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Tuesday, August 5

No, I'm not gonna "vlog" but I'm just posting videos for the lack of interesting things to talk about. Actually I do have things to make kwento about but they're too boring. GAAH. :) Anyhoo.

Watch the videos below.. Please wait for them to load coz they're absolutely POSITIVELY COOL! ^_^

Video 1 is Up Dharma Down's new video/single, Every First Second. My friend Armi uploaded it on multiply so I'm reposting! :) It's currently being played on Myx and MTV so please vote for it! ^_^ It's such a nice song.. love the lyrics and melody. So watch it!

Video 2: Philippine All-Stars take home (AGAIN) this year's GOLD MEDAL at the 2008 World Hip-Hop Dance Competition in Las Vegas!! GO ALL-STARS! I've been a fan of the All-Stars since last year (if I'm not mistaken) and this performace is SUPER LAKAS (yah, like super arte hahaha). Galing nila sobra!!

Please, please wait for them to load and watch 'em! and if you like them, comment. hahahaha.

Okay, bye. ^_^

PS: I just had to share, that I had two interviews yesterday and today. SO i hope i wish things will be okay. and btw, CAN I JUST SHARE that I got things off my wish list? BABAW lang, but I have a black and red Blairbands now. WOOT! ^^

PPS: Option # 3 won. =) [If you've no idea please refer to my previous entry]. :) I'm excited for Friday's wedding please!

PPPS: I'm so sorry I haven't done my usual bloghop routine coz I've been out since Sunday.. but I promise to link you guys up by tomorrow. Please ^_^


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