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Saturday, January 12

mission: birthday wishlist

okay, so pardon this entry.. but i really need to let it out. =) it's just 2 days away (OMfreakin'G)
can't believe this is it. hahaha. i had this on my mind since this week started.. i really wanted it to be some sort of my "birthday week" but yeah. got lazy. :)) I was busy watching them Korean dramas. aishhhh :))

So yah, I'm making this list to check... well. bahala na. I just needed to get them off my chest (waw, so deep)

all i want for my berdeyyy =)
  1. Simple get together with family and friends (to anyone reading this, this might be held on january 18..so text me :))
  2. KOREAN LESSONS - i swear i'm soooo gonna buy those learning kits sa national. I'm tired of watching them Korean dramas and having to read the subtitles the whole time =) and i really wanna learnn!!! It's so friggin' cuteee! Saranghaeyo! ♥
  3. Princess Hours (Goong) DVD. :) Please. it would really make me smile. Although i'm watching it now on Youtube (it's free, good subtitles yo!).. I still want to have my own copy. Yiii!
  4. Coffee Prince soundtrack. - I'm just lazy. Can someone download the whole thing for me? :)) hahaha!
  5. Job by February? or January? Basta definitely BEFORE MARCH - NAMAN... madugo yan. =)
  6. Foot Spa and Mani-Pedi - part of the prettification process hahaha :))
  7. Stickers for my planner. For decoration purposes ha :))
  8. Black shoes =) for interviews. the one i'm using right now is about to "expire" in a few more uses. How about that?
  9. Some moolah would be nice! =)
  11. more big-ass shades 8) oh you know me. :)
  12. Beaded headbands. =) I saw them on Multiply. Please? =)
  13. Colorful bags. Please? this has been on my christmas wishlist. lalala. =)
  14. Pwede personal? MAAYOS NA. yun lang. =/
  15. OKAYYYY i wanna be materialistic right now but I can't think of anything else. So I'll do some updates. I have till tomorrow naman right?



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