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Monday, November 7

the end of my SUPPOSED last sembreak

waw. time really flies sooooo darned fast. its already the last day of my vacation. and yes, ive been so very lazy to do dcent updates on my blog.

ive spent some time with some of my friends over the break, although i wasnt allowed to go on night outs. but im fine with that.

imma post the pics next time. or maybe ill put my link. if i wont be too lazy.

next week, we're gonna have our grad pics taken... OMG. ang bilis ng panahon.. btw, pahelp naman sa mga taong nagbabasa pa nito... ano ba okay na creative shot? boohoo. im supposed to have my pic taken on the 14th. so i have one week to "beautify" myself... wahaha. ohwells. that's it.

im gonna be uber busy this sem. argh.


cge. next time na lang ulit.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 14:42.