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Tuesday, December 20

what to do oh what to do

what do you do when....
1. you want (very very much so) to go out
2. you have no money
3. you dont have gifts for people yet
4. you dont have an idea on what to buy for christmas (gifts for people)
5. you're currently having certain problems. (unmentionables haha)
6. you have deadlines for school
7. you have exams when vacation ends
8. your pc is busted
9. you can't get hold of your new phone coz ur dad's mad at you
10. you cant go out with friends
11. you're having issues with someone (remember the someone from the old, old entry this year? haha)
12. ...and it just struck you, IT'S CHRISTMAS.

what to do oh what to do.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:23.