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Friday, December 31

my year ender for 2004
i dont exactly remember how i did my yearender last year.. but yea, i cant believe its the end of 2004 na. Haluuuu 2005. hmm i can say that nothing much has changed. parang dumaan lang ang 2004, wala lang. cguro sa sarili ko ganun, pero sa paligid ko mdaming nangyari. ay, mali. i think ive seen a change or two about myself for this year naman. although marami ding pagkakamali, ok lang..
for me, this year is a year of friendship.
i got to know several friends this year, and became pretty close to them in a short span of time. it has been a year of rekindled friendships so to speak, to those who I thought I would never have been friends with again.
na-test din ng year na to ang mga relationship ko with other people. some of them, tlagang wala na, but those who still accepted me despite of my flaws would be treasured tlga! :D my real friends are those who could accept me and love me kahit pa imperfect ako and mraming katangahang gnawa/ginagawa. kaya nga mahal ko sila.
over this year, ive seen some of my friends evolve into "new beings". some for the better, and sadly some for the worse. those who have changed for the better ive learned to love them more, and the others? well, i dont love them less, of course, they are my friends.. pero i think ive become more distant to them. maybe its partly my fault but maybe, they just choose to not open up to me.
i have encountered new friends as well. friends of friends, na i never expected to talk to, and be friends with. long story, pero i really value these people, kasi kahit ndi pa kme nagkakasama maghang out, super open na kme with each other's lives. and it's fun :)
i have friends din na "muling bumalik" haha. ndi naman on a lovers level dabah, pero they are the people na i never thought would still know me, care about stuff about me and talk to me despite what happened in the past or whatever. im really thankful kasi wala lang.. i didnt expect anything from them, pero un. im still doubting their presence, pero ndi ako nagrereklamo. :) im actually glad about it! :)
friendship isnt limited to friends.. cguro i can say na even to my family, i have been able to build stronger ties with them kasi ive been more open to them, although not about everything, mas nagsasabi na ako about my probs.. kahit nga mga ex crush ko sa school eh nsabi ko! haha tinuro ko pa sa mom ko! ever tlga! :D
anyhoo, i think this has been a weird year. mraming ups and downs. mrami din palang wake up calls c God sa mga tao sa mundo, pero mukang wala mshadong epekto eh. ndi cguro sila naniniwala sa karma.. hehe.. pero im soo thankful to God kasi ndi naman nia ako pnabayaan... buhay pa naman ako, and lahat ng mahal ko sa buhay, anjan pa rin.. sana i-bless pa rin niya ako for the coming year. Sana bigyan ako ng guidance! Kelangan ko nun kasi bka mapabayaan ko studies ko *EARTH TO JENNA!*
I would want to ask for a lot more things, ndi naman sa material lahat, pero yun... alam na Niya un :)
As for love life, no comment. ahaha. Masaya naman ako ngayon eh *winkwinK* na lang tau jan :) sa mga people in the past ko, eh.. alam ko naman na masaya kayo. dun sa isa, nakakatakot lang kse parang pabalik-balik ung kakaibang unexplainable feeling, pero yn, im happy for you! alam kong masaya ka na.. sana hindi na makarating ung kagagahan kong nsabi kagabi! haha.. anyhoo, im glad. no regrets? oo naman. sayang lang, pero what the heck, masaya na nga ako diba?
HAPPY 2005 people :)
I have to go for the meantime pero babalik ako to finish my long yearender! :)
[edit: 9.45pm]
so there. im back. haha. i realized that i really had a short year ender last year. so i can say na ive been more madaldal than last yr. wahah. i hope in a good way naman sha. i have been more talkative to other people (in person) e before i would usually clam up lang tlga sa isang corner haha. basta, im thankful kasi ive known myself better.. thru self-realization or through others din, lalo na ung mga mahal ko :) im thankful din for the retreat ksi it made me realize a lot of things :D nakkks. :)
basically, this is a year of friendship nga :) so.. i want to thank every single person ive talked to, made friends with, had fights/arguments with, bonded with, helped, asked help from, hugged, kissed, texted, called, made tambay with, etc. sana ma-strengthen pa friendships natin :)
to my friends,
happy new year to you all!
thanks for the year that was :D

mommy daddy joey irene elvie teGlo teJack kuyaRj rob neeka jon donna mines torres rica teShei kats cye chachaP einuh tintinF aspe cheka tart nadine jimi momo plum caeyo gabby aowie bea rae apolO jielene kalabog ayeen aicel teAi mej don rj pauwie charlene fem maan hya jennawae azy chi tinP gela precy pao pam vickie vinee tonette dale mayC chacha annaG kaiP paulaP joa tami kirstenR earvin geia eliza joyce miles tonie dhet leng teRhea mae pacheng riva didi joy cecile janina moe kaiE mai susan sonny milo sunnyFriends friendsterFriends stpaulPpl uapPpl retreatPpl sb2Ppl blockNppl blogPpl ircPpl spcpBusmates


(and to those i forgot. mahal ko kayo! haha)

I LOVE YOU!!!! :)

Heart Glasses


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Thursday, December 30

there is a need for me to make a yearender entry BUT im too darned lazy to do so.
im really messed up right now, im soooo lazy.
i just want to bum around, and not do anything.
but i want to go out.
im pissed off at some people who just say they are your "friends" but couldn't really care less about whatever.
im irritated by people who can't answer your questions, especially when you really want to know stuff and they just don't care.
im annoyed when people are different when you're with them in person and when u talk thru text or phone.


i feel weird. im sooooo effed up.

Oh Jeez Thumbs Down Damn Damn Grrr You Suck Mad Pissed Very Angry Toungue Out Rarrrrr.


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Wednesday, December 29

weeeh-ness last night.. :)
yey-ness to us last night.. i was with whattabarx last night. we had a christmas get together kasi, and it was fun, although ndi kme complete ulit.. (wala c annamae and tin, tpos c mines late na dumating).. pero in fairness madami kme mejo dabah. so un. :) we made chikahans, updates, lamon time, videoke (using a magic sing mic that wasn't even ours LOL), and shmpre pwde ba naman makalimutan ang pics?! hehe.. :) im gonna post a few :) [few daw o?]

kats, me, cha, karen, jon, mulan, cye and donna before pigging out! haha :)

obvious bang after eating? hehe. karen, me cha, neeka, jon, mulan, cye, kats, donna and ivy the diva. haha :)

magic sing time! :) hahaha :) concert series itooo :)

damahin ang christmas lights sa bahay dabah!

me and my besp neeka :) peace kami! hehe :) concert itooo!

the mahangin ba sa labas, este sa loob ng office, look. :D

SIYA po, si ivy. siya ang nagconcert the whole night. at nka-top score sha. 97. o diba? :P haha. nakakapraning!!!

ivy and fans! hehehe :)

yun! dumating din c mines.. hehe.. donna, me, jon, mines, krystle, and ate shei :)

ayan, cge kanta lang. RAKRAKAN NA ITOOO! haha....

ayan. last of the party poopers. LOL. paalis na eh hehe :) krystle, ate shei, mines and me :) hehe..

ayun. hehe. masaya sbra. ndi naman halata! haha. actually mga 30+ ung pics namin eh. kaso i dont wanna flood my blog. hehe. lalabas ang kagarapalan ng barx sa pic. wahehe. ang kyoot nooo?! :D cge.. paalam! :)

Bouncy 8


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Tuesday, December 28

i got a thingy to share
since im pretty bored.
[got this from toj]


01. i have a cell phone. *
02. i have friends who use me. *
03. i am an only child.
04. i am a shopoholic.*
05. i love dangly earrings.***
06. i have smoked a cigarette before.*
07. i love cold weather. *
08. i'm obsessed with the computer.*
09. i have shot a gun before.
10. i can't live without music.***
11. i have no tolerance of ignorant people.*
12. i have ridden on a motorcycle before.
13. i'll be in this town forever.
14. i've been to 5 other countries.
15. i get annoyed easily.*
16. i eventually want kids.*
17. i have neat handwriting.
18. i have more than a few horrible memories.*
19. i am addicted to chocolate.*
20. i am an atheist.
21. my parents are strict.*
22. i love airplane rides.
23. i love taking pictures.***
24. i hate girls who are fake.***
25. i can be mean when i want to.***
26. my parents care about my grades.*
27. one of my best friends is a guy.
28. i have way too many purses.*
29. i'm obsessed with lip gloss.*
30. i love xmas.*
31. i would never eat raw fish.
32. i cry easily.***
33. i hate it when people are late.
34. i procrastinate. ***
35. i love winter.
36. i have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
37. i love to sleep.***
38. i wish i were smarter.*
39. i'm afraid of flying.
40. i hate drama.
41. i bite my nails.*
42. i have been on an 8 hour drive.*
43. i never fight with my parents.
44. i love the beach.*
45. i have never had the chicken pox.
46. i have gone out in public in my pajamas.
47. i can't control my emotions.*
48. i have a best friend.
49. i have moved more than once.
50. i truly love my friends.***
51. i have braces.
52. i love to write.**
53. i have never broken a bone.
54. i agree with racist people.
55. i hate my computer.
56. i love guys that play guitar. **
57. i state the obvious.**
58. i'm a happy person.*
59. i love to dance.*
60. i love to sing.*
61. i love cleaning my room.
62. i tend to get jealous very easily.***
63. i have a nice butt.
64. i have gotten high before.
65. i love night better than day.*
66. i have been on the phone for over 5 hours at a time.***
67. i don't like to study for tests.**
68. i love God.***
69. i am too forgiving.***
70. i have horrible sense of direction. **
71. i miss elementary school.**
72. i have had a boyfriend before.
73. i'm a mummy's boy/girl.
74. i love kisses on my forehead.***
75. i love the color pink.***
76. i love to sew.
77. my eye color changes.
78. i should see a therapist.*
79. i played on a guys sports team.
80. i become stressed easily.*
81. i hate liars.*
82. i like comfy sweatpants.*
83. i can play the piano.*
84. i love the smell of rain.*
85. i love my family.***
86. i hate needles.
87. i am a perfectionist.
88. i always wanted to learn to play the drums.*
89. i hate the feeling of failure.*
90. i have friends in other countries.*
91. i know how to cook.
92. i can be quite selfish.*
93. at times, i still act like a little kid.*
94. i have food allergies...*
95. i love little kids.*
96. i love to read.*
97. i wish i were more motivated for school.***
98. i love getting stuff in the mail.*
99. i have problems with letting go of old feelings.*
100. i hate being alone.*
101. i love summer. *
102. i love the weekends.*
103. i love black eyeliner.***
104. i think i'm pretty.
105. i type with one hand.
106. i live in a one storey house.
107. i wear make-up. ***
108. i have never ridden on an underground subway.
109. i can't swim.***
110. i have bad memory.
111. i go to church.**
112. i sing in the shower.***
113. i have never been camping.
114. i can't drive.***

i know i've done something similar to this na. wala lang. just bored. hay. ho-humm life. cant wait for the weekend!! rarness.


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tinatamad tlga ako magblog pero i know i need an update so i wouldnt format this na muna. ksi nga im so tamad. hehe. last sunday.. nun 26 me, mines, te shei, and mines' family and krystel went to starcity, and to aliw theater to watch K and the Boxers' concert. un pala sa labas din ung concert so we were forced to cram ourselves with the crowd. waaah. tpos nood lang kme. mines was supposed to introduce me to K, pero nagmamadali sha pero she said hi :) lalng. concert pala ung ng YES FM (klangan pa bang imemorize yan).. kala ksi namen sa aliw theater tlga.. ung tipong solo concert nila.. eh ndi pala.. so napanood din namin ang the bodies, maskulados, rainier castillo, jessa zaragoza, and jennylyn mercado! aba starstudded.! sakit lang sa ulo nung novelty ang kinakanta.. hahahhahaha :) pero ok lang.. ang fun nun cna K na nagperform :) astigin :) lalng.. nxt time gsto ko manood ng gig nila ulit. sabi ni mines nagtitimpi lang daw c k that night. balahura daw tlga sha wahahhaha :) pero super astig. tawang tawa nga pala ako k rainier ksi sumayaw sha ng "i said hooo hooo haha... step into the limits.. lalala" wahehe!! astig! anyway, mamaya get together ng whattabarx dito. christmas party. kaso ndi kme complete. c anamae nsa batangas, c tin ndi cgurado as usual. c neeka... well delikado and we're not really in talking terms.. c mines susunod ng mejo late.. c rica ndi sure.. c jon ndi rin sure.. so grabe dabah ang dami namen?! hay. cge na nga ang joloigs ng entry ko, walang pause. hehe edit ko nlng later hehe :)


current song in mind: Baby It's You - Jojo


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Saturday, December 25

merry happy holidays :) hehehe :)
finally! hehe.. Christmas spirit kuno, pero im not really feeling it.. malamig ang simoy ng hangin... lalala.. tuloy ko na lang lateR!!
ayan. im back.. im gonna blog about my christmas happenings lang. although there's nothing really special about it.. hehe :P LOL. i was with family, opened a few gifts, loved every one of them. :) lalng.. cuteness. :)
here are a few pics :)
1) our house.. no make that our sala lang pala.. haha. lalng..kulet ng puno eh no?

our house getting prepped up for Christmas. LOL. cute ng candycanes no? kukuha ko later for myself. anyone up for some candy canes? hehe! :)

2) me and my sis. conceited mode even on christmas eve! haha!! :)

camwhores even on Christmas day! haha :) me and my sister again. i feel so formal again. rar. papasa na ba itong pang-postcard? LOL.. btw, nilagyan ko din ng make up sister ko. wahahhaa... kikay! haha :P sayang i have no pic wth a santa hat on ;P

3) my favorite thing right now :)

this is one of my fave gifts.. :P it came from my mom.. it soooo cute, its a unique everyday bag =P haha. what can i say, she knows my taste, huh? :D

i love aspe's gift too, its a new chandelier earring similar to what lea salonga wore to her concert, pero its smaller and perkier!! haha. she also gave me a li'l sequined Disney Princess bag :) I cancelled both of them out of my wish list. but my wish list just keeps on getting longer huh? hehe. lalng.. Thanks mommy aspe! :) *mwah*

Anyhoo, right now im just waiting for my inaanaks to visit. then im gonna rest. i swear im so sleepy.




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Friday, December 24

happy christmas!!! :)
wala akong mablog eh. :P
Candy Cane 1
mahal ko kayong lahat!
lalo na ikaw!
wahehe :)


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Wednesday, December 22

American Music Awards
Currently watching The 32nd American Music Awards @ ETC. I'm actually just waiting for Usher and Alicia Keys to perform. hahah :)
Awards so far:
Fave R&B Male Artist - Usher [weepeeeh!]
Best Group (i think) - Outkast [Heyyyyyy Yaaaa!!!] Wakka-wakka
that's all i have so far.. hehe. Jessica Simpson performed na, and now it's Uncle Kracker (spelling?) hehe. :)
Best Country - Brooks and Dunn (im not sure, i duno them kse hehe) Guitar 2
Now there's a performance from Kanye West :P Dancing
Fave R&B Hiphop Album - Outkast (again!)
oooohhh.... Usher and Alicia are coming up next na daw!!! weeehness! :)
Fave R&B Female - ALicia Keys [yey!! my 2 fave artists won na!!]
Right now, a performance from Rod Stewart :PMale Entertainer 17

yehey!!! Alicia Keys is performing na!! OMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! I love this song!!!! (Karma) pucha ang galing galing niya!!!! arghhh!!!! gives me the creepsssss! haha :)
Fave Pop Rock Album - Usher / Confessions [wawaweee!]

Performance from Gretchen Wilson right now... (duno her. bouncy tunes though) Pigtails
Fave Alternative Artist - Linkin Park
Now another performance from Snoop Dogg and Pharell (spelling? hehe) ooh.. it's Drop It Like It's Hot!!!! Rave
Fave R&B Soul Album - Usher / Confessions [LUPET!]


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[i hope your plan pushes through.. arghhh]
i want i want i wanttttttttt!!!!
and for my birthday i also want to have my 20th *ehem* birthday next year at McDo, if their Disney Princess party package is still available. waaaah.


i sound like a spoiled brat. i know. kaw kasi eh. Ü


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:23.

the lasing post. wag nio na lang pansinin. im just typing away..

basically, i dont know why i even blogged upon stumbling on this person's friendster account again. argh. bakit ba ganto? ang pangit ng feeling.. argh. why did i have to surf and browse ppl's friendster accounts? argh... mukhang totoo na nga lahat, and yes, our lives are falling into their right places.. pero why do i feel this way?!! kadiri. bakit ako bothered?!?! aaarrrggghhhh naiinis ako sa sarili kooooo. mukang masaya ka na tlga. nabasa ko testi mo sa kanya.. hay..


"la n k masaB... bsta mahal ko to, sobra! lab na lab...

d2 lang ako plague.. d kta iiwan.. baka iwanan m ko ha?.. :D"


putangina talaga.... naalala ko ung email mo sa akin.. gnyan na gnyan din ang cnabi mo sa akin noon.. pucha talaga.. ang pangit ng feeling. im feeling guilty coz of feeling this way. alam kong mali, pero... ayoko naman maging plastic.. pero ganun eh. arrrggghhhhhh!!!

"mahal kita, yon lang yung kaya kng sabhn syo..."KAHIT ANONG MANGYARI WAG MONG KALILIMUTAN.." Wag mong kakalimutan ha???"
sounds familiar, huh? =/


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Tuesday, December 21


i got too lazy to blog yesterday, and i discovered that I cant attach pics again to my blog so I decided not to blog anymore. me and my sis went to galle yesterday. major bonding sesh, gluttonous meal at KFC, picture taking time and shoppping galore. the bad news is that i dont have any more of my money left.. :P and my card's overused na rin, so no more shopping for me anymore, till tomorrow. wahehe. :) anyhoo, i bought a new white bag for tamad days :) i like it :) .. and a new brooch (again) it's a black and white butterfly :P it goes well kasi with most of my clothes (which ranges from black to white to black.). and some kikay stuff. (of course, new year, new kikay kit contents! haha) i just forgot to buy a new kikay kit. rar.

me and my sis' bonding moments :) and this is our Christmas neoprint. HAHA. napalagyan kasi namen ng border eh. MALI!!! haha. [and yes, we have 15 more of them. different poses. LOL]

anyhoo, today, we went to market! market! with my mom and my tito and tita from canada. i bought 3 tops (i think) which are really cute and FINALLY! a beaded shoesies that i like :)

weeehness! its so cute.. :) dont cha think? hehe :) hay. im soo elated. lalang. ive been looking for something like this for forever na kasi tpos un, nakahnap na rin ako, and at a quite reasonable price naman! haha. hay. but im so tired. lalng. cge :) ill try sleeping na muna. ill blog na lang ulit later. weehpee :P

P.S. kudos to mejiemoo! amishuuu :) friends happy christmas! :) aspe thanks po for giving me two of the stuffs in my christmas list.. THANKS! [although i dont know what's in it yet hehe]


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Monday, December 20

a multi-lingual entry. :)
Soy así que ahora agujereado. Desperté aproximadamente 4:30, y no puedo ir de nuevo a sueño. Decidía ir abajo con mi hermana, y nosotros comí los tallarines para el desayuno. Pero ahora, todavía tengo un poco hambre. Deseo ir a la alameda más adelante. Deseo ir a hacer compras. No sé qué más para escribirme tan voy ahora a parar. ¡Adiós! :)
¡Felices fiestas!
Je suis ainsi ennuyeux maintenant. Je me suis réveillé à environ 4:30 AM, et je ne peux pas aller de nouveau au sommeil. J'ai décidé d'aller en bas avec ma soeur, et nous ai mangé des nouilles pour le petit déjeuner. Mais en ce moment, j'ai toujours un peu faim. Je veux aller au mail plus tard. Je veux aller faire des emplettes. Je ne sais pas quoi encore pour m'écrire ainsi vais s'arrêter maintenant. au revoir ! :) Bonnes fêtes !

Ich bin also jetzt gebohrt. Ich wachte um ungefähr 4:30 morgens auf, und ich kann nicht zurück zu Schlaf gehen. Ich entschied, mit meiner Schwester und uns die Treppe hinunter zu gehen aß Nudeln zum Frühstück. Aber im Augenblick, bin ich noch ein bischen hungrig. Ich möchte zum Mall später gehen. Ich möchte einkaufen gehen. Ich weiß nicht was sonst, um mich so zu schreiben werde jetzt stoppen. Auf Wiedersehen! :) Frohe Feiertage!

hindi naman ako bored no?! hay.


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Sunday, December 19

SAY HELLO TO NINANG JENNA! :D haha. i just came home from my new inaanak Leo's baptism. Isn't he adorable? :) lalng.. he was sleeping from the time the ceremony started until I left. haha. He's soooo cute. :) Lalng.. :)

me and my sister camwhoring after the picture taking ceremonies. haha (ritual?) lalng. astig eh. who looks older? me or my sister? :P ahaha. basta ako, i call her ate! hahaa :) haluuu ate joey! nga pala... i still have comments chuvaness...;) post whatever. tagboard too :) im just gonna sleep now. ;o

aren't we the cutenessest?? :)


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feel the spirit of christmas

im typing this with eyes half-closed. they woke me up (make that, they forced me to wake up) at around 3 am. we were the family sponsors for today's 4 am mass.. wow. aga. i feel sleepy pa rin now, and i want to go back to sleep. lalang. i just wanted to share kasi for the first time in my life, ngayon lang ako nakapag-light ng lahat ng candles sa advent wreath. lalang. iba lang ung feeling. ahaha. astig. cge inaantok pa tlga aku. rar.

attack of the conceited jenna. :P puro pics na naman ako haha.

aku aku aku lagi na lang aku...


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Friday, December 17

love notes.
[my desire to blog: 7.16pm : 17.dec.2004]
Pucha, i got carried away with Love Notes, yes, as in Joe d Mango. Shet, nag-eemote daw ako. Wah. It's the feeling daw na you've let go of the person na pero you're secretly hoping na iniisip ka pa rin niya.. na tatawag siya...na namimiss ka niya. Pero alam mong imposible.. Kasi you both have your own lives na...
I have unresolved wishful thoughts of that person. I think I've closed that chapter of my life, but the truth is, I still have that silent longing for that person to just pick things up from where we left off. This is not the right way to deal with this. Sometimes you just have to accept things, you just have to let go.. Coz there's nothing you can do anymore.
OMG. I hope this is NOT the my case.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 21:10.

Thursday, December 16

just waiting, patiently waiting.

officially, its Christmas vacation for me na... BUT im going to school tomorrow to meet up with kamberks :) we're gonna have lunch together and after that, who knows? i want to got out sana kaso wala akong makasama eh.. rar.. i dont wanna go home agad, ksi i know ill basically be at home for the whole duration of the christmas break. bummer. lalng. i know i should be rejoicing or sumthing.. but i dont know. feeling pretty sad for some reason. argh. ewan ko ba. gusto ko na lang mag-weekend. rar. =(

ill just post my friendster survey hre. rar.

1. last person u wrote a letter
:+: not really a letter, maybe just short notes (i luv makin' them heheh :)) mybe k mej or k rob :)

2. sport you would least play
:+: swimming! or extreme sports. fearrrr :P

3. last movie u watched
:+: honey :) nakakaindak..

4. what do people first notice when they see u?
:+: malay ko sa knila :)

5. do you like peanut-butter?
:+: not that much :P

6. last person who texted you
:+: monica lea! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

7. do you read comics?
:+: yep pero lately ndi na mshado eh hehe :)

8. how pretty/handsome are u?
:+: im pretty handsome (hehe lalaki pala?!)

9. do u like earthquakes?
:+: no, natrauma ako nung october, when i was studying pa naman 4 accounting. rar.

10. worst nightmare?
:+:hmmm wala pa naman..

11. most beautiful place u've visited?
:+: di ko alam e.. :)

12. wanna be a celebrity?
:+: ok lang, kahit imposible.. :)

13. do u like surveys?
:+: pwede na rin :)

14. your close friends:
:+: whattabarx.. kamberks.. uap friends.. crazy family people. dami eh no? well... cge na nga, onti lang tlga. alam na nila un hehe :) mahal ko lang tlga cla lahat eheh..

15. most people would describe me as...
:+: shy pero pag kaclose mo na super hyper at makulit..

16. one thing u hate about urself -
:+: low self-esteem and procrastinating tendencies..

17. vegetable u hate
:+: hmm.. ngyon okra na..ampalaya minsan..

18. u like to go out on a grocery with?
:+: my mom and sis :)

19. favorite person/s in the world?
:+: loads :) lahat ng mahal ko :) wahhee

20. can you dance? :
+: yes, i think. LOL

21. favorite past time?
:+: window shopping! haha bonding moments with people, dining out and making chismis :)

22. are you happy?
:+: very :)

23. do you believe in God?
:+: yes

24. what is the worst rumor you've heard about yourself?
:+: haha. na isa daw akong octopus na nangmamanipulate ng tao. not exactly a rumor but i discovered that someone talked that way about me to a friend...

25. what is the most stupid thing u did?
:+: ewan ko ba. :(

26. are u in love?
:+: sureness!

27. what is your greatest asset?
:+: haha. ewan ko, meron ba? liabilities!! meron!

28. what time is it?
:+: 10 to 8 pm

29. aside from answering this survey, what else are you doing?
:+: singing, blogging and surfing the net,. and reading a text :) hehe

30. first thing to do when u wake up tomorow?
:+: check my phone, the time and then go back to sleep. LOL

31. Where are you right now?
:+: house lang, my dad's oficina

32. Wats ur fav line?
:+: fave line ng ano? ewan ku :)

33.favorite food?
:+: as of now? ewan ko, bibingka? chicken na may gravy :) haha

ewAN. ang labo. happy birthday nga pala to my bespren, neeka timbas :) hehe. btw, bakla ako ngyon. i wore a skirt to school. todo sa pagkagirly. hehe :)


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Tuesday, December 14

my new dream phone
and the mega escapade.
NOKIA 6255: This is my current dream phone :) it's a flip phone and it has a memory card, radio, bluetooth and mms. :) i just dont know wen it will be available. I love this phoneeeeeeee i cant wait i cant wait, but im sure it will be pretty expensive wen it comes out, but i dont care, i MUST have it. (hala, napaka-materialistic koooo hehe) lalng. {pic taken from http://www.nokia-asia.com}

A big shoutout to MEJ, my fave hangout buddy (again), thanks for the bonding sesh! next time ulet! i had fun! hope u did too! haha. cutting APS Japan (oopsie) has never been that fun, but im freakin' tired. LOL. :) anyhoo, thanks ulet :) hehe.. let's use the shades ha? LOL for pichur pichur moments. :) im gonna post our pic here soon :) LOL.

I must have that phone. and yes I need to go shopping. :)


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Monday, December 13

a reason to smile again.
everything's back to normal Ü [thank God :)]
finally. :) the introman sh*t is over and my life is in my hands again Ü. whew! you wouldn't even know how happy and smiley i am again, and yes, tomorrow, ill be back to my unusually perky self :) but im glad!! :) haha. ive been pretty contented since yesty afternoon, before i did some cramming because of little things (which i will list down later)...hehe, its super weird kasi i was actually smiling while i was taking down my hw for tomorrow. haha!! basta! i feel giddy again, but then again, a good night sleep is something i would wanna have, please :)
happy-perkyness list:
(what contributed to my unusual perkyness right after torture)
  1. my isaw trip with my sister yesterday afternoon (oh how i wish it was from project 4, but im not complaining :))
  2. getting to sleep before 12 midnight (thanks to earvin hehe)
  3. cutting math logic class (yes, it made me smile, and guilty at the same time haha!)
  4. me and mejiemoo got to grab some ice cream from FIC! weeepee!!! :) [finally]
  5. i love the baroque pearl necklace and bracelet that my mom made me wear for our report ;P
  6. me and my new fave groupmates [yes, my introman groupmates] agreed on a "bonding shopping sesh" at divi :) weeh!
  7. the report didnt turn out as bad as i expected, mejo lang ;P hehe
  8. when i got home there was bibingka!!! weeeh! and ive been craving for it for forever! haha!:)
  9. kamberks reunion this friday!
  10. whattabarx xmas party nxt week! :)
  11. haba na ng hair kooo hehe :)
  12. and now im loving my new layout :)
  13. magkakaphone na siya! :) yahuuu :)

wala lang, masaya lang aku :)

aku, aku, lagi na lang aku. :) -lito cruz

Friendster Survey for the day:
1. Are there any mispronounciations/typos that people do w/ your name?
- yes. they call me "gina," jina and spelling, gemma, gima, etc. sometimes i get frustrated, when they ask me my name i just gave princess (coz i wanna be a princess, ryt?) tpos ang spelling naman ng princess --- prenciss. WALA TALAGANG PAG-ASA! haha!
2.Would you drop your last name if you became famous?
- haha. i dunno. maybe. or change the whole thing! ahahaah! :) ah! depends pala on wat kind if famous that would be.. :)
3.Your Age:
- 19, with around 31 days ticktocking before it changes :P
4.Age you wish you were:
- ewan ko. mga 10 cguro or 16 hehe. or 4 :) LOL
- Righty. u can ask me to write using my left hand if u want to see chicken handwriting hehe :)
6. Piercings?
- 2 on each ear :)
7. Tattoos?
- wala :P
8. Obsessions?
- blogging. pics. myself (conceited? hehe) IKAW :)
- lately? bibingka :) ok na ako dun :)
10.If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
- my procrastinating ability. LOL
11.Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?
- i want to think na wala na. tapos na yun eh!
11.What do you like the most about your body???
- hmm. wala. haha!
12.Would or Have You Ever Hurt yourself?
- no, i dont think so. maybe unintentionally hehe.
13.Had surgery?
- not yet. haha (future?! hehe)
14.Beaten someone up?
- no, hindi ako violent mshado. mejo lang hehe.
15.Been on stage?
- yes..
16.Thought about suicide?
- as in isip? isip lang, oo. hehe
17.Slept all day?
- no. unfortunately, my system doesnt allow me to sleep beyond 9:30 am.
18.Been betrayed?
- yes. and.. basta. dont wanna talk about it. memories creep back easily (yak serious?!)
19.Met a famous person?
- yes. ata. ehhehe :)
20.Stolen anything?
- hahahahahaha :) *wink*
21.Had a dream that kept coming back?
- sorry, im the type who cant remember dreams. hehe. super bihira lang!
22.What are you wearing right now?
- my formal, management attire. hehe. (the just-got-home-from-management-class look) hehe. red top with black informal daw na blazer and slacks :)
23.What are you worried about right now?
- nothing much :) hehe
24.Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling:
- relieved and excited na sobra! :) hehe
25.Are you bored?
- not really. tired cguro hehe. but restless.
26.Are you talking to anyone online?
- yes, to kagandahang nadine.. :) haluuu sexy!
27.Are you listening to music?
- yes, to alicia and usher :)


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Sunday, December 12

I miss you guys na! Sa friday ha, let's do our fine dining bonding session. hay. Those were the days: [Performers pa taio nun, a.k.a. The Akagellas-Kamberks :)]




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a cool way to know myself. haha.

i got this one from anna ganda... thankies!! :)

I wish I was a different ethnicity. ~sana mejo mestiza akish hehe.
I have an eating disorder. ~la lang feeling ko lang. :)
I'm short.
I'm tall.
I think I'm really attractive. ~wateber!!
I prefer winter over summer. ~how i wish may winter no?
I'm a geek. ~minsan hehe...
I'm a shopaholic. ~yan ang meaning ng name ko. bwahaha.
I'm reasonably intelligent. ~I HOPE! LOL
I'm attracted to girls.
I'm attracted to boys.
I like British accents. ~yes, they are soo cute :)
I drink socially.
I drink regularly.
I get drunk easily. ~opo, hindi ako tomador! :)
I do drugs.
I will never date a bad kisser.
I've lied to avoid kissing them again.
I brush my hair at least 50 times a night. ~not anymore! not with curly hair :)
I'm religious.
I'm not very religious but have morals.
I lie frequently.
I'm impulsive. ~yes, its true ;p
I'm hardworking.
I liked "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind".
"She's All That" is one of my favorite movies.
I'm good at History. ~weakness ko yan!
I speak more than two languages.
I enjoy taking pictures. ~yes, im a conceited girl. i love it :)
I like spending money on myself. ~i know, it's a bad habit. heheh.
I like spending money on others. ~if i have money why not?
I have a regular income.
I earn money on a job-by-job basis.
I pay my own bills. ~on the literal sense of course. it's still my dad's moolah :p
I rely on my parents for money.
I can cook. ~it doesnt say naman kng magaling ka o hindi eh hahah!!
I enjoy cleaning.
Tidyness is a must in my life.
I like clutter.
My idea of good music is Britney Spears.
I have heard of Blonde Redhead.
I enjoy Blonde Redhead.
I'm fashion-conscious. ~sometimes...
I have good taste.
People tell me I have good taste. ~but i dont see it..
I excel academically. ~how i wish!!
I'mtold I have yet to fulfill my potential.
I'm good at sports.
I'm good at certain sports.
I couldn't do sports to save my life.
I'm creative. ~I'd like to think I am, khit sa ibang aspects.. :)
I'm artistically inclined.
I wanna be an artist when i grow up. ~performing artist. :)
I wanna be an engineer when I grow up.
I eat when I'm upset. ~there goes my "disorder" LOL
I cannot adapt to change.
I'm interested in politics.
I have shoplifted.
I download MP3s. ~coolness!
I've done underage drinking. ~yes, i should be in jail. now na!
I've gone underage clubbing. ~hush hush.
I can dance reasonably well.
I can dance extremely well.
I dance like a cardboard gorilla. ~when im bored or when im with cheka :P haha!
I can sing. ~but it doesnt mean im good at it haha!
I sing like someone stepped on my foot.
I can swim.
I enjoy surveys.
I enjoy surveys when I'm bored.
I keep a journal. ~ndi nga?!!
My teachers don't like me.
I enjoy controversy.
I can be a bitch/bastard. ~sorry tao lang!
I have a thing for bad boys/girls.
I have tattoos.
I've been in a nudist colony.
I'm not sure if I want to have children.
I'm not sure if I'll get married.
I know who I will marry.
I'm interesting. ~boring ako eh! haha!
I'm a good liar.
People enjoy talking to me. ~FEELING!! sana lang! cguro my friends na kaclose ko :)
I annoy people from time to time.
I'm a born leader.
I'm a born leader but shouldn't lead.
I've snuck out of the house. ~bad!! ;p
I enjoy felching.
I have a foot fetish.
I have a shoe fetish. ~lately sobra!!
I watch "Sex and the City".
I don't think Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty.
I wanna be J.Lo.
I cut myself.
I've cut myself.
I hate people who pretend to be suicidal.
I hate popular people.
I think cheerleading is a sport.
I'm a conceited girl trying to be photogenic.
I live in Chucks.
I think graffiti is art.
I have dated a criminal.
I have been cheated on. ~erm. hehe.
I have cheated on someone.
I have a temper. ~who doesnt?
I like playgrounds.
I dance in the rain.
I'm obsessed with Shakespeare.
I have tanlines.
My favourite color is pink.
My favourite color is black.
I would classify myself as emo. -ano daw?!
I'm musically inclined. ~passion, pare!! hehe
I like listening to music. ~sobraaaaa
I like music-blasting cars.
Thongs are comfortable.
I like flip-flops. ~super comfY!!! for tamad days :)
I know what monogamy is......and I believe in it. ~*ehem ehem*
I wanna be a social worker when I grow up. ~i'm thinking about it!
I have sibling/s.
My sibling/s annoy me. ~sometimes lang ah, mahal ko sila :)
I think "South Park" is funny.
I believe in LOVE. ~and yes, i believe in you too :)

LALANG!!! back to reality. i have the introman thing na tomorrow. good luck to me. :) hehe :) to us :P rar.


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Friday, December 10

i am hating my Introman class.
I want to cry out of frustration.
hindi ko na alam gagawin ko for introman.
all the departments are counting on our department.
i just want to give up.
i dont know who i can talk to about this.
i just want a break,
and i want school to be over.


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Tuesday, December 7

a random peechur(s) post.
im not in thinking mode right now so i cant think
of anything to post for tonight. but i want to blog..
so here's some stuff i wana show u LOL :)

Look at what I found!!! :) a pre-historic pic with my "bandmates" haha! this was during a recital in Music last year... good times! :) haha. it was my only stint in performing for quite a small crowd.. sa music room ba naman dabah? hehe :) Pero it was fun! I miss this! :) Lalang! :) Trip down memory lane.. :P that's jc, me, jimi, tim, lala, dan and nogc :)

my current fave pic :) hehe. taken 120604. that's cheka, me and tart. im turning into a pic-freak. again. always. :) hehe! :) [notice how cute cheka's shoes are! and ang girly nia that day! haha] :) para may proof! :)

wait, i likey this pic nga pala better :) hehe :) lalang! :) pa-effect pa daw no? hehe. i like this pala better. wahehe. :) weeeh :) lalng. lufet ng effect! LOL :)
actually, un lang ang randomness ko. i was supposed to post a pic of my favoritest thing in the world as of the moment.. kaso i cant find the cam. i have a feeling it's with my dad coz he's with the boys. ohwells. that's it na muna. im in cramming mode right now. our group has meeting tomorrow for our case study.. rar. i have to read the case and email some stuffs to the people.. would u believe im the leader? yikes. big responsibility. im really scared. im such an OC leader pa naman! hay! o cge start nako. pero im hungry nga pala. cge :) haha! Comment nga pala if u want LOL. but its cute if u tag AND u comment. o diba :) haha! demending!!! :)


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Monday, December 6

wishful thinkings.

may mga bagay nga naman na hindi tlga para sa iyo. mga bagay na kahit anong pilit mong ipagdasal at hilingin sa wishing well eh walang mangyayari.

  1. magkaron ng pera pa para pang-christmas shopping.
  2. matuyo na ang baha sa mga lubog na lugar.
  3. makahanap ng trabaho para sa accounting bukas. (imposible tlga!)
  4. makapag-perform sa harap ng malaking crowd. (music room lang na-experience ko nung 2nd yr college haha).
  5. maging mas organisado ang pamumuhay.
  6. umalis sa saturday.
  7. maipasa ang ikatlong quiz sa accounting. (imposible! pero maraming salamat mej! :))
  8. maayos na presentasyon sa kinatatakutan kong introman.
  9. mahanap ang itim kong blusa.
  10. makapasok sa center for pop music o kahit saan.
  11. hindi maging tamad sa paggawa ng mga asignatura.
  12. matuto mag-ayos ng pahina ng blog gamit ang elemento ng html.
  13. kayaning kantahin ang through the rain, na hindi nauubusan ng hininga sa parteng: "dont be afraid, there's nothing u can face, and should they tell you, ull never pull thru, dont hesitate...stand tall and say...." ung madiin dun ako nauubusan ng hininga.
  14. sana paggising ko ay krismas vacation na.
  15. sana makita kita bukas. o kaya sa miyerkoles. o kaya sa sabado. basta. ikaw.
  16. wishful thinking: na mahal mo pa talaga ako, kahit na may iba ka na. na panakip-butas mo lang sila lahat. at niloloko mo lang sarili mo. [ops, teka lang. ibang tao yan.]

wala lang. wala lang akong maisip. :)

cge matutulog na ako.


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Sunday, December 5

.on the 5th day of december.
.Christmas vacation mode.
i am on vacation mode already. argh. im pretty sure the two remaining weeks before Christmas vacation would be hell. argh. i just got home from divi (my new favorite place in the world next to.uhmmm).. anyway. i did some of my christmas shopping till i ran out of money. haha. seriously. naubos ko na yung allowance ko for next week. sana my parents would give me money pa rin bukas. hehe. i have loads to do again. coz its monday tomorrow. and hindi ko matanggap na monday na naman. i have to finish my unfinished Math Logic Hw, study for Theology, study for Accounting and read ahead for Introduction to Management 2 (my new favorite subject. NOT!). And tomorrow, i have to be in smart casual which is super hassle. i dont wnna be formal tomorrow. rar. i hate it. good thing i bought new shoesies. perfect for formal days. LOL.
anyhoo. i remembered na may sasabihin ako. may lindol daw tomorrow.. eh center daw ang pasig and may faultline lang naman sa stpaul pasig at sa ortigas. sana hindi totoo. im really scared. and kung sakali, sana wala ako sa 5th floor. dun ang management class namen. arrghhh. i dont wanna attend class! haha. ndi dahil sa earthquake pero dahil ang terror nung isang tcher namin sa introman eh ndi naman namin tlga sha teacher no! weird no? para shang teacher na nagsi-sit in :) haha :) lalng. anyway, sana walang earthquake. ayoko pang mamatay. not on december 6! haha. ndi nga, ayoko pa tlga. wag sana. hay.
now i have to get on with my life. :)


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Saturday, December 4

I feel like Bridget Jones! LOL
Weeeh. I was able to watch Bridget Jones's Diary 2 today. It was soooooo darned funny! :) Haha.

Watch the movie rin! haha. bakit feeling ko ako nlng ndi nakakanood nun haha. :)
:) Ate like no tomorrow again today. We ate at Tokyo Tokyo and Sbarro. Grabe. :)


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