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Thursday, January 3

allow me to momentarily slip away

i am sooo hating myself right now. i was off to a good start this 2008, and on the 3rd day of the 1st month of the year, i let myself give up on me for a while. as in, sandali lang siguro.

i need time off from everything. i've been feeling happy and perky towards the end of 2007.. and now i'm wondering why i'm feeling grumpier than usual. :| and i hate it.

i need to divert my attention to other things. i've been too attached to people for comfort and joy.. i need to find it within me first. which sucks, coz i dunoo how to start, or where to start.

i need a new environment, a better outlook, and something NEW. as in.

so right now, allow me to momentarily slip away. i can't stand this feeling - i don't know where i stand, what has happened, what is happening, what is the current state and most importantly, i duno how to act around you. so i think i'd better give myself a time off so things will be pretty un-stressful.

i can't stand this feeling - i don't feel special, i don't feel valued, i don't feel part of anybody's priority. i don't feel special. period - which sucks. not that i'm such an attention grabber or anything. i just want to feel that someone's there.

i can't stand thissssssssssssss. and i'm hating it.

maybe tomorrow will be a brand new day. but i'm not talking to you. i'm not gonna say anything. i hope u figure that out for yourself.

good night and good bye.


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