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Sunday, September 10


come to think of it, i tend to think too much. but you know what, i get pretty good thoughts whenever im in the car when im on my way home from wherever. unfortunately, i dont have that kind of memory to retain all those "data", and i keep on forgetting to just write them down or record them or whatever.

but lately, ive been thinking of you.. AGAIN. well, its always been this on-off thing, which seems to have this own switch of some sort and sometimes, its just too hard to avoid this thinking game. but hey, im not really complaining. onti lang.

anyway, as i was saying..i thought about you.. yeah, and maybe a little about us. wehehe. what about us? i dunno. i just remember that one (and only) time that you held my hand and let go. for some effin' reason i can NEVER forget that moment. and it sucks! ohwells. it just made me think of what we had. maybe you never really loved me. did you? you said you didnt want no commitment but now i see you with someone new...and you've been together for more than a year now!

did you just come up with those stupid excuses to get me off your back? i mean, if you have been straightforward to me that you just didnt like me.. maybe it would have been easier. or maybe not. was it because of the way i look? could it be that i failed to show you how i really cared for you? or was it because there was no chemistry whatsoever? did i just let you pass?

i dont know. sometimes i wonder what might have happened if we both took the chance. probably...well just probably.. we could have been still together or something. but.. no. i just wonder if you really loved me. or if you still do? haha!

oh well. you can never turn the pages back to the past. or something in that sense. diba? it would be such a waste time.

but what if you feel this need to tell something to someone and you know that you just need to... just to be fair.. would you still tell it to the person, even if that issue dates back to three years ago? maybe it would be the only way to find closure? for me? i dunno.

in the end, i just end up thinking again.

i told you,



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