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Wednesday, October 27

this is the day, this is the day

this is the day that i can NOT blog perky-ly. or cheerily. or whatever.
basta i cant format my blog or anythin, im currently using the old pc coz the other one's broke. again. tssss. talk bout new.

anyhoo. my rashes are still killing me. really. i hate it. they are temptuous and raging. weirdo ko, shetness.

anyhoo again.. we [we= cha2, neeka and joey] went to galle yesty. it was a biglaan thing, kse it was supposed to be me and sis lang pero un... we attempted to invite the whole of whattabarx, pero shmpre ndi pwede lahat. we ate lang at kenny, walked around and stuff. my sister's more of a shoppaholic than me. i was too scared to take out my money yesty coz i was afraid ill use all of my savings up for different things. basically, i was tempted to buy loads. flower pins, big-ass flower earrings (which made me look like a weirdo when i tried them on), a von dutch cap, a cowboy hat, shoesies i lust, bags, bracelets, ponchos, sandals, etc. i did not buy much.. well, just a pair of really really cute chandelier earrings.. they were kinda big.. make that big :) tapos pink and white na may hoop. tsk tsk, my ravings for earrings must be a sickness. adik.

we watched a movie din, "the first daughter". i duno how to react. i duno how it made me feel. haha. i cant say if its good din. weird no? watch it nlng if u want. i was being perky and hyper in the cinema. on the way to our seats kse, u know how there's a pathway na carpeted? haha :) when we came in, umaarte ako na kunwari concert... tumatakbo akush tapos i was shouting "good evening aranetaaaa!!! are y'all ready to partyyyyy!?!??!!" sabay tahimik na nung pumasok na kme. hahaha. gosh. i can get really weird sometimes. after that, we went around again, lusted for a lot of things again.. hehe. and vanity explosion po :) we had a pic taken.. sa studio po, two shots. one of em was my ultimate blackmail picture.. hahaha!! :) the other one was ok. pero shmpre nkahanap ako ng kakampi sa vanity.. :) me and cha2 kept on takin pics of ourselves! (conceited ba?) hehe. so eion i have loads of new pics. weeehooo :) lalng.. :)

cge na nga, sabi ko diba maiksi lang to?! tomorrow, we might go to mega. bsta, videoke galore lng okay lang :) haha! :)

sa saturday, i wanna go to bagaberde. oh, and sa friday, i want to go with cha2 sana to this reggae thingy. im in love with reggae now. we were even planning to buy accessories na reggae/jamaican-inspired.. kaso i duno, parang ndi bagay saken :) hehe. ohwells. i wish i didnt have rashes nlng. rar.

oki :) i have to eat lunch muna :)

weeeeeeeeeeh. :D


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Sunday, October 24

honey, i'm ho-ome.

hellew. grar. i feel really awful about these rashes. but at least they are NOT contagious. (kaya utang na loob, wag nman kayo matakot na lumapit saken LOL). anyhoo, i know what it is already but i wont tell na lang what kind of "sickness" this is, kasi the pictures of it on the web are really,, yucky. hehe :) but hey, mine's not that bad. :) mild pa naman ito. :D thank goodness. this rash daw rarely occurs eh, so it got me thinking: should i feel honored that i actually had it? LOL. kadiri. i just have to keep myself from scratching. hayyy.

anyhoo.. yesterday, we [we: me, cheka, aspe] went to st paul pasig to visit their fair. wew. feeling high school ever. heheh. uhh i met up with cheka, aspe and tirona (who came with cheka).. tapos eion, nanggulo lang kme. i saw a lot of people, (duh, its a fair..) i mean.. mga people na x-paulinians din, batchmates, friends, etc. cno2 ba sila.. jielene, aicel, mae-mae, pacheng, keisha, my former busmates, marinel, anlou, grace, alessa, mines, kats, cha-cha palad, tita myrna, aowie, bea, jonalee (HAPPY BERDEY), tisha, peachy, ms. ped, ms. calayo, ms. bronilla, mrs. garcia (computer), ermm, actually bsta sila-sila... hehe!

so un, it was fun.. first stop, me and aspe went to this booth na nagbibigay ng free MEG magazine. turned out nait was a contest.. ung bestfriend chuva picture contest ng clean and clear. whahahaha... so.. for fun, me and aspe nga joined. LOL. we filled up some form.. tapos we had our pic taken. sabi nun people dun, if we're lucky, we may just win this contest and be cover girls for MEG. LOL. as if. =P tapos we asked nga kng pwde kme mkabili or mkahingi ng copy nun pic.. sabi nun guy only if we had a diskette daw. DUH. why would we bring a diskette to a school fair?! LOL. grabacious ah. anyhoo, i told the guy na i'd go back nlng ng sunday, pero sabi nia "ma'm sa sm north edsa nio nlng po kme pnthan.. o kaya kng gusto nio po bili muna kaio ng diskette sa megamall.." x_0 bangag na mama ampucha. hehe.

after nun, we went to the gym na. hehe infairness ang daming renovations ah. when we came in, a PRU girl tried to literally shove me in. nasabihan pa ko ng "excuse me, faster lang po" oh no, pagkamalan bang high school. haha. shmpre nagparinig na kme nina aspe. rar. i realized na ngyong college lang ako nagkaganto.. haha. maraming times na ung i almost engaged haha into a fight dahil sa mga bwisit na tao. LOL. anyhoo, we found a good spot at the back.. well nsa likod nga kme pero it turned out supposedly to be good, kase dun ung fashion show pala. kaso shmpre ung mga people singit ng singit. nakaluhod, nakatayo, etc. eh sabi kse indian sit daw lahat (grabe, feeling students pa rin kme, upo naman kme..) tpos ung mga nsa harap namen, todo tayo, sigaw, etc. hehe.. so we ended up just talking. seryoso. as in daldalan. feeling ko nga na-annoy ung nasa likod namen kse we were occupying some space pero ndi kme nanonood. hehe. tapos, nung umalis na ung nasa likod namen, we knelt na rin kse, high school faculty na ung nagmo-model. heheh :) asteeg. well, not nun first. hehe. some teachers i recognized were: ms hernandez, ms calingo, sir velarde!!!, and ang finale nila ever si ms calayo.. :) naks! o diba new career? :) serious :) anyhoo, after that, we were supposed to leave the gym na. kse we cant find a good spot nga eh sa stage na ulit ung next performers. they were setting up the stage na at that time and we had no idea kng cno na next. so we were just talking (again) with cheka this time. tapos, mejo nagclear na rin nga ung gym kse they thought na it was gonna be a not-too-good-hohumm performer. well, whaddaya know?! AKAFELLAS na pala ung sunod!! wahahahhaha :) well,.. literally, mejo natangay ko si aspe papunta sa harap. haha! kme naman ung sumingit-singit sa mga paulinians. LOL. tapos, WEW. nsa may harap na kme. ASTIG! haha. so un, kanta galore kme ni aspe. haha. with the matching dance. during the first part of the set, the students were still sitting down, kaya advantage kme. tapos we, no no, make that I was trying to get Paulo Nav or Robi's attention to check if they would still happen to know us. LOL. their ex-stalkers. yes, dati ay stalkers kme ng akafellas. LOL. anyhoo. that did not happen kasi dumating c DJ Myke. boom-boomshk master. so sayawan ever na. nagtayuan na ung mga tao sa harap namen... so ndi na kme kita. tapos ang dami pang singit ng singit..! may amoy B.O pa! Hhaha ang dami namen reklamo no. hehe. may bago na nga pala akong crash sa akapapas. hehe ung new member nila kwela! c jet. :) [note to self: message robi sa friendster, search for jet the new member.. stalker ever!!!] anyhooo....

after the akafellas, we decided to have dinner na muna. hehe. forget about the ticket! the 100 bucks is sulit already! haha. akafellas pa lang eh no? LOL. eion, we ate near the canteen, basta tambayan daw nina cheka. high school memories. at tulad ng sabi ni aspe, heart to heart talk daw eion. hehe astig :) tapos we were looking for cravings tapos we heard people singing in the gym. we didnt know na teachers pala un! so takbo kme sa loob, found a spot near the 3rd year people ata. hehe :) the faculty had a presentation similar to the FFC we had back in our days (gah, nakakatanda!) we dont know most of the people. but our teachers were really good! :) made us feel like paulinians again. hehe :)

anyhoo... i met up with jonalee and mines after, then we went around buying ice cream, walking around and people watching.. and shmpre daldalan to the max. heheh :D then we ended up leaving st paul at around 1040 pm na ata. i cudnt find my sister kse e. anyhoo before i was able to step out of stpaul, mejo i got annoyed again.. this time becoz of manong guard. aspe and cheka were supposed to ride with moi, pero they were able to go past the gates before me, my sis and her friend. tapos hinarang na kme nun guard. he asked my sister kng bkit sila lalabas and she pointed at me, sabi nia na i was with them. tapos the guard turned to me and asked me where my sundo was. sabi ko the car's outside na, and we were just gonna wait. i pointed to aspe and cheka and sabi ko manong kasama namin sila, bakit sila pinalabas nio na? then the guard said na students are not allowed to go out. so nairita ako. magpipilit ba naman ako lumabas dabah. sabi ko i was not from st paul anymore. years ago na. mejo iritado na tlga ako, and ewan ko lng kng pagalit na ung sagot ko.. heheh. tapos when he walked past him, nagcomment pa sha.. sabi nia kasi sana sinasabi nio na hindi kayo estudyante! rar. patay na, nainis na ko. i turned to him and sabi ko sorry ha! at kasalanan ko pa un! hindi naman kse requirement un diba? BUISET! hehe. warfreak ko minsan no? kaya ndi ko alam if i should feel complimented when they think im a high school student. haha.

but anyhoo, my day's all good naman. weeeheeeee :)

waw. haba ng entry ko no? daldal ko kse e. hehe :) anyhoo. post nlng din ako ng tests... tests galore. LOL. :)

cge na nga, wala palang kwenta ung mga test.. hanap na ko ng alis. =) hehe..


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Friday, October 22

this isnt good anymore.

im sick. and i dont know why. i have rashes all over and they are itchin' like hell. argh. im sooooo frustrated, and i feel much much uglier coz of them. hay. i think i wont be able to go out tomorrow for the akafellas concert at st paul coz of this. hay.

last night i was wishing na i had a laptop or a pc right at my bedside. i was really feeling cranky and all last night and i cudnt sleep. i slept at arnd 3pm i think, and woke up at 730. i couldnt go back to sleep. i decided to stay in bed til 11.

i feel so bad. =(


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Thursday, October 21

im back.

but im lazy. so ill try to come up with a decent entry tonight.

went to galle today.. me and cheka were supposed to meet at around 12noon, pero i ended up arriving there at 12:30 i think.. tpos wala pa sha.. so i went around.. bought two pairs of lovely earrings (uh-oh).. then she was there na around 1:20 ata. mommy aspe texted us na andun na din sha so we had lunch together na rin at spamjam.. u guys should try it, its a unique place.. puro spam and nsa menu nila. haha. aspe even ate a spam maki. o diba. wide ang variety. LOL.

anyhoo.. 3pm, we watched a movie na... White CHicks. ASTIG :D hehe. twas a good movie.. super funny. not funny funny na super halakhak. tamang tawa :) hehe. well, oo na, nakakatawa na.. mababaw nman ako eh. haha. anyhoo again, you guys should watch it!

at the movie house, there were a few guys behind us... well we presumed them to be those "homie-ja rule-nelly-bling bling sort of guys" coz of the way they talk. feeling ampucha! super. ang gugulo nila pramis. first they were stepping na on our hair. (first saken, tapos pati pala c cheka. cheka gave them THE LOOK. sus. siga talaga tong c cheka. hehe) tapos they didnt even say sori. nakakainis. tapos in the middle of the movie, there was a part when the girl was changing clothes in a store, tapos humirit ung guy sa likod ko "oh my gosh, i just want to fuck you." gaaaaaaah. kadiri. they just couldnt keep their pervert thoughts to themselves. tapos they started laughing na and stuff. [btw, nadine and dale followed. so after some time they were there na rin.] so un, after nun.. may part sa movie i forgot what happened in that part though.. tapos they were laughing and were in a discussion na... "yeah pare... HOOHOOHOOH, yah pare... fuck that pare... hahahaha." leche ang iingay. they were very inconsiderate no. tapos while they were talking in big voices nadine butted in, pero ndi sha humarap sa knila, side view lang "OH YAHHHH HAHAHAHA." with the matching big voice din. oh my gosh.. ndi kme makapigil ni aspe sa kakatawa. i love nadine for doing that. haha :) tapos they guys stopped talking na. pero i think they were whispering or talking in hushed tones about the girls in front of em kami un. haha. basta un. tapos super gulo pa nila, we could feel na nasisipa nila ung likod ng chair namen. sarap sapakin pramis. towards the end of the movie, there was a semi-cheesy-sweet line na sinabi nun guy. tapos ang papansin nanaman nun guy... sabi "yeah pare i should use that.. i swear pare im gonna use that on my girl.. YEAHHHHH" hay nako. ayun.. nagga-growl na naman sila. good thing they left before the movie ended. LECHE talaga.

pero... i still had fun. kulang pa rin pag wala kang nakikita na kakaibang tao sa labas. kaya nga masarap magpeople watch eh. ahha. ooh i have another incident pala. hehe.

after the movie, we left nadine and dale na kse they wanted to start the movie over. so un, we went to the cr muna. there were 2 former paulinians din dun... batch 2003, a batch lower than us. one went inside a cubicle, the other one was checking her reflection sa mirror, sabay kme nagkikikay. tapos when the other girl went out, me and aspe went to the right side. the two girls were on the left side, so... we were all facing the mirror at that time. cheka was inside a cubicle that time. tapos, the two girls started chatting.

girl1: blah..blah..blah.. [sorry i cant remember how their conversation started]...
girl2: ah ganun ba? eh what do u like better ba? u dont like the one from school?
g1: nah, i dont know eh.
note: during this time, they kept on glancing at us, if me and aspe were looking at them or listening at them. i pretended to powder my face and talk to aspe.
g2: hmm..okay. hahaha.
g1: so how are you and ano na?
g2: i dont know e! pero g1, u know what, there's this guy nga na parang i like eh.. like its weird nga e..
g1: really? why naman?
g2: basta, like im not used to it lang.. kse this guy,he's like a blockmate of mine eh..
g1: o really? who ba?
g2: basta, its weird lang kse he's like way shorter than me... eh like i dont usually fall for shorter guys..
g1: haha.. ano ka ba g2, thats ok!
g2: no, noh! im not used to it kaya!
g1: ano ka ba.. ako nga like i used to have a crush or thing on this shorter guy who's.....

tapos they went out of the washroom na. shmpre ni-mimick na namen sila ni aspe. my gosh. i cant believe they're paulinians. i mean, oo cge, uap people are usually labeled conyo people, pero..ndi naman lahat eh. pero etong mga to? grabe, papansin! sobra! eh they werent the types na paconyo ang dating. ang trying hard ng effect nila. haha. anyhoo when we went out, ginagaya pa rin naman ung girls. hehe. tapos i noticed they were in starbucks so we stopped na. hehe.

interesting day.

i bought a 70s cd for my dada. its his bday tom. :) happy! :) LOL

tapos we had neoprints taken. cool. i miss having pics taken with friends. hahe :) anyhoo. next time im soooo gonna splurge on clothes, shoes, cds and bags. oh, and accessories. :)


Divisoria, here we come! :)

anyone up for this? :) hehe!

gots to sleep. ho-humm.


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errm. bkit nga ba ako nagblog?

hehe. actually ndi ko rin alam. waw. mukang normal na sakin mag-open ng blogger everyday! haha. :) anyhoo, im goin out today! yahuu. well.. ndi sha nyt out or anything. just "quality time" with mommy aspe and cheka mylabs. :D heheh. punta kme galle... nood kme movie, tapos ARCADE!!!! YEY!!! shmpre ndi mwawala cguro ang peechur taking :) LOL. cant wait. i should be going right now. ang tamad ko. hahar. :D

anyhoo.. un palang post ko last night came from http://www.tickle.com click-click-click. u have to be a member muna para u can take their tests :) heheh :) eion..

may nakaaway ako sa phone kgabi. moodswing galore. tsktsk. kasi naman e. wla lang ako sa mood mkipagkulitan. kaya.. ikaw... im soooo sorry. eion. cge. :) labo ko no? sana matuto na ko magpost ng pics diba? pano baaaa? :D hehe. cge.. paalam :)

I feel like I'm falling,
But it's no surprise. Ü


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Wednesday, October 20

Which Reality Show's Right for You?
jenna, you're destined for American Idol

Stars aren't born they're created — just ask the Monkees. All you need is the big break and American Idol is it. Whether it was an impromptu serenade in the school cafeteria or the business presentation-turned-standup routine, you've always been a performer at heart.

Your confidence and stage presence will get you far, and your love of attention will get you farther. Still, it's scary to be up against a million other candidates, not to mention the judges. No one likes criticism, especially when it comes from a snake like Simon. Thankfully, you have the poise and charisma to remain strong during his rants, and once the spotlight is on, all the pressure fades into the shadows. Heck, if some of those wannabes can make it, why can't you?

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! rar.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 21:19.

Tuesday, October 19

Habla español?

algo nuevo.

no tengo nada hacer así que decidía crear una entrada española delblog. Sé que no mucha gente entendería esto así que voy a decir mucho. ¡Haha! Le falto ya y no puedo esperar para verle. Estoy mirando actualmente MYX y más adelante, Voy a comenzar a leer mis novelas arriba. Entonces voy a reclinarme.

¡Entonces deseo al partido!

¡Yey!! ¡Ole!


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:31.

elated part 2

btw i forgot eh.. i can start reading them books!!! i have around 7-9 books in line :) yahuuu exciting :)

*song of the moment: not your ordinary girl*
-ok na sana this song. biglang "...coz boy u dont quit, and you're kinda kulit.." WHAT THE?!?!


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:02.


finally! exams are over!!! yahoooo =)
polthought sucked tho. there were around 5-8 numbers i wasnt able to answer and my last 2 essays were pure crap.. so... good luck to me. x_x

but i also heard news about my DAQT finals... I DIDNT FLUNK!!! so i dont have to take removals this friday. which means IM FREEEE FREEE AS A BIRD.... yahuuu *grabe, ibang level na ito*

so.. tomorrow i have plans na.. with mommy aspe (and tart maybe..).. khit mall lng, movie and dine out. yessss its been a while. i cant wait for serious bonding.. SA VIDEOKE!! haha :)
sa thursday.. mall ulet.. ksama na c chekabols mylabs :)
friday.. i hafta watch my sis sa st paul.. fair kse, and she's gonna perform. heheh :) and its my dad's birthday din :) so... may party sa gabi. todo entertainment na naman to. Jenna:BY REQUEST haha :) ang tgal ko na ndi kumakanta! LOL
saturday...ndi pa nman kaya magsawa si mommy aspe saken? hehe... nood kme concert. bka sumama ibang whattabarx (kng may magreply ba naman diba? hehe)
sunday...EWAN. bsta gusto ko umales. :)

im soooooo happy!! hehe..sembreak naaaaaahh!! yahooo!!
i can get some more sleep... (make bawi LOL), watch tv, sit in front of the pc the whole day, chat maybe, go to the mall, go shopping, watch movies, bond with friends..etc...


*looking for comfy mall clothes and perky gimik outfit. LOL*

friends, alis na taio!!! weeeh :)

*drops dead -- stress hangover hehe*


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Monday, October 18

one more fhreakin' day to go.

yeesssshhh im so happy coz i have one more exam left..

i have political thought finals tomorrow, 1200-1330 at li seng giap. LOL (ibigay ba ang sched).. and after this it's FREEEEEEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOM-ness!!! but im kinda worried coz:

1)i did NOT understand much in my polthought class. (liar). ok, ok. i dont understand anything at all. it was my "optional" class.. if the prof checked attendance, my absences could've totalled to a whooping 20++ haha. oh well. at least the teacher's nice. well.. most of the time he is. for the rest, well... let's just say.. RAR. *meoww* [diba mommy aspe? haha] i thought i was the only one who took this course as if its optional. well, there's aspe.. hehe. vickie.. nadine, and cheka. haha :) we all have the same tcher. harhar. talk about boredom. (ang bad ko no? rar.)
--->so, i have to read this humongous book by ebenstein and ebenstein.. :P "great political thinkers". wew. happy reading to me. i heard the finals have 5 essay questions. oh nooooo.
*note to self: bring a test booklet. shetness.*

2)although all my exams would be over tomorrow *technically*, im still nervous coz of DAQT 2. [FYI: DAQT = decision analysis and quantitative techniques 2. its every management student's dream subject. NOTTT!!!] coz... the teachers gave conditions regarding grades:

a) if you get a final grade of 50
and below.. u get an
automatic 3.5
i dont wnna get that
score. let's cancel
that. *crosses

b) those who would get a score bet.
51-59, would be asked to take removals on
friday.. there would be 5
problems. you need to get 3 out of 5 problems
PERFECTLY to pass. talk about
passing. rar.

c) congrats sa pumasa.

ohhhh well. i hope i pass. i dont wanna take another exam. rar. =/


cge na nga, aral na ko. yakkkk.

i miss you.



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:58.

Saturday, October 16

what happens to moi
when the perkiness is away

gawsh. i feel so boring (as in ako ha. u myt think im being barok.) i mean, lately ive been such a boring person, to the point na i wouldnt wanna hang out with myself. pucha i sound too weird. psychotic ang dating.

ive been wanting to post something new on my blogspot. i even wanted to create a new template or sumthing. its just that when im in the editor already, i get too darned lazy. so i end up not blogging. grabe no.

i feel so stressed as well. im turning out to be an insomniac na rin ata. i got so used to sleeping na early in the mornin, ndi na ko makatulog ulet when i can sleep early naman. rar. kasi nasanay ako na i stay up til the wee hours in the morn to study. (omg c jenna ba un.) so un. sleeping suddenly isnt part of my system anymore and i hate it. i always feel na parang may sakit ako, which sucks. big time.

oh, and by the way. to add to my "misery" *ehem* i look more harrassed than usual. kainis. panget na nga akish, pumapanget pa lalo. huhu. hay.

pero im kinda glad school's almost over for me and for uap people. thing is, im scared about my grades naman. i got a really low final grade for one subject na: philosophical anthropology. shetness nga eh. its one of my subjects this sem na nagfocus ako. if u guys could see my book, ang kulay-kulay nia coz of me reading it. (nga pala, i realized na i cant study without at least 2 highlighters. weirdo). anyhoo. nakakafrustrate lng, kse this year lang ako nagbigay ng effort talaga.. as in... sa pag-aaral. pero its not turning out really well. i dont get good grades pa rin. (maybe coz im such a crammer?! wenk.) ohwells. buti nln wala na retention policy. the bagsak thingy na lang. but still. i want good grades pa rin. [grabe, am i making sense. sorry im just blabbering.]

anyway. ayan na naman. attack of un-perkiness. im answering a survey on friendster. haha. pagsabayin ba. hala. post ko nlng dito.

anyhoo ulet, bakasyon na next weekkkkkk... friendsssss alissss na taioooooo :)

ay. i miss my perky self. i look really sick lately. check out my friendster pic. im too ugly kya i covered my face.
haha. :) cge. eto na un survey!


>i dont get into trouble (that mch LOL)
>i live my life a day at a time (a minute at a time..)
>i love my friends, basta ba friends talaga taio e. :)

>pessimistic and low self esteem
>cant express myself well in front of others
>tamad! haha.

>why people are so fond of sterotypes and labels
>why people are so superficial

>superficial and stereotypical people
>tactless people
>too many requirements. lalo na papers. yak.

>losing the people i love ;) nak
.>not to graduate/to be kicked out by uap
>mahuli :) heheh.

>vanity kit, with hanky and perfume
>some money. hehe:)

>turn your lights down low - bob marley and lauryn hill
> dont let the sun go down on me.. american idol songs. hehe. un ang nsa player ko e.. *down the yellow brick roaddddd.....ohhh...*
>waaah ang dami mashado. wag na nation pagkasyahin dito. hehe

>kamberks.... ang laki pa rin ng uap saten, bihira pa rin taio magkita pero.. most time na rin un hehe
>ikaw :)

>do drugs
>hmm. i dunno e.. i cant tell..
>talikuran ang family ko. i know i have responsibilities eh.. =/

>singing :) harhar.
>magsurf ng net :)
>shopping kuno :)

>money for shopping. im sooooooo in love with the shoesies i saw in mendrez. rarrrr. and i need new stuffs.

THREE CAREERS YOU'RE CONSIDERING: >uhmm businessperson.. (malamang?)
>teacher, or sumthing sa bank.
>sana pwde...musician..


i miss my old self. hay.



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:07.

Saturday, October 9

im so dead.

i have an accounting exam in approximately 4 1/2 hours and i dont know a thing. i dont feel to good either so i cant really concentrate. dammit. and oh yeah, im finishing the accounting paper too. and i feel so dumb. shit im gonna fail for sure.

i hate this effing life man.

Music of the moment: One Last Cry - Camille Velasco [i totally dig this song.. i like her version!]

argh. i wanna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. =(


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 08:35.