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Thursday, October 27

being the "just-a-friend" type

just a weird thought. how come some people tend to be labeled always as "just a friend"? there are some who are perceived to be "girlfriend material", and some are "pangtrip lang", some are even "pangdisplay lang"... but some fall on the "kaibigan lang" category.

i won't be hypocritical. i can definitely relate to this "dilemma". well, its not so much of a big deal. i mean im not really complaining... oh whatever.

anyway. the thought was very clear on my mind a while ago. and now im trying to pick up pieces from my "imagined blog entry". boohoo.

hmmm going back to what i was saying (before i interrupted myself).. hmmm... i duno. sometimes... i feel like im never good enough for people. hmm or maybe its just that i cant please everyone? hmm..

right from the very start.. as in going back to my childhood days.. if ever there's someone to like, i always fall under their "friends only" portfolio. up until my high school days... yeah, its still the case. i felt that there is something about me that's missing.. maybe that "something" makes me not good enough to be someone to be liked. argh.

i sound pathetic no?

wala lang. ever since kasi, if i like someone.. that someone would usually like someone verrryy close to me. as in... it hurts like hell in the end when i found out that the person likes a friend... i mean... ang bitter ng dating ko pero.. msakit tlaga e.. tapos LAGI pa nangyayari. as in seryosong lagi. i would love to give a list of names, pero i'll save myself from kahihiyan na lang. haha!! :P

anyway. im thinkin. ano naman if "kaibigan lang" ako? hmmm. i duno. maybe it makes me feel different from others. kasi wala talaga e. ang weird. parang there's something missing na hindi mo maintindihan. haha.

im tired of being just a friend.

woeeeh. drama.


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