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Friday, March 14


I was practicing on Joey's grad makeup awhile ago.. so I stumbled on my kikay kit/s. I realized my makeup kit's long been gone (okay, that was an exaggeration.) I realized I have this huge black kit filled with makeup..

Meet Senior and Junior...

They make me smile.. coz they are full of joy HAHA. (joy=makeup). The big kit is a gift from my Tita Winnie, while the other one's not mine. Hahaha. It's actually Joey's. But yes, she let me have it anyway. HAHA.


Senior is perky, it's full of tons of makeup.. I have loads of eyeshadow (coz I love playing with the eyes).. and what else. Just those. Typical stuff that I don't really need to bring on a regular basis. Weeh! I'm so glad I'm able to put them together again right now (plus I threw away -finally- those I don't really need anymore)..


My daily savior.. :) hehe. I bring it along with me everyday, unless I'm lazy or if I need to bring a small bag.. so I just get my essentials.. Hehe. Like what I said, this is not mine.. Joey's. hehe. But I use it, so it's mine. whatever. Anyway. It may be small and bulky and stuff.. but it holds all my essential stuff =)

So, why blog about it?? Just because..

I've been putting on hold my cosmetic purchases coz I felt that I don't need it, but when I looked at them makeup bags.. I NEED THEM YO!!! I need new loot...

PLus, I need a new Junior Kit. :)) hehehe. Anyone up to donate? :) hehehe.

I therefore conclude, that all my leftover Christmas money would be used for makeup... and boots. Period.

Goodbye, PSP.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 21:13.