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Friday, July 30

itaas ang kilay
im in cofical.
im near THE effing bitch.
lapit lang nia saken.
*taas kilay*
shetness. what a day.
effing bored.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:11.

Wednesday, July 28

wasssapppp... grabe pasaway tlga ako.. nsa net cafe nnman ako as usual. matinding pasaway tlga ako ever. haha. :) anyhoo.. im bored to death. i havent got much to do today. i was supposed to go out with mai today at galle. too bad she doesnt have money, eh she's not sanay na ililibre mo sha sa mall movie or whatever. haha. uhmm im done with 3 exams already this week pa lng.. hahay. pamatay tlga. anyway. grabe ah, ang lakas pla ng impact nung huli kong entry. ung about sa es monologo person. pero its effing true. haha. astig nga eh. i totally crush bamboo pa rin. well, maybe not.
oh btw,
i bought pairs and pairs of earrings again. i bought two yesterday. 3 today. man, im an earring-o-maniac. haha. :) MEJ! if ur reading this, yes im selling dangling earrings. hope i can see you around school il let you see the pics. i duno if ull like them tho. JOA.. thanks forn the tag.. :) yeah may blog ako, matanda na nga to eh. tamad lng tlga ko mag-update often kya onti lng ang laman. almost 2 years na ata to. yakk nagshare? anyhoo.. alis na ko. my back aches big time. i wanna go home and watch queer eye and starting over. (new faves o) haha.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 13:04.

Monday, July 26

hush hush

ive been pretty quiet for the past week no? well ive been pretty busy. super dami nang gnagawa sa school... and i hate it. but i have no choice. DOI. i had my DAQT exam last saturday. it was one big pile of effing sh*t. dammnnnn... im in mega again. (you should know that, i cant blog when im at home. my pc's too effing slow. oh wells.

you know what... I CRUSH BAMBOO :) as in..!!

haha. ive been playing some stuff with my guitar lately. broken chords LOL. i love playing noypi sa guitar. astig. parang khit ndi ako mrunong feeling ko marunong ako. haha!! anyways.. im bored to death. oh, i have another exam tomorrow by the way. i hope its not hard. im sleepy. im making no sense. bsta i crush bamboo. and hey baby, i crush you too. :) LOL

i missed this.

uy naalala ko nga pala.. ung sinulatan ko ng es monologo... haha... find it in my archives ung ndi pa nakakabasa nung blog ko na un. wla na akong contact sa taong pinag-alayan ko ng es monologo. pero minsan naiisip ko pa rin sha. kse wala tlgang closure ung amen. ndi ko nga alam if there was an "us" to begin with. tapos, ganun nag-end. lammo nakakatawa kse pag naiiisip ko, shet, bakit ko kaia nging like ung taong yun? kse after all that happened, ni hindi man lang sha naging person enough para maging magkaibigan kme. i mean, im not asking for anything here.. dont get me wrong.. wala na rin akong nafifil. pero.. minsan napapaisip ako, kng bkit ba nging like ko sha. maybe because i didnt see this coming. maybe because i never thought na magaganito nya ako. kung nsan ka man, im sure nakalimutan mo na ako, and that i exist. i know ur happy right now. gusto ko lang malaman mo na never na kitang hinabol, if that's what u think... and im also happy with my life now. enough said.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 15:41.

Tuesday, July 20

i shouldnt be here
i shouldnt be in an internet cafe right now coz i should be reading my polthot handouts right now. but no. im in front of yet another pc, and wala lang. im so bored i could eat a horse. i miss you. where are you? damn. dont tell me its gonna take me another long month or even wek to see you again. that would be torture to me. please tell me you'll see me again soon. please? save me.
omg. i sooo wanna watch princess diaries 2.
shit im always drifting away from whatever thoughts i have. im such a drifter. and im boring, demmit.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 12:16.

Thursday, July 15

the return of the comeback

i duno what to write about. i have 15 minutes in a internet cafe. i watched a movie by myself again. it was torturous. i have 8 minutes left. spill. its weird to talk to an ex-someone about stuffs in the past. nakakailang. but still, its better to end up those unfinished businesses kesa nman ndi nio alam what went wrong. nakakagaan nman ng loob eh..pero it feels weird. lalo na when u see the person again. oh wells.

its all coming back to me nowww.. yakk.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 15:44.

Tuesday, July 13

a brand new day

whatever. i cant think of a good enough title for my blog coz i dont even know what im gonna blog about. im too effing tired and all i can think about is how drained i am. rar. im on my second month in school already and wla pa rin.. ndi pa rin nagsisink in na im in third year already!!! rarr.

anyways, im living a pretty quiet life lately. i dont have time and money to go around and shop or whatever. but i can bum around and act affected though. hehe Ü coolness Ü anyways, im like a monk right now. well i cant think of a good word.. oh.. i feel so deprived right now. hehe. i have a dysfunctional 7650 (which i wanna trade in already), i have a cut line for my globe handyphone. and my credit card's being declined. i duno. maybe i must live a life of... something. i forgot the term, bsta dpat muna ako mangulila. LOL.

hmmm what else.. im bored right now. i cant wait for the weekend. i cant wait for next week. i cant wait for september weeh Ü hmmm i might go out this weekend by the way.. it's jimi's birthday on the 16th and we're going to greenbelt this weekend. i might sleepover at QC. hehehe Ü whatever.

i have no good thoughts to blog about today. sometimes when im in the middle of doing sumthing, a bloggable thing pops in my head.. but when im in front of my pc i duno what to write about anymore. hay. hehehehe can anyone help me? i duno how to post pictures in my blogspot. boohoo. anyways... i gotta run..

Jenna's Word for the Week:
Pre-Engaged -> It's the period when you are almost ready to get to ready to get married. gets? Bsta ako. OO. Ü I do. LOL.

weeh Ü how does it feel to be pre-engaged? Ü



temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:57.

Tuesday, July 6

So Dead and So Spiderman

Wala lang. Ü
I haven't been updating this pala for quite a while. Ü hehe.. uhmm.. what did you miss?

28 June
It was my sister's birthday. Her 16th. I got her 2 pretty shirts as a present. Ü shempre pink din hehehe...then we had a small gathering here, for dinner with my relatives and all. hehe. Of course, true to my usual style, I was wearing black. haha. But my theme was red. Ü shmpre red and iskert ko, accessories. Haha. My mom wanted me to change my clothes coz it was a birthday party and I was wearing black. Eh I like black eh. hehe. Ü
Anyhow, that night I was asked to sing. Again. Ok, so may feedback. Made me want to sing again. So I cancel the Diva's Dead entry na. Haha. Maybe I'll bring it up again in the near future. haha.

29 June
Nothing special. Hmm. I went to school.. The usual. heheh.. Yun lang. Ü

30 June
Same as the day before that day. You know. Yesterday of that day. Boring. Ü

1 July
Oha! July already. Bilis ah. Anyways, St. Paul people are soooo lucky they have a 5-day weekend. gosh. And we had to work our butts off at school. But hey, I'm not making reklamo (arte mo tsong). I have allowance weeh :)

2 July
Pasig Day today. Ü Meaning I had no school. haha!! Buti na lang its a Friday. I'm not naiinggit coz my friends from Manila had a day off on the 24th..eh Thursday un so wala silang long weekend. Buti pa ako hahaha!! :) But i stayed at home. I tried doing stuff. I failed of course. Im not a homework person most of the time haha. Hmm.. oh yeah I chatted pala this day. Me and some of my friendly friends sa chat were up on a trip. Ü We entered several channels at IRC, and we flooded their main channels. haha. Bored?! Ü I realized that I was banned in #mexico. We went to #spain. Since I'm having a Spanish course, I tried to whip out my Spanish knowledge. haha. Much to my surprise, there was this guy who was talking, I thought there was a conversation going on. Ganto:
como chuva ek ek español puto chille ese
puto hehehe..
- Shmpre kasi puto meant something else here. I reacted lang. Yun lang. then this guy starting lashing out his insults, assaults, etc. He messaged me in private and asked me if I was half_Hispanic. Told him I wasnt. Tpos he started telling me na I should respect him, that I was a wannabe, that I was whatever else I forgot. Haha. Nakakatawa, pinatulan ko nga. warmode ako eh. Ü bsta, he ended up leaving the chatroom. VICTORY. adios hijo de puta. haha Ü

3 July
Saturday na! I went to Mega to watch SPIDERMAN. One word. THE BOMB. ay two pala un. :) cge. two words: ASTIG :) haha!!

4 July
Stayed at home. BOW. Ay, went to church. Bow.

05 July
ESCAPADE Ü It was soooo hot. Ü

I'm bored.
It's seven tomorrow!! :)

Ohwells. Watch SPIDERMAN! Prmise astig! :)


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:05.