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Monday, September 15

right now i'm just typing random stuff. FYI, if you didn't get to read the blog title.. i'm TRYING to blog from the office. at the moment (11:33 am), i know that blogger works fine, but i'm not sure if you can post and blog all the same. ^^

so yeah, im in the office right now, with nothing better to do than this (as of the moment, that is). ive been researching for the whole of this morning and til now.. and i'm still working on the same item as i did when i started at 7 am this morning. sucky much?

you see, i was always the type who "believes in the internet". I am Ms. Most Likely to Google Everything. But now, that belief (and probably 'complacency') is disappearing! Googling things WILL NOT give you everything. UGH.

Now thoughts of this job being not for me cross my mind every now and then. OOPS, i know, i know.. it's barely 1 week and 1 day.. but you know that gut feeling that SOMETIMES is true? well, i really hope NOT.. but what if, right?

i'm totally not making sense mehn.

i guess i'm just totally confused right now as to whether or not this job/career path is the right one for me. i don't want to make hasty decisions so i'll stay for the challenge. :)
let's see if this lasts.^^

*keeps head up, positivity YEAH!*


I'll be off to badminton blah after work. Wow. ^^ For a change. :D Though i suck as a badminton player . but yeah.



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