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Monday, February 4

on sickness and "korean noodles"

i woke up to a not too good morning since i felt like coming down with flu. which sucks. as of the moment, here are the medicines i took for today:

- 1000 mg Vitamin C
- 500 mg Decolgen No-Drowse
- 500 mg Bioflu
- 2 Tbsps of Ambroxol

i sense a "high-ness" in myself right now. haha. on drugs? kidding. anyway, i really hope i'll feel well tomorrow. i really want to buy something and have a haircut or hair treatment. or something. i'm really bored. :(

anyhoo. i'm watching they kiss again (it started with a kiss 2) on mysoju. com. but it's an ongoing series so i have to wait 1 week for the next episode to be up. i forgot. i might have to check if there's a new upload after this blog. and.. i decided to watch Full House AGAIN. :) I have a DVD copy so I'm watching it to my heart's desire. :) hehe. now, since I'm always watching asian dramas and the likes lately (thanks, bumhood). I've become really envious of the characters eating noodles with chopsticks. So at around 3 PM, i decided to raid our cabinets. found yakisoba.. found the ever reliable chopsticks. :) TADA.

pardon the picture. i'm really just happy i got to eat them, asian style. who wants to eat somewhere with chopsticks with me? raise your hand! :) hehehe. :)


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