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Monday, December 31

I’m making this little trip down memory lane to see how my 2007 was.


Did I start the year right? Haha, I was still pretty busy with school stuffs that time. BUT, of course.. papayag ba akong hindi mag-lakwatsa? Hahaha. January highlights include:

  • Victoria Mad Hatter’s Party Reunion – serious, costume party (Cowboy/girl or Indian)…may fashion show pa! haha
  • 1st time to watch Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikale – woot! Sobrang I love it!
  • My 22nd Birthday! – woot! May cake pa rin ako, sorry! Upon request! Haha. Pati place for lunch upon request!
  • My little post-celebration with good friends =) – thanks guys! Super saya hangout lang and stuff but it’s all good! Thanks!
  • Our STM trip to Bulacan – first time sa actual Steel company blah =) yii! – hehe. We even wore a hard haT! For safety purposes! Ahaha!


Love is in the air! Is it really? Haha! School was kinda killing me. Still, lumakwatsa pa rin. Haha. Echoz. All I know is that I was helping Janina with her thesis that time. At ang thesis ko, walang kwenta talaga. Haha. Kaya nag-divert muna ako ng attention sa ibang bagay. Nice. My February highlights:

  • My sidetrips with Janina for her thesis – went to Spoofs, Tiendesitas, Mega, etc. to help her with her thesis blah. Yii! Lapit ka na mag-grad kasi nito e!
  • Joey’s PROM – Oh my… nag-prom na sila! 3rd year high school na siyaaa. Ok, that makes me feel kinda old. Heck, not really. Haha.
  • Valentine’s Day Date with College friends - This is it! 2 years in a row na to! Parang Single’s day out.. pero ako lang ata single? Hahaha! Ang fun! May studio pic pa talaga kami! Shoutout to Mej, Pauwie and RJ! Next time sama na kayo Charlene, etc!
  • Post Business-law Exams Escapades! – haha, to relieve our stress, we go to the mall, dine out, watch a movie (like Ghost Rider haha, napaka-relaxing), or play sa arcade. Ganun yun e! haha. Kanya-kanyang trip yan!
  • UP ABAM Seminar (Deal or No Deal Choose Your Business Career) – Wow, we actually went to this seminar as representative of our org. Naks. Kunwari leadership material. Wahaha! Pero it was fun! I learned a lot!
  • Trips to Empire East Suntrust for STM – Definitely fun! Kahit mainit sa labas, basta lakwatsa, why not?!


Graduation na for other schools (like si Janina) pero ako….busy pa with school EVER. Haha. Vacation mode na mga students, kami slavery pa rin. Wahehe. March highlights:

  • Lola Ading’s 90th birthday – Grabe! She doesn’t look 90. Cool pa rin siya pumorma and super galing pa rin ng memory niya. weeh!
  • CEO Forum with Lamoiyan Corporation’s President, Cecilio Pedro – Grabe, bilib talaga ako sa kanya! Crush tuloy siya ni Tart. Hahaha! Nice one! Pero sobra, idol to!
  • Arcade escapades with Pauwie! – walang tatalo sa tickets namin!
  • ENCHANTED KINGDOM! – Grabe, thank you Papa Don, Pauwie, Mej, Paeng and Bes. You the bomb! J Super saya nito and laugh trip! Sana maulit ulit!!!


Finally, summer na! We had a short-lived vacation naman, so I tried to make the most out of it. J Pero, busy pa rin tlga with my thesis that time. No choice e. April highlights:

  • Bisita Iglesia with relatives – kahit maligaw-ligaw pa, kyeme lang! go lang ng go! Haha.
  • Joey’s 17th – Grabe! Debut na niya next year, how’s that?
  • Yearly ULTRA Holy Week Recollection – of course, spiritual side naman! Still with Mines and the Pedrajas family (nagpapaampon kami e!) Next year ulit!
  • STM working days! – the pressure talaga of doing an academic paper for an actual client.. may defense pa! Haha. Pero masaya naman. We get to hang out with other classmates din every now and then Aww.
  • Mines’ Grad Recital at St. Scho – Congrats, Mare! Galing-galing! Sosi tong si Mines e.. parecital recital na lang. Pero in fairness, may picture taking at free food. Echoz! Congrats Mines!


Election time and THESIS/BAP DEFENSE TIME! Crap! Sobrang kaka-pressure to! Stress to the highest level! Isabay pa ang STM stuffs, etc. Masaya, masaya, masaya! Haha. Pero… yun yun e. Nagpunta kong Baguio. (Nilayo sarili sa stress hehe). May:

  • Mother’s Day Celeb at Marius Resort – Yes naman, with my relatives sa Mother’s side. Ayos! Kunwari ayaw pa magswimming pero matinding sunburn nakuha naming ni Joey.
  • STM Final Touches – STRESS ito! Haha. Pero masaya talaga. Masaya tumambay sa Matcha. AHAHHAA.
  • BAGUIO!!! – Yey!! At least natuloy din ito! Super saya! Major bonding talaga.. at may libreng wi-fi sa bahay. Ayos! Hindi nalayo sa technology. Haha. Gusto ko na bumalik! Strawberries!
  • Grad Practice @ PICC – Hindi pa rin ata magsink in na THIS IS IT, PUSIT! Haha. Two days to go! Big day! Haha.


Weeh! One of the funnest (may word bang ganun?) months of this year Daming eventful things na I’m thankful for. Well, particularly yung GRADUATION yey!!!

  • GRADUATION – finally, all my hard work paid off. Napraning pa ako na hindi ako makaka-march dahil sa thesis – pero ayos naman. Nakalusot din! Thank you friends, classmates for all the college memories! And thanks Besp, Janina for coming! To my family shempre for the support! I love you all!
  • My Grad Party and Mommy’s Bday Celeb – 2-in-1 celebration na ito Yehey! Salamat sa mga nakapunta! It meant a lot. Eto rin yung reunion ni Pia and Hix Hehe. Kulit. Thank you all!! ahaha.
  • Little trip to Carmona, Cavite – went to visit a Tita for her birthday. Tapos sa clubhouse nun village kami..super ganda! May playground so laro pa kami dun! Haha. Feeling bata.
  • Start of Jobhunt – Maaga pa lang hanap ng work (asan ako ngayon? Hahaha!) Pero masaya.. may reason para magkita-kita kami nina Vnee, Pia and Tart. Haha!
  • 2nd time to watch Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze Muzikale – Yey! Si K Brosas naman ang ZsaZsa.. at bakla tlga! :) pero masaya! SUPER! Thanks mines!!!


My 1st month of unemployment and bumhood. But I treated it as a little vacation =) Yey! Still ongoing ang jobhunt.. pero wala lang. enjoy lang! =)

  • NEW HAIR! Sorry, vain.
  • Janina’s Birthday Treat (plus her “Surprise” video from me and her friends) – Yey! Dinner at Kimono Ken @ Podium. Sosi! hehe. Major catching up.
  • Last day at Roche – aww. I miss them already!
  • Get together with Pia and Tart – huhu. Miss ko na rin kayo… :(
  • Cinemalaya 2007 – We watched TRIBU by Jim Libiran. Super astig. We got the chance to have a pic with him. Incidentally, nanalo siyang Best Picture. Galing kasi! More indie films next year!


2nd month na of bum-ness. Yey! Haha. Spent more time with my family and some with friends. :)

  • Job Fair @ Glorietta – wala lang. ay.. nanood kami ng OUIJA. Katakot!!!
  • My inaanak, Bianca’s 7th birthday – Mala-debut lang naman ang birthday niya. Grabe, 7 na siyaaaaaa…. Lalala.
  • Me and Joey tour Greenbelt and Glorietta – talk about freedom :) kaso grabe, dun kami kumain sa may sumabog sa part ng Glorietta. Scary. :(
  • Fiesta samin! – Special guest: Tart and Pia :)


Grabe, BER months na! ang bilis naman ng panahon kainis! :p hehe. Festive mode na rin. Bum pa rin (as always) pero I enjoyed the company of my family and friends naman. Bumabawi lang!

  • Kikay Slumber Party – Midnight makeup sessions with Tart and Pia. Too bad wala si Vnee! Aww. Next time, okay?
  • Joey’s Family Day – Her last one at St. Paul. Grabe… 4th Year na siya!! Ahuhu
  • Jobhunt with Tart – walang kamatayang jobhunt. Haha.
  • Pilipinas Circa 1907 – Mines’ first BIG BREAK sa Theater. Galing! Congrats ulit mare! And thanks sa compli tickets Next time ulit ok? Galing galing! Go mare!
  • Whattabarx Reunion and Celebration – Registered Nurses (na ulit) sina Cha and Kats! Shempre celeb ulit c/o Kats @ Off the Grill, Timog. Tagay!


2nd BER month. And tinatamad na ko bilangan kung pang-ilan siyang bumhood month. Hehe. Maraming happenings din this month. Ayos! Although frustrating ang job situation at times, ok pa rin. Go lang ng go!

  • Lola Candeng’s Birthday – We visited her sa Manila (surprise, surprise!). Feeling ko first time ko lang siya nakita. Hehe.
  • SLEEPOVER at MEJ’s – Weeeh! After more than a year of promises na magkikita.. nagkita kami. Although biglaan, natuloy pa rin. Super fun and super bonding galore. Thanks, Mej! Next time ulit!
  • Shopping Day with Besp – Market! Market! Shopping day. Ayos! Next time ulit besp, but we need more budget haha. Then we had some heart to heart talk sa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sa Bonifacio High Street =)
  • Daddy’s Birthday – WOOT! Hamberdei Daddy alavyoo!
  • SLEEPOVER at BESP NICA’s – Yesss, Buena mano ako sa mansion nila! Haha. I love it! Make up session and non-stop chit chat session with besp =) Love it! Next time ulit (daming next time!) Plus, I wanna “rent” Macky muna! I love your doggeee :)
  • Halloween at Ilaya – Kahit kids lang ang required mag-costume, nakisali ako = Goth. Haha. Bakit ba? Dahil diyan, naka-trick or treat din kami! Woohoo!


One month before Christmas! Bankrupt galore na ito! Pero sige pa rin! Haha. :)

  • Surprise Birthday Party for Mines – Dahil sad siya at busy (kuno hehe), nagprepare ako at ang barx ng surprise get together and party for Mines! In fairness! Maraming food at nakakunchaba namin ang pamilya nia! Thanks! Hamberdei Marianne!! =)
  • Tita Didith’s Birthday Bash – Weeh! Nakisali lang! haha
  • PASAPRISA Cheering Competition – hindi ako kasali.. sister ko. Haha. Woot! Stage sister ako e. hehe.
  • Return to Roche – I delivered the NEVER GIVE UP Shirts they ordered.. and I finally have a picture with Sir Noli! =)
  • Reunion with Mej – after how many months? Oh, 1 lang pala. Parang ang tagal na kasi. But I missed you, Mej! Still do. Naks. MUSHY.


Last month of the year.. last month to make things work. Madami man shitnesses na nangyari this month, all in all masaya pa rin! End the year right naman ang drama ko! Haha.

  • SKECHERS Streetdance Battle Year 3 Finals – WOOT! Andun ulit sister ko and Terpsichore from my alma mater, St. Paul. Woot! yun lang. Masaya! Araneta yun and ksama ko sina Nica and Janina. Sulit ito grabe =) Congrats!
  • Meeting with Magentas - @ Dencio’s Megamall. Yun yun e. Nagmeet kami to plan for Nica’s Surprise Party =)
  • “Unexpected” Get together with HS peeps – Saw Anna Mae and Tin again AFTER 2 YEARS! Yesss! Buhay pa tayo! =) Ganda pa rin natin. HAHAHA!
  • Besp Nica’s Surprise Party – 12 AM YO! Thanks Janina for planning and to her friends na nagbigay ng message for the scrapbook. Love you besp! Mwah!
  • Blast from the Past: Back to the 70’s, The Whattabarx Christmas Party 2007: Haba ng title! Daming pictures… RETRO ang drama ng barx. Kahit walang games, dami naming pics. Mga pokpok tlga sa camera. Haha. Love you barx!
  • CHRISTMAS 2007: Masaya, masaya, masaya = Kumpleto Pasko pag kasama ang pamilya =) Yey!

Weeeh! Overall, I would say that 2007 is a veryyyyy fruitful year. Learned a lot, made some mistakes but still made the most out of every thing :) Looking back, may mga things na nakakalungkot na nag-end up na ganun, may mga chances or opportunities na lumagpas..pero ok lang.. it made me the JENNA na ako ngayon. so, no regrets diba? :) Thanks to everyone who made my 2007 special! Special shoutout to: ~my family: mama, dada, irene and joey. I love you! ~my relatives: mahal ko kayo! ang dami niyo.. :) hehe ~my best friends: nica, joey (shmpre), tart.. sobrang love ko kayo. salamat kasi lagi kayo anjan! ~special mention friends: janina (lamo na, special eklavoo pa rin), rob, kuya rj (paramdam ka!), san, ate jack, jaja. :) salamat sa memories! :) salamat sa lahat. next year ulit. ~my high school barkada, whattabarx: jon, donna, cha, karen, mines, tin, anna mae, kats, cye, at besp nica.. big girls na tayo! sobra! :) hahaha. salamat sa lahat. :) sa 2008 ulit ah? ~my college barkada, kamberks: aspe, cheka, tart, nadine and jimi.. 1 year na tayo hindi nagkikita :( sad. pero alam ko andiyan lang naman kayo. kaya thanks. super! kita kita naman tayo january... bago maging hectic ulit lahat. :) miss you!
~5th year circle of friendships haha: tart, vnee, pia, vickie, earvin! thanks!!! :) super! miss you all!
~my Roche colleagues and bosses :): Sir Noli, Ms. Susan, Ms. Ivic, Sir Francis, Ms. Guia!!!, Ms. Karina, Ms. April, Ms. Honey, Ms. Shella, Ms. Leah, Ms. Abelle, Ms. Theng, Ms. Brenda, Allen shmpre, and mga guards! Thanks for the wonderful experience :D

~college friends: mej, pauwie, charlene, don, rj, chi, pam.. sino pa ba.. baka may nalimutan ako. basta kayo lahat. thanks! sana makalabas tayo na kumpleto na tayo. EK ulet? hehe. miss you all! thanks sa lahat. sa valentines day ulit ok? ~my 5th year classmates and MScM people: iisa-isahin ko ba? basta SA block! yun yun eh. shempre hindi naman tayo makakasurvive kung hindi buo ang SA block. :) big girls at big boys na tayo. working na e. hehe. salamat sa memories! :) ~my high school family: jon, nica, cleo, mhaw, donna, morres, mines, tin, jielene, arianne, aowie, k-an, bog, rae, aicel at sa mga family friends apol, cye, kats, etc. naudlot na naman ang reunion natin. sana bumalik ulit si morres next year tpos TULOY NA REUNION NO? hehe. please? hehe. i miss you! im glad kahit pano nakakausap ko pa isa-isa sa inyo. yung iba galaw-galaw naman! haha. ~extended friends (mga friends of friends): noli boi, dada anton, rexon, ace, jesi, mark (mga boylet ng barx e! haha). tapos, hix, milo, arwan, rea, bogs, catie and kat..dahil nakasama ko rin kayo sa birthday ni nica :) thanks!... friends din ni joey: lindsay, avery and aika.. pati mga team mates niya sa terpsichore na nagha-hi.. sina pam, etc. hello sa inyo. at thanks. :) Waah may nalimutan ba ako? O basta, sa lahat ng mga kaibigan, kapamilya, kapuso, katoto, kabarkada, ka-echoz, kabaklaan sa mundong ibabaw.. ALABSHOO all! I'm looking forward to a great 2008. :) sana maging maganda for all of us!

HAPPY 2008!!! :)


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