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Friday, July 29


hmm. i wasnt able to blog since wednesday since i always had a lotta things to do. but, basically im just lazy. haha.

like right now.

rar. ill update later, promise. oh, make that on saturday night. i wont be home til then.



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Tuesday, July 26


i wasnt able to work today. the training head was absent. so there. i wasted my time, money, and clothes. yun lang. try again tomorrow.


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isaw overload and terrifying momentos.

I forgot to blog last night. that's because im so addicted to this game,.. ung chuzzle. basta nababaliw na kapatid ko sakin. ANYWAY...

i went to cheka's house yesterday, supposedly to finish our APS paper due on friday. BUT, we got really lazy. we ended up wasting the first 3 hours (from 12-3) to chitchat, to eat, to bum around, to play, to chitchat again, to check out other people's profile and pics sa friendster, etc. hehe. then mga 4 ata we decided to start na tlga. hehe. we researched, etc. hehe. tapos nun ngtype na lang kmi. literal tinype lang namin ung outline namin.. hehe. katamaran. tapos isisingit na lang namin ung mga ibang stuff after. eion. kaso.. bglang nagcrave c cheka. ng isaw. hehe. inaantay namin na dumating ung mom nia coz her mom borrowed her car. tapos bigla sha lumabas, pagbalik nia sa room, she was holding the keys na.. tpos parang ako: "now na? seryoso?" hehe. so yun. we left muna to buy isaw sa project 4. o diba. dumaan kmi sa tindahan ni katoto, tapos hello lang (literal na hello lang hehe) tapos bili kmi ng 20 na isaw. haha. tpos kwek-kwek for her sister. grabacious. paguwi namin ulit sa knila, eh di kain galore na. hehe. ndi namin naubos ung isaw. tapos sobrang busog na kmi after na nakakahilo.. parang aatikihin ka na sa puso. hahhaa. tapos we tried to go on with the paper, kaso mejo sabog-sabog na kmi. at un. dumating pa ung sundo ko. tapos sobrang busog na nga ako. haha. :D SO.. CONCLUSION? nag-bonding lang kmi ni chekabols :P hehe. (tol, may utang kang pichur taking sesh sakin haha)

nwei. ngayon naman knakabahan na ko. first work day ko na (official) sa meralco. hay. kinakabahan tlga ko pramis. :P pero ok lang. kaya ko to!!!!!!!!!!! (aja!!! haha) pagdasal niyong buhay pa ko paguwi ko mamaya. that is great!! haha :D



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Saturday, July 23


grabe. ang gulo ng mundo kooooo haha. lalng. nwei.. YEY! tapos na ung exam sa FINANCE! haha. hay nako. flashback tau ng onti.

i started studying lang nung wednesday afternoon if im not mistaken. ay wait. hindi pa pala. wednesday kasi i had a report sa class so i wasnt able to study nun tuesday night. kaya un. wednesday, after class, i went to my working chuvaloo place para tanungin kung maari na ko magwork hehe. anyway, i wasnt asked to start that day pero, yeah, okay na. hehe. but wednesday afternoon was relaxation moments for me though. haha. i watched tv, etc. so basically wala pa kong naaral. haha. then, thursday... nag-aral na tlga ko pero i finished til chapter 2 lang ata hehe. bad. friday. struggle. morning nun, me and cheka had to revise our APS outline for the paper. tapos may long break ako na ngamit ko ng onti... tapos ho-humm class tapos i stayed sa school til 8:30pm (not coz i was studious, but i waited for my sis who came from her field trip haha).. hay. i was so tired. when i got home i bummed around a bit. and did nothing else. i tried reading but it was no use. i slept. haha SATURDAY big day! haha. i answered the remaining exercises, etc. and died. haha. hmm... i went to school around 11 ata. kasi wala na ko magawa sa bahay. haha. i read a bit, ate lunch with aireen tart, and umakyat na kmi sa telengtan. haha. wala na naman akong gnawang matino. hehe. nakakatamad na kasi magpasok ng info sa utak. parang pag nagdagdag pa ko, baka mwala lahat hahaha!

anyway, ang exam ay okay lang. mejo nagpapanic lang ako kasi i wasnt feeling well, and the room (telengtan) was verrrrrry cold. and i forgot my jacket. (great). and almost everyone else in the room had colds and flu. great. hay. i finished ahead of MY expected time to actually finish the exam. but i didnt give the paper to the proctor agad kasi nga panic mode. napaparanoid ako e. hehehe. but at around 3:20 ata, i left the room na. i actually finished it ng 3. kaso nagpapanic ako. pero i cant take the coldness (hehe) anymore kaya i left na. hay. tapos un. i went to mega after, had dinner with katoto and bought some stuffs pala :) [mags, and other mejo kikay stuffs. haha] i wanted to go shopping sana, as in major shopping kaso ndi ko alam kng san ko ilalagay ung mga mabibili ko without being caught hehehe,. bad!!! hay naku. napapraning na kooooo.

i cant remember why i entitled my post confused. haha. kasi ang gulo gulo ng nafifil ko. ang funny. hehe :) lalng..

arrrgggghhhh my cousin-in-law is asking me to email around 9 documents to my cousin sa canada, and just to attach them, 10 years!!! hay. kaya im sleepy na. hay naku. wala lang.

gusto kong mag-Center For Pop Music.


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Thursday, July 21


im at home. the pc's okay. but i lost my 40+ new songs and my pics. and my files. and im dead. i have an exam on sat. im halfway done with my studying though. and im not sure if i really understand them. rar.



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Monday, July 18


hay. im bummed (again.) coz for the nth time. our computer's not working again. rar. die. :P im in an internet cafe right now. dying again. i have loads to do and i want to sleep. hay. good night.

p.s. i have a job :)


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Friday, July 15

i'm in DIRE NEED of a JOB.



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Tuesday, July 12

finally, again. (part N of a series of long-lost updates)

rar. its been, what, 10 years? haha! ive been planning to blog for forever but.. yes, laziness took over (as always).. anyhoo, school has been pretty toxic, and not to mention draining for the past erm.. 2 weeks. i get frequent back aches coz of stress and it sucks. all this already, and we're not even halfway the semester yet! rar.

stuffs to do? here:
- find a company for the Industry Analysis (coz the first 3 parts of the paper are due on the 25th i think! im crossing my fingers that they'd move it! wah)
- Go to Norkis Yamaha again tomorrow to deliver the letter of request to their Marketing Department (this is in line with our term paper for Operations Management. double rarr.)
- Finalize a topic for APS Australia 1st major paper (good thing im paired with Chekabols :P hehe) this is due on the 29th! hay!
- hay sobrang a lot of things are going thru my mind, nakakapanic. im dyingggg haha!!
- oh yeah, we need to watch "12 Angry Men".. and i dunno where to get a copy of this! argh.

anyhoo. there are lots more to add but i tend to panic when i think about 'em so i'd rather hush-hush about it. haha!

btw, my pc's back to its normal condition again! yipee! im back to downloading MP3s again. and finally! it has an anti-virus software na, so buhboosh virus! haha! hay. rar. stress is creeping up again. so i cant focus on the entry anymore. haha. kainis. i missed listening to mp3s ulit! sobra! hay.

oooooh i need to update my wish list and my links. haha. i still need to go shopping. sobra tgal ko na ndi ngma-mall! or movie man lang! rar. although i have half of wednesdays and the whole of saturdays to myself, i usually TRY to use them for more "PRODUCTIVE" things (like watching tV! haha kidding).. like last saturday was our Managerial Economics exam. where i died. haha!

I WANNA GO OUT!!! my gosh. im just realizing that after all this, i mean, if i ask a break now... or if i'd be given a break.. it would be sembreak. then.. 4th yr would almost be over... then i'd be off to the real world... which sucks. haha. there are tons of things im learning in my management subjects right now. like in MPO (Managing People in Organizations), my prof mentioned that sometimes, HR people who go through the bio-data of persons applying for the job check their grades (as in literal), and try to see if they have been idle after graduation. it could reflect daw kung parang sure na ung tao sa gusto nia sa buhay, and if he/she would be productive in the company. WAAH i got scared coz i really dont know what i want to do yet.. waah. maybe tomorrow? sheesh. im really tired. plus, im not sure if im making sense. hay.

btw, its JANINA's bday today! yihee 20 na sha, (and because of that, she's planning to eat okra today) weird. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LABS! haha *that's how i call her hehe*

anyhoo. there. im gonna write better entries when i get the time to do that. hay. im too stressed to think! haha, kawawa. i need to read for my finance class and my spanish class. rar. GOOD NIGHT WORLD!

btw, im posting the pic of the CREPE BABIES :) we made this scrapbook for MPO, featuring different managers and their motivations for doing business. :) we used our pics for the contributors part (kunwari magazine) hehe. here ya go. i edited this one :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway i have to go now. i want to dance. haha! *coz my current music is kylie minogue's love at first sight haha! i love that song*



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Saturday, July 2


erm. i dont wanna sound so emo right now. but i feel so alone and friendless and loveless and shit. REALLY.




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Friday, July 1

breaking the silence.

its been awhile (again) since i made a very decent entry... haha. ive been tremendously busy since classes started.. (then again, its just that i feel more "responsible" now that im in 4th yr..wahaha. AS IF. anyway, m in a net cafe right now coz my effing computer aint working AGAIN. well, it still works... but i bet its soooo full of viruses that's why. it keeps on restarting, etc. so there. me and my sis get sooo pissed off as hell. haha.

anyway... im so tired with school na. sobrang dami requirements na sabay2.. tapos we have to work pa! waah. anyway im getting frustrated. wahh.

nwei i was supposed to upload pics (again) to continue with my update.. but i wont be able to do that coz that's another half a month! waaah. nwei. ill just make a GREAT update again in the future. (im not saying in the near future, though) haha.

i miss my friends!!! i miss my besp!! i miss kamberks!!! waaaah!!!


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