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Saturday, June 18

(make that, my SUMMER UPDATE)

i think i havent made a decent update since forever.. well, since summer classes became so busy. whatever. and then the pc crashed (for the nth time) so there, from then on i got sooooo darned lazy to create an entry. hehe. here goes. i'll just check on which date to start.

Ooohhh my last good entry was the May 13th one so let’s start with May 14.


May 14, Saturday
I met up with Janina at Galleria. I arrived kinda early, coz there weren’t too many people yet (considering they had a sale that day). I decided to go to 50th Avenue (ang kikay kasi).. but I really did not know what to do or buy pa that time. I saw shoes, bags, earrings, bracelets, etc. but I bought this white and bronze body bag for a super discounted price of 200 buckeroos :P here’s the pic: hehe.. es muy cute :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We had lunch and daldalan session at Kenny.. hehe then we were sooooo full. Haha. I accompanied her coz she wants to buy “old school” shirts, pants from bench and.. hmm what else. Basta ganun :P tapos we decided to head to mega after nun.. we texted Neeka kasi alam namin punta din sha sa mega with her family.. we walked (take note, walked) to mega nga (kasi janina wanted to check out bench at mega).. and later on we met up with neeka and her clan :) since parang ang epal namin ni janina sa family ni neeka.. we went to American Boulevard, bench and herbench. I spotted this pink girly cap.. and I WANT IT. Haha :P but nagdalawang isip ako kasi may HB na nakalagay sa harap.. mejo distracting.. so ndi ko muna binili. C Janina, bumili ng green na top sa herbench (tama ba rinig ko? Haha) nwei, we joined neeka’s family for mass (waw, nakipamilya o diba).. then I went home na rin. ops pic nga pala namin sa Megatrade hehe :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

May 15, Sunday
Nothing much happened today. Same old, same old. Went to Christ the King for mass, and had lunch with my familia.

May 16, Monday
I believe this day was a scary one. Being the shy person, I am terrified of speaking in front of other people. And earlier that day, I heard from my classmates that the other Business Writing and Presentation AM class had their impromptu speeches already. It’s verrrry similar to our Jam Session for A&D class back in 4th yr high school. Hehe. Memories? Anyway, I got the question: “If you would be cast away in an island, what two things would you bring?”. I remember answering a) a music player, and b) Bible. Hehe. I said that I felt that ever since, I have tried to avoid that question coz I really don’t wanna think about it :P but at that moment, I had no choice but to answer it. Haha. A classmate counted my “UHMMS and AAAHHH”, and it totaled to a whooping 18. my prof said she even counted 20. wow. I’m the Queen of Uhmms. Haha!

May 17, Tuesday
My schedule on Tuesdays (during the summer) is only from 1-4 pm. My prof cancelled our class, and I decided to make it a “holiday”. So, I still went to school and went to the mall. (tsk, tsk) hehe. Me and Janina made another “date” haha. A shopping date, that is. We met at Mega (again). But we really planned to go to Greenhills that day. :) Before we met up, I did some going around on my own. I bought her a dictionary (coz she’s asking me to help her with grammar and stuff – as if I’m good at it! Haha) and I bought “Pride and Prejudice”.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oha oha! Serious book! Haha! But I’m still not done with it though. Haha. Anyway, I was in the fitting room when she called me up (thanks to sun haha) so I decided to dump the clothes and meet up with her since we have limited time. Haha. We went around for a while, and after some days of thinking about the PINK CAP from herbench, I bought it :) hehe! When I went back the store, it was the only one left (and yes, I took it as a sign) haha! So there. We had lunch at Goldilock’s hehe (very pinoy) and went to Greenhills after. It’s been ages since my last visit there and I wanna go back!! I WANNA SHOP THERE AGAIN!! HAHA! She bought a shirt with a monkey print (which was cute) haha! We were looking for bracelets but we can’t find the ones that she likes. So we just went around and she canvassed for shoes while I for sandals. I ended up buying a pair of nice, long, and HEAVY dangling earrings from a very nice Muslim woman for only 120 bucks. Janina did her thing, and nilambing nia ung woman (called her “mommy”, she’s like that usually haha) kaya yun. We went back to mega after a while,

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and I walked back to school. Nice.

May 18, Wednesday
It’s just Part 2 of the impromptu speeches. And I was the official “uhmm” counter. Ahhaa. Maybe coz I was the Uhmm Queen Record Holder. Unfortunately, a classmate took my crown coz she had around 22 uhmms. Buhbye crown. :P

May 19, Thursday
I’m looking at my planner-slash-diary, and nothing’s written on the May 19th page.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Must be some boring day. But we prepared for a sudden plan for an outing to Laguna. Haha. Talk about impulsive. I knew I had to start with my speech already coz the prepared speech would be the week after. (Prepared speech = as in with the matching introduction, held in an auditorium/hall, with a lectern and audience haha) and I’m scared of those things. Always.

May 20, Friday
Lagunaaaa! HAHA! I wore my new fave Pink cap :) haha. Pacute. There. I was with my relatives, mother’s side. :) It was fun. They made me sing like crazy, til we got bored. :) I’ll just post some pics :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

May 21, Saturday
I met up with Katotong Rob at Mega (forever) that day. We had lunch a Sbarro’s.. weeh! Then we headed to (tada) Alimall haha. I was craving for this Mango chuvaloo desert at Fat Choi so we went there, and went around for a bit, and I bought this “I ? UAP” pin at Papemelroti. Haha :P (loyal?) Oh, I also saw Dhet and her special someone there (small world!) and yeah, we went to Gateway after to have coffee and cake at The Coffee Beanery (hmm) there. People watching and chikahan. Went home at around 6. :P

May 22, Sunday
Nothing much. My planner just says: “OH, HELL”. Must be a happy day ? haha!

May 23, Monday
Hmmm. Nothing much. Again. Oohh. I finished my speech by this time. And I started to memorize it. I got the # 7 slot for Wednesday (I belonged to the first batch of speechers haha) We just did some business letters or memos in class.

May 24, Tuesday
Terrible. I was terrified for my speech the next day. But I know that I didn’t care that much. Haha. I just want everything to be over. Haha. We were given free time that day, just for consultation. Me, mej, earvin and Sheryl went pichur pichur outside the room haha!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

May 25, Wednesday
SPEECH DAY!!! PLDT Hall!!! OMG!! I survived. I talked about how college life has been for me. Pretty personal and boring. Haha. But hey, I got a 90! Haha! Happiness, it’s over :P

May 26, Thursday
That was my BAKLA DAY. I went to school in a pink and black top and black skirt. Haha. Honestly, I only go to school with such formal attire when I’m lazy. SWEAR. No kidding. I had to go to school to evaluate my other classmates for the speeches. There. I had to study for my Business IT with Financial Modelling Finals the next day. Creepy. Thank God my dad had the PC fixed and it had Excel already. Haha.

May 27, Friday
Such an icky sched for this day. We had an exam/finals from 5:30-9:30 PM! Hay. I went to school just in time for lunch so we (me, mej and earvin = crepe babies) went to cofical to have lunch. Then we went to the lib to practice using Excel, etc. Then we decided to stop studying at around 4:30 I think. I was so effed up after the exam!! I didn’t get to finish it,, coz I can’t balance the cash values! Haha! So I decided to stop na lang, kasi inaantok na talaga ako! Haha! NICE! Robrobrob went to school and accompanied me to ministop for 20 minutes. Ahha. Then I went home at 10. :P WOW. :P

May 28, Saturday
All my planner says is BUMMED. BOOOORRRINNNNG DAY.

May 29, Sunday
Went to Mass at Christ the King again. And had lunch at Lydia’s again. Nothing much was new, except for the fact that a super long lost friend talked to me again. Haha. WHOA.

May 30, Monday
LAST DAY OF SUMMER CLASSES!!! OH YEAH!!! :P We had our finals for Business Writing. It was about grammar and stuff and we had to write an essay about our writing strengths and weaknesses. If I get my test back, I’ll blog it haha. Coz it was pretty dramatic. Haha. Nice. Ooh, wait. I think I blogged about that already. :P Check out my entry ng may 31 :) It’s there in my ranting ek-ek. Haha. Here’s another pic of that day :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

May 31, Tuesday
Check out my May 31 entry as well. It was supposed to be me, Janina and Neeka’s bonding day.. Unfortunately, it did not push through. And another thing, her lola died :( sad.

June 1, Wednesday
WOW! June naaaa! OMG malapit na ko mag4th year.. COLLEGE!! OH NO!!! I didn’t have plans that day. Oh, I just wanted to go to the parlor. (diba nga, all worries disappear in the parlor. HEAVEN? Hehe!) Anyway, I decided to have my hair relaxed, and have a hair cut and have them fix my bangs.. haha. The result? Here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I bumped into Tin Piedad outside the parlor. (mind you, it was in somewhere remote in Pateros), turned out the bakery near the parlor was her aunt’s :) astig. Me and my sis got verrrry hungry after the treatment kasi, kaya we decided to buy fishballs and chickenballs (yum). There. Then we had dinner at Greenwich :D yummy :)

June 2, Thursday
It was enrollment day for UST people (hehe affected ako, kasi ndi ako taga-dun – huh?) hehe. Anyway, Neeka said that her UST friends are going to her lola’s wake right after enrolment so I asked Mines if she wanted to come with me. We got to contact Ate Shei and Torres, so we decided to meet up at Mines’ house at around 6:30 I think. Then we headed on to La Funeraria Paz in Parañaque. Turned out that the only person there was Janina (besides us, Neeka’s friends). We stayed there for a bit, and at around 9 we left na kasi Ate Shei needed to be home by 10 (wow sha pa ung may curfew?) but first, we stopped by McDo to have dinner muna and then we arrived at Pasig ng 10 something na. It was raining hard kasi kaya mejo may build up pa rin ng traffic, kahit late na that time. Then I went home na. I think I got scolded. Again. As always.

June 3, Friday
A day before my mom’s birthday. I went to the mall (again) with Janina (again haha). But this one was kinda unplanned. She was supposed to get her new glasses kasi and I had to buy a gift and run some errands, nagkataon lang.. so we just met up na rin. As for the gifts, they’re kinda typical kasi I really can’t think pa of anything creative (maybe due to lack of time or MONEY haha) anyway, I bought this mug from Humor Post that says “World’s Greatest Mom”. Before kasi I gave my dad a mug na “No. 1 Dad”, I tried to find the same sana, kaso out of stock na daw hehe. So there, after that I strolled lang. I went to Toy Kingdom (to look for tamagotchi haha), Filigrenasia, Tower Records and Egg. Tapos I met up with Janoi na. She was at Ideal Vision na that time. She bought the glasses na and nagpasukat na sha and stuff. Tapos we had to claim it after one hour so I bought a gift for my mom na muna. I was set on looking for a bag for my mom, right? Haha. Mas nauna ko pang nakita ang type ko na bag. It was a silver sequined bag na super waaah I lust!!! Pero shmpre almost a thousand sha and I didn’t have enough moolah that day. So sadness tuloy. Haha!!! Anyway, we decided (kasi nagcomment din c janoi) to buy this beige vintage-ish hangbag for my mom :) It’s cute, I’m sure I can borrow it. Haha!! :) Then we went to Greenwich to have lunch. :) Etong c janina lakas trip manglibre. Haha bumabawi. Kaya THANKS ULET! While eating, she was feeling kinda artistic, kaya she made this mala-food stylist na pagaayos sa garlic stix hehe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Haha. Kulit no? eun. Then we passed by The Museum Shop. They were on sale, kasi Janina heard daw na malapit na sila magclose. So un. Astig pala stuff dun, mga lalagyan, keychain, even earrings – may artwork/painting na design. Cute. I bought this big a** pair of earrings na mukang CD. Astig :) es muy heavy! Haha!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then we passed by Planet Silver, Janina bought studs na black (ang landing bata! Haha). And then we went back to Ideal Vision for her artist-y glasses :) After that, we went to the supermarket coz I have to buy some stuffs for my mom’s dinner thingy. Hehe. Janina can’t stop herself from looking at the mirror, she was pushing the cart and had my mirror at one corner and kept on checkin herself out. Haha!! Conscious! Haha. Anyway, after, we met up with Neeka and her sis, Lisette. :) They were just about to go back to Parañaque. Shmpre may pic ulit :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

June 4, Saturday
My mom’s birthday!!!:) I invited friends over, but no one was able to come. Anyway, Ate Jack and Kuya RJ came over and we just hung out. :) same old, same old – my balikbayan ninong asked me to sing lang. and he gave me 500 bucks. Sweet. (wenk.) Oh, I forgot, my high school friends planned a supposed outing this day but it didn’t push through. Tsss.

June 5, Sunday
Online enlistment today. Well it officially starts tomorrow but some people (well, mommy aspe) can access the site na.. so I had her enlist for me (THANKS :)) so there. That’s it, I think. I think my schedule sucks too. :P

June 6, Monday
This day marks the start of the end. Haha! Parang ang lalim. Last few days of my freedom na itech. This day, I learned that Management made a BIG MISTAKE regarding the subjects that we need to take. I had to drop 2 subjects (na nsa maling list of subjects).. and add 3 more. Wew. H-A-S-S-L-E!!! So anyway, we went to Market! Market! I bought a white skirt (finally!), 3 black blouses (ndi nman entirely black), jeans and a greenish-bluish top :). Here’s one blouse and the skirt:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

We had lunch at Goldilocks after. Then, bought shoes for Irene (my other sis :)) Joey was looking for shoes, so we went to galle, but wala sha size dun so we went to edsa central and Finally. I wanted to buy this silvery-white sandals, may size sha for me, but super taas nia! Hay. Disappointed. Then we went home. Tired.

June 7, Tuesday
897. That was my priority number. Wew. Anyway, I went to UA&P to drop and add subjects, pay my fees and go out with friends after. Haha. We were able to finish early (around 10:30) so we headed to mega to have lunch, and maybe watch a movie. We (MScM people=me, tart, mej and earvin) had lunch at Sbarro and watched “House of Wax”. Laugh trip. Haha. Then we played sa Timezone haha. ADIK! PICHUR!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Btw, I saw the whole of kamberks this day. I MISS THEM!! I saw aspe and chatted super sandali lang, I was seated next to jimi sa assessment, and she even paid for me (THANKS JIMI!), tart was with me, nadine and I chitchatted nung afternoon and Cheka arrived nung mga 3 to pay din. So ung :) cute day. Some people noticed my hair too. Hehe. Parang ndi straight buhok ko dati ah?? :P hehe.

June 8, Wednesday
Baclaran day today. This day lang ako nakasama ulit coz I had classes usually pag Wednesdays nun summer. Its been ages. Haha. We attended mass, then had lunch at this cheap but yummy place :) astig :P Anyway, I had great buys today again. I bought a pink striped blouse, and a multi-colored top

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

for 180 and 150 only (im cheap haha!) I had a major disappointment though. I wanted to buy this pair of sneakers na color pink, green and yellow. But wala na ng size ko!! WAHHH! So un. I just wanted to buy footwear. Haha. We went to Market! Market! (again) I bought a pair of pearl dangling earrings (again, sorry haha) and identical bracelets for me, neeka and janina :) Anyway, I went to Eyestyles to have my eyes checked na rin. Turned out I had to wear glasses too. For astigmatism. Hay! There. Before we left, I was able to buy flipflops :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

cute J hehe. We had halo-halo at Razon’s too. YUMMY! Haha!

June 9, Thursday
I was supposed to hang out with Mommy aspe today. (think major bonding sesh) but my dad didn’t allow me to go out. As my planner says: BUMMER.

June 10, Friday
Oh, what a wonderful day. Plan A: Shopping session with Janina at Divi and Market! Market!. That was cancelled. My dad ranted about him not wanting for us to bring his car to divi. So I cried, and apologized to Janoi coz our session is cancelled (again). I just sulked the whole day. In the afternoon, Neeka informed me that they were going to Gateway. Tamang-tama coz I was just asking Janina kung pwde sha ng Saturday to watch a movie. Neeka, hix and catie were gonna watch it din pala. Janina wanted to go, so ininvite nila ako. Eun. I asked for permission, and there, I was able to go to Gateway. The thing is, I had to go back to Pasig by 7:30 to fetch my sister from her dance studio. So there. We had “lunch” for a while. We watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith (kickass movie!!) haha. But I had to leave coz my dad’s calling me like crazy. I was gonna be late!!! I had a deadline, and I was about to miss it. I got lost (kawawa naman akO) well, I think the panic added to this, and I didn’t know where to go out. Plus, I had to call the driver pa. My dad was shouting at me like a mad man and was calling me all sorts of names na. I almost cried, sobra. Hay. He said: “Wag ka na makakapagpaalam na umalis sakin ulit! *^$@*^%%*! SUbukan mo lang, baka mapahiya ka! Wala ka na inalala kundi sarili mo!” hay naku. He just goes on. Sometimes, he just makes me feel so useless. Hay. Then, me and the driver rushed back to Pasig. Thankfully, traffic wasn’t so heavy, so we arrived at 8:10 pm there. We were just on time. Hay nako tlga. Sobrang sumakit ulo ko. And I cry everytime I remember the conversation :( so, basically. I’M GROUNDED.

June 11, Saturday
So, there. I used up the whole day fixing this update. And I’m so tired. Good night!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

18 JUNE:
i thought i was finished. but no. more updates!!!! (i'll do that next time. im pretty tired.)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:30.

Saturday, June 11

First, name 20 people you know.(these are the first that came to mind)
1. neeka
2. joey
3. rob
4. janina
5. mej
6. cheka
7. charlene
8. aspe
9. tart
10. nadine
11. earvin
12. rj dude
13. pach
14. aowie
15. aicel
16. jimi
17. donna
18. cha2
19. tori
20. mines

Then, fill this out according to the people you chose!!
Who is 8 going out with?:
+ naku ndi pa kmi naguusap ni aspe ndi ko alam :P

Is 9 a boy or a girl?:
+ BAKLA!! haha ndi, girl c tart :D

Would 11 and 2 make a cute couple?
+ nku ndi pwde bata pa c joey hehehe

How about 18 and 4?:
+ haha. ndi pwde :D

What grade is 17 in?:
+ 4th yr college na rin

When was the last time you talked to 12?:
+ nung jun 4 nun bday ng mom ko and2 sha.. hi DUDE!!

What is 6's favorite band?:
+ tamang-tama! naku mdami yang gustong banda. musikera c cheka eh :D

Does 1 have any siblings?:
+ yup c kuya, c liset at camille hehe

Would you ever date 3?:

Would you ever date 7?:
+ hehe oo nman DUDE PARE, bading kasi ako

Is 16 single?:
+ nope!!! :)

What's 15's last name?:
+ viguilla

What's 5's middle name?:
+ ariscon :D

What's 10's fantasy?:
+ maging lalaki :D hehe

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple?:
+ c aowie at tori?? wahahaha! ndi pwdeeee!!

What school does 20 go to?:
+ st. scho manila

Tell me a random fact about 11:
+ c earvin? hmm praning yan pgdating sa pagaaral.. khit ndi na sha matulog buong gabi kakaaral, the next day sasabihin nia "wala nga akong alam e, babagsak ako!" haha.. nsobrahan na sha sa talino! haha

And 1:
+ c neeka? besp ko yan. haha. kmi ang magbestfriend na ndi mo mlaman kng bkit isang araw okay tapos the next day todo away. sabi nga ni torres bka magkatuluyan na kmi nian. lagi ksi kmi LQ haha!

Have you ever had a crush on 16?:
+ on jimi? hehe oo nung jimi boy pa sha!! wahaha!

Where does 9 live?:
+ taguig and cavite :D

What's 4's favorite color?:
+ lumot green hehe and brown

Would you makeout with 14?:
+ wahaha NO!

Are 5 & 1 best friends?:
+ nope, bestfriend ko c 1, and c 5 best buddy ko sa uap wehhee

Do you like 20?:
+ c mines???? NAKU! PWDE BAHH!!! NDE NO!! haha.. oo nman MARE ko yan eh! HOY KAMMON MINES!

Does 8 like 19?:
+ hehe oo ata. wenk.. oo friends naman c aspe at torres hhee

How did you meet 15?:
+ friend sha ni torres, tapos nalaman ko kapatid sha ng friend ko (c ate ai).. ayun tapos nging chummies kmi nung 4th yr high school ako at 1st yr sha :D

Does 10 have any pets?:
+ hmmm i dont think so :D

Is 12 older than you?
+ yes, by 1 year lang :) pero he's my childhood friend

Is 2 the sexiest person
+ dahil kapatid ko sha, hmmmm oo na nga! haha sapilitan? hehe

Have you ever given 13 a hug?
+ noooo. :P di ko pa yan nakikita. wahaha! :D



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:17.

Wednesday, June 1

It's a sexy, sexy time to be a couple of sexy, sexy people such as yourselves. Today's one of those days when you look in the mirror and think, 'I look gooood.' You ain't wrong, either. The question is, to what end this powerful allure? When the two of you get together, look out, world. If you're acting as each other's wingpeople, just watch as admirers fall helplessly at your feet; if the situation between you two is a little more nuanced, Lord only knows what'll happen. Be gentle!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:56.