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Tuesday, July 15

Thanks to my fellow pupe addict Kat, I've decided to make major changes to my blog. Well, not really major since I can't really remove all of my old entries or something. But anyway, Kat decided to make a blogger account and asked me about several stuffs on fixing your templates, etc.

Then I realized I never re-edited my blog again since forever! I had this template for a year or so, and before I used to change my layout for at least 2 times a year! Dang. Who's lazy now? So yeah. I really like the image in this layout. So Top Model-ish. :P

Although it kinda sucks that it's actually not a full image, it's actually composed of thousands of little images. Bah. Okay maybe not, just around 10-something strips. LALALA.

So yeah. I'm officially fixing my blog. I might bring back the old layout I had. (The one with 2 sidebars instead of just one.. where I could put the TITLE again and BIGGER FONT PLEASE. (I just had to emphasize that. Rawr.) OH, AND I MISS MY WISHLIST!!!! BAAAH. That's so 4th year high college! So that means, this is 2 years in the making. Man.

So yeah. Time to browse. :P

Thanks Kat for the inspiration.. wehehehe. :))

Edit (6:24pm)
Grabe, I saw my old layout html codes.. and tried it.. Grabe 20 pa ako when I used it!! Super.. whoa. okay, I really need to change my layout. >.<


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