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Sunday, February 24

things to do for the next few weeks/days/whatever

since im very bored and i usually forget what im gonna do out of boredom, im gonna write them down while im not in my usual forgetful mode.

  1. buy new korean series loot
  2. watch ELLEN everyday, 7PM on ETC 2nd Avenue
  3. watch gossip girl on ETC every tuesday, ETC
  4. buy gossip girl loot if possible
  5. buy "learn korean" cd or whatever
  6. learn photoshop basics (again and again)
  7. finalize request for multiply design
  8. reformat my laptop
  9. JOB? anyone?
  10. finalize march 7-8 plan
  11. finish reading tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom
  12. finish reading fabulosity by kimmora lee simmons
  13. start reading eleven minutes by paulo coelho
  14. decide on going to the APASE reunion on feb 29
  15. go on shopping date with cha
  16. finalize post-valentine date with college friends
  17. watch a movie in the theater. please.
  18. try blogging everyday
  19. fix my room
  20. remove unused items in my stuff/jungle
  21. create contacts backup for globe and sun sim
  22. have hot oil treatment
  23. buy shampoo and conditioner for curly hair
  24. organize earrings (particularly studs)
  26. buy back issues of magazines
  27. print irene's debut pictures (argh i always forget this)
  28. .... lalala i can't think anymore
  29. buy simplified piano pieces and try learning them
  30. do the grind workout at least 4 times a week?
  31. SLEEP

i will cancel them out if i do it. ok? im really bored.

PS: our freakin neighbors are doing this habit.. they start their videoke sessions starting 11 PM.. for three days in a row and it's freakin annoying.


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