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Wednesday, April 9

not my best self lately. been trying to make an excuse to be "of better service to all humanity" but jenna doesn't work too well right now. sucker. i've been a bit busy over the last week since we did rush preparations for my sister's 18th. gahhh. she's 18 now. feels like my 18th was only yesterday. demmit.

it went well by the way it was super fun... :))

but now i'm back to my normal self. finding out that i'm probably the only one left unemployed for all seasons. it sucks yo. ohwells. let's just make this a one year vacation, well almost. SUCKERRRRRRRRRRRRR. demmit

anyway, still looking forward to summer. but it's extremely HOTTTTTTTTTTTT this summer. even our AC won't cooperate and in the morning when we wake up it's already super super hot and we're yucky like that. (and we have no choice but to leave the room early rawr)

anyway, i hope i hope i hope I CAN always end up everything on a happy note. PLEASE.

can't. won't.



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