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Sunday, February 3

early to bed, early to rise.. makes me sleepy

rawr i keep on forgetting to put 'em titles.the last few ones i had i forgot. even the happy slip one. rar. [note to self: will edit 'em later]

anyway.. woke up at 7 AM today. whoa. that's due to my early bedtime last night (thank you, natulog ka kasi agad. ehem) hehe. anyway. since I woke up 7 am, my mom told me that i should go to mass early na lang with my dad (since they went to the parlor and had mass na kahapon. next topic.). I asked my dad kung pwde pa ko sumama..pero mauuna na daw siya. haha so i have 30 minutes lang to prepare.. (take a bath, prepare yung susuotin ko, yung dadalin kong bag, magayos ng buhok + maglagay ng mousse, magmakeup).. eh i thought that was impossible. :)) NGUNIT..

i'm so proud of me nagawa ko yun!!! yeahyuh! haha. i made it to mass on time. hahahhahaa =) as in sakto sapul.

yun lang sharing. bakit ba. hindi ako makapaniwala! nakapagmake up at nakapaglagay na ko ng mousse ng lagay na yun!!! c'mon!!!! :)) hehe

ok, obviously im bored. let me sleep again. good night :))


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