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Wednesday, January 30

worst so far

had another interview again today.. i'm drained. :))
it's really not the worst so far.. it's just bad under certain circumstances :P
ok, so i forgot to wear a watch (it's a must! amp) and to put mousse on my hair (i know it sounds vain, but my hair needs it to be "tamed" hehe)
then i left the house kinda late.. i arrived in the office 8:30 on the dot.. BUT the elevator took a long time.. lalala.
i was on the 4th floor by 8:40.
Then the interview.
turned out to be a practical exam.. :|

1. Draw how you see yourself in 5 years.
- So i took the time and drew.. I enjoyed it too much and when I looked at the next number..
- Oh no. Yung fill in the missing info sh*t. I got confused first, pero medyo nagets ko naman :)
3. Software Blah
- I had to create an excel file showing the computation of the salary of sales officers. It must be presented in a way na presentable sa President ng company.

I DIED. lalala.

Besp said I should go straight to the hospital to cure my internal bleeding.
and Pauwie said I should sue them if don't get the job. Attempted murder. haha.


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