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Monday, September 18


MAYBE....i can be a candidate for a "professional interviewee" position. (although im not good at interviews.. i actually suck at it!)

anyway, i've had my FOURTH interview for internship today, it was at ROCHE Philippines at makati. It was quite a crazy morning... First I got totally lost in Makati, turned out I used the wrong route. Anyway, when I got there, I was interviewed around 10 am i think, by the HR manager. Turns out I had to be interviewed by the HR Director as well. It was one hell of an experience! hehe.

Questions like:
"Why do you want to be a corporate strategist? Why? I want to know the "why"... What does it give to you?"
"What kind of music business are you planning to have? Visualize."
"What is fashion?"
"What do you think I exude in the clothes Im wearing right now?"
"What is the functional aspect of HR? How about its emotive aspect?"
"Give me a Value Proposition for HR."



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