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Thursday, September 14

you used to be my "dream person"

i had this mental checklist on my "dream person". my sister agreed with me (actually this was some time ago pa).. na this person represented that "dream person. i even have a blog entry about that. pero indirectly mentioning that lang. checklist:

  1. funny - CHECK!
  2. masaya kasama - CHECK!
  3. marunong mag-guitar - CHECK!
  4. mahilig sa music - CHECK!
  5. creative - CHECK!
  6. cute (pwede na! hehe) - CHECK!
  7. sweet - CHECK!
  8. cute pumorma - CHECK!
  9. malambing - CHECK!

anyway, so that checklist made you that very "dream person" of mine... Before.

as i knew you better.. or more and more...

you're not that same "dream person" i used to know..

* you're really not that malambing - just when you need something.

* you're obviously sweet coz ur happy (in love with someone else)

* you tend to forget.. a lot.

* you're too insensitive.

* you asked me something that must not and should have not been asked! boo to you!

oh well. i dont know why i even blogged. bsta. haha. im boredd.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 18:24.