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Sunday, February 17

why, hello there laptop!

i'm currently using my laptop right now, thanks to avery. =) she had breakfast here since it's her birthday. so yeah, i borrowed her ac adaptor so i can charge.. although i know it's temporary. but it's okay, since i'm the temporary superstar. hahaha.

so yes, hello old files. i really missed my laptop since its very very comfortable typing here. F na F ang pagiging blogger. hehe. =) i plan on changing my layout again. i really wanna learn how to design this thing, but im too outdated on all these html, css and rss whatever feeds they call it. so i shall do that in another time. in the near future probably. so yeah.

pardon the editing for this picture,
it's just on paint and i don't have a mouse :D

anyhoo, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AVERY BLOOM! one more year and you're not a teenager anymore. woohoot for that!

i will blog again later. like this afternoon maybe. imma transfer relevant files to my pc first. yoohoo.

PS: I had to re-edit this for the 5th time since this sucks. the error on the page thing on IE, i mean.


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