantime.. tama bang iwan tong mga info..? hehe ayan ni-erase ko ung address and number ko. hehe. Im gonna email it to friends sana, pero ill get their email addresses na muna. hehe.. para sure. :) then ill email them tomorrow. Shucks, Im super tamad lately. right after the accounting exam (which sucked), my world came to a sudden stop. and i dont wanna go to school anymore!! Im sooo stressed out. I need to go shopping. rar. im in need of new shoes. that's it!
click nio na lang to enlarge pic :)
btw, give me ur email ads, para masend ko ito :) leave comments na lang :P *humfhh* hehe *mwah*


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Friday, January 14

happy birthday to meeeeeeeh!!!
Make A Wish
happy birthday to my fellow birthday gurls:
Kai Pacana
Christine Tabucal! haha...
shux, ganto pala feeling ng 20.. hehe!
mahal ko kayo! :)


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Thursday, January 13

oh my gosh, ngayon lang nagsisink in na i have one day left of my teenage life!!!!! oh noooo!!! maybe i should do something weird today huh? waahh..


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Wednesday, January 12

i think i deserve a good night sleep.
thank God for today, although its one of this week's highlights for hellweek.
our introman report's over.. YEY! *still cant believe that i reported :P* hehe.
however we had an exam for math logic and i didnt get to study AT ALL.. so i failed to answer a lot of questions. crap. but still im glad. i feel like i deserve a pat on the back. :) nyahahaha. feeling? anyhoo. just one day to go before the 14th and i really cant feel the birthday spirit. boohoo.
i need to sleep, but i cant. i need loads of rest. but i still have two more highlights to go for this week. friday i have an exam in medieval lit (inferno), and on saturday my favorite accounting exam. hay. i cant even think about my bday! hahaha. but its okay :) hehe.
hay. anyhoo on to my current kabaduyan, the soap forever in my heart on gma 7 is abt to end this week. i just wanted to say na parang kulang parati ung emotions na pnapakita nung mga artista dito. parang OA ung pag-arte but kulang pa rin. its weird. parang maiiwan na nakanganga ka nlng waiting for a more intense scene or emotion, pero un na pala yun. nyaaah. kakainis lang. nakakainis panoorin. nga pala, c regine velasquez kaya nagpa-kulot tlga? ksi minsan straight ung hair nia.. eh minsan gusto ko din i-plantsa ung hair ko.. para straight minsan, kaso pwde ba un sa permed hair? hehe.. anyone, na may alam? hehe. i miss my straight hair ;P pero i love my hair pa rin. wahehe :)
Princess -->AY GOSH ANG CUTE NUNG PRINCESS!! heheh :)
hay. i want to post pics but i have nothing to post kaya,,, aalis na ko. hay. cge.. bahboosh.
P.S. AnnaGee (for Ganda :)), sorry i wasnt able to reply on ur comment agad.. ksi i wasnt able to check my blog last night coz i was working on our group report.. :P basta ill tell u kng confirmed na ung pagbebenta. im not sure if my sis wants it or if my dad's gonna sell it :) its still good tho :) tc!
AT PARA sayo:

I Love You
nyahaha. :P


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Monday, January 10

school is driving me nuts.
enuf said right?
oh, and i have a SECRET "LUST" to buy a new camera fone. yeah, maybe a flip phone. and im thinking about selling my 3660. anyone interested? argghhh..
im such a weirdo. it's a weird feeling when you're about to turn 20. yuckk.
happy NTH birthday to mommy aspe tomorrow! :)


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Saturday, January 8

no updates?

no updates for 5 days. wow. i must be really lazy/buzy huh? i have loads to do already. i really want to tell you, but it would take me quite sometime to tell them all. its almost my 20th bday, and i really dont want it to happen.. not coz i dont wanna be 20 yet. i have to STUDY on the night of the 14th. that really sucks. next week would be my hellweek.. wow. what a way to spend ur bday week. anyhoo. i promise ill make a decent entry tomorrow. or maybe not tomorrow. make that soon.

thank YOU.


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Monday, January 3


i swear im being lazy as hell. i dont wana format any entry and i just wanna dieeee. no, i just wanna sleeep. rar. ive loads to tell. but i've class tomorrow. and i have the disney on ice escapade to talk about. wahaha!! :) anyhoo. am really tired right now and my body hurts like hell so im gonna sleep early. i need lots of it. tomorrow will be going back to school. the horror, the horror. oh i just cant wait for another vacation. oh, and my bday's coming up! haha. i want a Disney Princess party in Mcdo. haha :) as if. oh well. gotta split. leave a comment if ur bored. k?



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