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minsan ano eh...
Saturday, May 15

sometimes, i feel that it would be nice if we just start on a clean slate again.

but we tried that years ago.. and i dunno. It's like harboring feelings and there's this risk of bursting this little bubble in the future..

anyway.. there are times when i want things (us) to be okay.. but i know it won't be that easy. a lot of boundaries have been crossed, and sadly, putting things back to how it used to be is like surrounding something/some place with barbed wires. you know you're protected but once you touch some parts, it'll hurt like hell. :|

sometimes i really wish i could press rewind..

but some other times, i think things are better this way.

coz a lot of stuff still hurt me you know. :|


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 22:08.