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Thursday, January 10

make me smile just for a while

i finally finished the Korean drama "Coffee Prince". Much to my dismay (not coz of the story), I felt sad when it ended. It made my 3 days happy =) and now I have nothing left to watch.

I like Youn Eun-Hye :) and Gong Yoo, they're so cute.

anyway, today's a so-so day. did nothing to please me... and well, it's the "sad" day of the week. no excuses here, i just feel that way.

must be the birthday blues again.


wala ka na ngang ginagawa, pero lalo akong napupuno sayo. hay. siguro nga kasi wala kang ginagawa. nakakainis. yun lang.

oh, happy day.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 16:57.