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Saturday, August 28

the show "born diva" absolutely stinks. its so yucky and all. and its very superficial. yuck yuck yuck. i'd rather watch nginiiig.

fiesta here today but im still effing bored. i have a lot of things in mind and i know i have a lot of things to do. but im pretty sleepy and lazy. i have to study for rizal and the genealogy paper too. i lack sources tlga for it sobra. i duno wat to do. gahh. im really sleep now. i have to sleep. gotta run man.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:26.

Wednesday, August 25

it just seems to
circle around you.

there's still so much i want to know about you.
i've known you for almost two years now.
but part of you --
no. YOU. you remain a mystery to me.
there's a certain 'lightness' about you
that never ceases to amaze me.
but it's a fact...
that's weird to be around you.
ironically, i still await for the day
that i get to spend with you
no, not again!
is it still there?
there's a feeling that still bothers me.
and this is so wrong.
i've let go of you in the past.
or am i just making myself
believe that i've let you go?
is this just a phase?
are the feelings really gone?
i never get enough answers.
this is all your fault.

you make me feel so guilty just for being your friend.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 19:11.

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wala lang. im in an internet cafe again. duh. i never get to blog when im at home coz my pc's soooooooo effed up.

tinatamad na nman akong magblog. alam kong mdami dpat akong sabihin pero ndi ko kse alam kng san magsisimula.. super dami kong gnagwa.. super daming papers, projects, etc, etc... hay.

bsta. wag lang sanang "it's all coming back to me now.." kse bad un ( c cheka lng cguro makakaintindi nito hehe)

mommy aspe, thanks po tlga sa lahat :)
joa, hi! ndi pa kta nalilink, sorry :) helo :)
jaro, ndi pa rin kta nalilink. im such a lazy lazy.... princess hehe :) ello thanks for dropping by!
eliza, tnx din sa pagbisita. next time tag na kta, pag ndi na ko tnatamad.. hehe
dhet, ewan ko kng bnabasa mo pa to. pero thanks sa time mo knina. touched ako :) lalng.
cheka, hi pangs. i mishu. as if binabasa mo to.
mej, hi mejieee amishu, bonding taio nxt time. SHOPPING hehe :)
cno pa ba. sa lahat ng ngbabasa.. HALUUUU :) tag nio ko para magreet ko kaio.
ahh. IKAW. you complete me. (uyy) charos :D

wow naging advertisement nga. :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 16:39.

Sunday, August 8

for the Nth time

i havent blogged for a week i think. something's wrong with my PC, everytime i open blogger there's an error. rarr. ohwells. i think my dad's about to replace this really old PC. at least i think he said that to me yesterday. hopefully.

anyway. ive been pretty conceited again since last night. haha. i keep on taking pictures of myself. heheh. guilty pleasure? hehe. i need new pics. i dunno why. ala lang. feeling maganda eh no, ndi nman. LOL. ohwells.

im bored. im supposed to do another interactive reading for a whole lot of stories in lit, but im gonna start it later. im really sleepy, and well, lazy. hehe. :)

i want to go shopping. but i dont know if i have money, and i dont know what im gonna look for. i just want to go out. i havent been going out for almost 2 weeks na rin, coz of school. darn. well.. i went out with fem and maan last friday. we had a picture taken and had some grub at jollibee. haha. we were supposed to go to red ribbon for dinner but we decided na jollibee na lang. ewan ko ba. malakas ang hatak ng jollibee. LOL. then we walked around, fem wanted to buy nail polish ata, eh naisip namen ni maan magpapic. eh di nagpapic nman kme. haha. astig. nakakamis magpastudio eh. LOL. :) rarr. cno ba pwde mahatak magpapichur.. tara... message nio koooooooo ahahahah Ü

hay. i told u i was bored. deym.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:27.

Sunday, August 1

on the other hand

yeah. its another smashing brand new day. right. im so bored right now i can meow for all i can care. and take note, im not making sense.

im in my usual surfing mode. tagal ko na kse to ndi ngagawa.. hehe :D friendster-hopping, blog-hopping, instant messaging, mail-checking..

omg. that sounded like something. sounded like 5-6-7-8 by Steps. omg. haha. my boot scootin' baby is drivin' me crazy..lalala.. yak. popstar stages. hehe.

anyhow.. san na ba taio? oh yeah. im supposed to be busy the entire weekend. i was supposed to study for political thought, start my paper for rizal due on friday, do an interactive reading journal entry for modern lit, etc, etc.

but no.

that makes me effing bored. im soooo lazy. gaashh. anyways, i went to church knina. i was feeling malandot (a word my sister is currently using to describe..hehe). i was in an all black ensemble, heels (naks babae), a pink shawl-turned-belt and a matching pink bag, and of course a verrry long dangling earrings (prang inulit ko lang wahehe). dama ko. :) lalng. dama ko lang magpaka-gurly Ü haha.

sheetttttttt those people from ASAP fanatic are sooooo effing annoying. deym. they cant really sing and dance, pero hala, sige pa rin. just for the sake of producing a show. rar. no offense sa mga fans nila, pero.. gaah. tama na nga. bsta, nakakairita lang sobra! :P anyway.

i miss watching movies. maybe i should go to the mall this week. or maybe not. i have to finish a paper nga pala.. which i havent started yet. im such procrastinator. *whapaks myself* hehe.

cge muna. im gonna start reading for polthought na. nga pala, anyone interested in buying earrings? 60-70 bucks lang, ung mga parang clear plastics chuva. cant explain eh. bsta, if ur interested, text me. if u dont know my number.. message me nlng. or thru Ym. twisted_angel_xxiii Ü oiii business o.

and i love you more everyday
and nothing can take our love away
when you need someone,
i promise i'll be there for you..
there for you..
-I Promise, Stacie Orrico



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:56.