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Saturday, December 2

it's been a while.. (again)

hey hey...its been 10000 years since my last entry. haha. ive been very busy, erm, lazy to update my blogspot, although i've promise to myself (time and again) that i really want to keep this as updated as possible. however, thanks to the busy-ness we have both at school and work, i failed to do so. haha.

kailangan may intro? oh well. :)

anyway, like what i said in my previous entry... ive been working na! haha. i'm currently working for Roche Philippines.. and in case that doesnt sound familiar, they are the ones who distribute Xenical and Valium here in the country (among others).. anyway. it's not so bad. in the project i'm working for, I need to come up with an internal branding proposal (marketing plan) for them. that's my thesis. whew. i got to present my proposal already and i have to start from scratch again coz I have to change my framework and methodology. lalala. that sucks.

anyway... what else.. im sooooo looking forward to vacation, and Christmas, although I have no moolah left coz I "accidentally" went on a shopping spree last week (I think), but at least I bought stuffs for me and some for others. ahha. labo. anyway... I'm not at home rght now. If you notice, i only blog.. (religiously) when I'm out. so there.

anyway, I have this quote to share.. which s so true!!!! ahha. and that ends my so-called update.

PS: I miss my friends. :( I love you guys! You know who u are :)

"I nod. Looking at the way you hesitated to take my hand, resting so near yours. I know you're already gone. I will make it easy for the both of us, I tell myself. I will forget the feel of your hands on my skin. I will smile and tell you that I'm happy for you because that's what you want to hear and that's what I want to believe. I will hot hope you will be back soon nor say that I wish I was going with you. Instead, I will keep in mind that there is nothing between us anymore. It's just that the coffee is too warm, and I am so cold.. "
- Excerpt from A Warm Cup


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