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shoulda woulda coulda
Sunday, July 13

...all the last words of a fool. ^^

mmkay the song is definitely stuck in my head.
anyhoo. i'm really really sleepy right now..
i was really tired from yesterday + very weird weather + sleeping at 3 AM + crying before sleeping = GROGGYNESS

this is really bad :(

anyway, i decided to make a decent entry today. uhh. okay, i'll try.

I really plan to change my layout coz this one's pretty old.. but i can't seem to find the perfect one though. sucker. :|

anyhoo, i really really wanna go bargain hunting this week. my life's been pretty humdrum for the past coupla months (no, make that 1 year haha) and i want some excitement yo. I'M BORED BORED BORED BORED BORED. :| i really want want want to go shopping. but see, i used up all of my reserve money (well that WAS all the money i had left) to curl and color my hair, SUCKER. now i'm totally bankrupt and i don't have anything anymore YO. can i die of bankruptcy?!

i really want to hang out with friends this week. i have 3 "pending" hangout times with people i love and i don't know if i can this weekend. (although i really want to)


KBYE i'm really bored!


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