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sheer stupidity
Wednesday, April 2

owyez, i'm back. i've been blogging some other place for a while but now i'm back coz things are kinda fixed right now.

why the title, you may ask?

argh.. doesn't need much explanation...

just read the conversation..

April 1
temporararysuperstar calls personfromthepast 200000 times for birthday greeting
but to no avail
coz personfromthepast isn't answering for the longest time temporarysuperstar decides to send an sms instead.

temporarysuperstar: happy birthday! been calling u the whole day but u weren't answering..so i send this instead. happy birthday! :)
(hesitates but sends the sms)

April 2
temporarysuperstar wakes up and checks phone for any reply
but, again, to no avail
personfromthepast seemed to be "out of service"
must be still buzzed from yesterday's drinking session (at least temporarysuperstar thinks so)

but at around 10.22AM
personfromthepast: hey, sorry wasn't able to take ur calls last night, left the phone in my room. had a drinking session with friends and i prepared the food for them. how are you? by the way, thanks!
temporarysuperstar: (noticed that personfromthepast is using an unregistered number)
personfromthepast: didn't have too many guests, but it's okay. my other friends called me -personfromthepast's name
temporarysuperstar: can i reply here? (thinking wow, personfromthepast even used someone else's phone to text me! woohoo!)

personfromthepast: oh, yeah, it's okay. this is my GIRLFRIEND's number.

false hopes, man.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 10:34.