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Thursday, March 13

freedom.. or something like it.

today's one of those days i get to be "free" well.. only for a short while but i dont really care.. I was able to cancel most of the things i wanna do/wear/have when i go out even on short trips (like going to the bank, for instance)...

( ) wear BIG BUG BEE SHADES - damn i forgot this one and it was scorching hot outside.
(X) wear a colorful top, not the usual black ones i wear
( ) wear a hat, cap, bonnet, scarf whatever

(X) bring a small bag for a change - WOOT, thank God for my cutesy li'l piano bag from Gozum

(X) wear weird footwear - I wore slippers that are two different colors. who cares, right? hehe.

(X) wear a headband - woot!
(X) be "bangs-less" in public - gawwwd i did it!!
(X) wear green eyeshadow - I LOVE IT, it's summer yo!!! :)
(X) wear a unique piece of jewelry - i wore the oreo necklace i got from a friend.. nice one! :)

ok, i just had to let that one out..

..pero pangit ka pa rin sa timing. tae ka.


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