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there's a rainbow always after the rain
Friday, May 16

although the weather is kinda bad (define bad for others) lately, for me it felt quite refreshing. my sister and i decided to shower in the rain (well.. that's shower, sing, dance, model, etc.) ^_^ it was nice. it brought be back to childhood memories... when life really used to be carefree and stuff.

earlier, i decided to cook some pasta. i just copied some ingredients from the net but i did the recipe my way. you see, i usually cook but i don't have an exact recipe (like measurement, number of cups or whatever) to use. somehow it just happens. :))

so for my spicy tuna pasta i used: 2 cans of Century Tuna light (Hot and Spicy), 2 packs Clara Ole spaghetti sauce in Three-Cheese and Onion & Garlic, onion, garlic, 1 chicken cube, hot sauce, tomato catsup, oregano, pepper, salt

Anyway, it was good. my sister liked it ^_^ I used vegeroni as pasta (healthy much?)

So after lunch we decided to go and play in the rain, took a shower... then i noticed that my hair somehow regained it's curliness. i don't know why. :) then when i went up to my room, there were no curtains, and it was really bright (well you could just see what's outside)... much to my surprise, it was really refreshing! it was relaxing.. *sigh*

anyway, just want to say.. there's a rainbow always after the rain. ^_^

i just know there is.
hope to find it soon.


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