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it's the time of the month
Friday, July 11

NO, it's not related to anything girly, yo.
it's just that there is a certain time of (any given) month when i feel like blogging.
then i'll make this stupid promise to blog more often.
but i never follow through. HAHAHA.

but yeah. it's the time of the month, i can't even friggin' sleep and it's 2:22 AM demmit. but i don't have anything *decent* in mind to blog about. yehezz.
i've been on this "insomnia"-like state for how many days/weeks now and it shows. I look like a panda. :))


I'm going to a partey on Saturday. It's Janina's kiddie party at Mcdo (how mature, imagine how fun that would be! haha). Too bad besp can't come, thank God for my sister and other friends. :P

But seriously, I NEED TO GET OUT MORE OFTEN. then i wouldn't blog more (as if i blog to begin with). BUT as i was saying (before i distracted myself)


I miss you (kilala mo na kung sino ka. Kung feeling ka, ikaw yun! haha)

Hey Monica Lea, Marianne, Jhoannah Christine, Anna Mae, Catherine, Charlene Mae, Donna Gay, Cyrill, Ma. Katrina, Cyrill and Jonalee - I miss you barx. :| NO anything for summer sucks. haha!

Hey Christina Angelica, Anna Francesca, Aireen, Geraldine Marcy and Josephine Marie (a million miles away) - I miss you Kamberks! Please please let's have a kTV session to celebrate the good times. Baka gusto niyo ulit magrecord ng sarili nating cd at may picture natin ulit sa harap :))

Hey Femmi Ruth, Maan, Vickie, Alethea Philline, Loriemin, Vanessa - I miss you. WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER ON OMIN'S WEDDING! ZOMG WEDDING? I miss thee all.

Hey Mae Eddy Jane, Paula Faye, Charlene Margaret, Don (?), Ramon Jose (tama ba ko?) - Nsan na ang V-day regulars? 1 year ago na yung EK, wala na bang kasunod. mmkay LET'S GO LET'S GO OUT SOON PLEASE! *cheer*

Okay I'm kindov sleepy now and I can't think clearly there's loads more people I miss but my mind is giving up on me right now and besides I NEED TO SLEEP. :))



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