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Tuesday, July 22

Since I've been pretty lazy during the time I was trying to fix my layout, I have no new entry to date. Which kindov sucked since I was hoping that I'd be more consistent in blogging. but knowing me. NO, nevermind. =))

So yeah, I have some pending blog entries.. Don't expect them to be that interesting. HAHA.

DESIRE TO BLOG 1: July 17, 2008

That day, I decided to prepare my lunch. Usually, my mom prepares veggies or stuff for me, but then I decided to do something with the chicken breast I found in the freezer. :)) So I searched for a grilled chicken recipe online, found one and looked for my stash in the kitchen. Came up with these:
I couldn't find some of the other ingredients.. So I just sticked with what was available hahaha. =)) [SOrry for the messy background] So I marinaded the chicken:
THen grilled it and served it with my spicy tuna pasta! ^_^ Perfect combination!
Haha, Just wanted to share that really. =)


DESIRE TO BLOG: July 18, 2008

Went to another interview. This time, I was actually interviewed by a college batchmate who didn't push through with the 5th year masters program. LALALA. She told me she didn't recognize me. SO now I have one question..

If someone tells you that you are so unrecognizable coz you're super blooming now, does that mean that you were pretty ugly before? ^^



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