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Monday, August 9

God really moves in mysterious ways. And He sure knows what he's doing..

Last week, I attended a leadership seminar. But it wasn't any ordinary seminar. It was a Spiritual Leadership Seminar. At first I thought to myself, "What? Spiritual Leadership? This sounds like a retreat."

So yeah, that was my first "stereotype" of that seminar. Little did I know that it was God's way to quiet down my pride I've held on for months.

See, I've almost always posted something hateful, negative or bashing on my blog for the longest time. I know that this has been my outlet for all my musings and rants, that's why I used it freely. I didn't really realize that it may be bothersome for some and even hurtful to a certain extent.

During the seminar, I received a lot of wake up calls from God in between those 2 days of sitting down in front of the speaker. There were lines such as: "If you have problems with anyone right now, God wants you to fix them. NOW"; "Pride is the biggest enemy. You just need to let go and trust God."

During those times, I was only thinking of one specific person --- the person I have rift with. All the while I was thinking, "Yeah right, I know God wants me to do that.. but I'm not ready." Well, the seminar taught me that God is the Potter and we are the clay. We only have to follow on what the Potter decides for us to do and to be. So at least I gave myself a deadline.

I know it's wrong, but I asked God for a sign. And what better sign is there? SEE THE PERSON ON THAT VERY SAME DAY. Funny right? It's like He hit me in the face right then and there.

So after the seminar... I made my deadline official. But see, it's a deadline to see a sign. Bad, right?

But anyway, I said that I'm giving me and the person until the end of the week. If the person makes a move or tries to talk to me until before the week ends, I said.. "maybe things will change. Just maybe." Come Friday, I forgot about this. You see, for a working person, Friday can signify the "end of the week", right? But that time, maybe I just decided to give up on this sign thing since it's pretty pointless knowing that the person is never online on the next days after the seminar, etc etc.

HOWEVER, God did not fail me. On Saturday, I got a call. I didn't answer it at first, but I got a call. From the person.

Bottomline, we talked. It started out rough, since there were still lots of issues involved, but we carried on.

And guess what? The week wasn't over yet. It was Saturday, right? I guess it was God's will that brought this together.. or brought us together...

I know the road to forgiveness, acceptance and understanding is a long way to go, but like what I said, IT WAS A GOOD START.

Let's see where this goes.


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