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Wednesday, April 30


Dear me,
Hi. u know, im stil feelin empty up to now but nweiz, im glad i hav a new sumtin and ol. bt i stil feel a whole lot of emptiness. Hindi ko na sha love. actually la na nga ko nafifil eh. lamu un. haaay. ang weird no? well, mai times of longing pa rn, but i think they're inevitable --- as far as i know..

I cant wait for some excitement in my boring, ho-humm life.

Yup, i asked for some excitement in mah lyf. BUT NOT THIS KIND OF EXCITEMENT! i feel like im in a trap....sumwer i dont wanna be---wanting to get out bcoz of wats outsyd. bt i cant coz im in it, and its dangerous to even try to get out. THIS ISN'T LOVE,its DESPERATION! i wanna break it off. NOW.

...that was hard....



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 12:57.

Friday, April 11

everytime i try opening my blogspot, i tend to be sooooo damn lazy. i wana write down a lot of my thots... but i cant. i cant understand y.

now i try encoding everything in a notepad document shit.

ryt now, i feel sooooooooooooooo empty. i duno wat im feeling, i duno wat i wana feel, i duno wat to do, i duno wat to think of. prang im sumthing so useles. prang wlang sense ang life ko. prang lahat sayang lang. ndi ko alam.

ndi ko na rn kse lam kng kanino ko pa ibubuhos ang frustrations ko. wla nmang kakwenta-kwenta life ko...prng im thinking, hu wud even want to listen to me? im too bitter. i keep on saying the same things..on how some person have hurt me in the past...and how stupid i was...and i tell stories --- stories of my frustrations, regarding the same person. and prang paulit-ulit lang lahat. prang nwawalan na ng sense ung pagkkwento ko. mukang nakakapagod no? pro ndi eh, im not getting tired of doing the same things. thinking, sulking and realizing how my life with that certain person has sucked. the memories stay fresh in my mind..

...and im saying im trying to move on? (jenna ok ka lang?!) hay. i duno. i feel stupid pro i think i cant o anything (as of now) to change things. especially things in the past. i duno! im so frustrated.

ndi ko na lam kng dpat ba manghinayang ako abt the things that happened, and how my decision had turned out to be...i duno kng dpat i fight for these feelings and for the person..kso...i had let the chance pass me na.
I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT WAS 4 MONTHS NA. it feels like it was just yesterday. four months?! and bitter pa rn ako about it. un parn iniisip ko. ndi ko lam kng bkit ndi ako mapagod-pagod sa kakaisip. nakakainis na nga eh.


ndi ko alam. sbi sken mshado akong segurista. gs2 ko alam ko kng anong meron, bgo ko gumawa ng move. sa totoo lng takot lng ako mahurt ulet. un lng nman un eh. ndi ko tlga alam. ndi ko lam kng mai mapapala pa ba ko, kng if ever man ipaglaban ko sha. ndi ko tlga alam. hay nako.

eh..pano kng taken na sha? sbi nia, taken na sha. 2 weeks after ng nangyari samen, wla na daw shang feelings.. so im not sooooo surprised nung nlaman ko na meron na shang bago. it sucked, to be honest. naiyak pa rn ako..kse it was soooo unfair. what that person did was the exact opposite of what that person told me. ang saket. kse...NILOKO NIA KO. yan ang nafifil ko. ndi ko alam kng tama, pro yan ang nakikita ko. i duno.

life is so unfair.



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 17:43.