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Thursday, March 8

my desire to blog: mar 8, 2007. 6:45 pm. Telengtan hall. ua&p

PLANNING AHEAD: does it work?

I'm in a daze right after this friggin' (but note: inspiring and good!) talk from Mr. Cecilio Pedro, CEO and President of Lamoiyan Corporation. In case you don't know, they are the makers of Hapee Toothpaste, the first ever Filipino-produced toothpaste in the country. Anyway, it basically went about what to do right after college. Try reading my Friendster profile and you'll see: What do I want to do? Ask me again, maybe tomorrow. :)

Plan. Start today. That's what he said. the question is: What do you want? Thoughts started flooding (TRULY) my mind. I had too many wants. Music. Fashion. Literature. Restaurants. Work for a good company. Help in the family business. Own my own business. And MORE. Yes, I may know what I want, but will these get me through my whole future? The truth is, I don't know what I want to do - and it sucks.

Knowing that I'm about to graduate in 3 months made me feel exited and VERY scared at the same time. I don't know what to do. The words "MAYBE NEXT TIME" is flashed when I'm adkrf to think about my future career. Which scares me. It makes me not want to graduate.

However, I wish I could just sleep and wake up having slept through the next few months. Then it would be June 2 (read: Graduation Day). But, come to think of it, if that happens, I'll be closer to my FEAR. What will happen after June 2? Do I work? Do I play? Do I whatever?

You see, I'm not getting any younger. But hey, I'm not old!! And I should get started with all the planning and stuffs. but planning scares me. and well. I dunno.



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