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Wednesday, September 7

temporary-ness of everything

yup. besides the fact that ME =temporary superstar. my state,or maybe STATES of mind are pretty temporary. i realized that ive become really really lazy when it comes to blogging. im envious of my old self,and the old posts i have (well yeah, if you want to know about my pseudo-interesting past experiences, click on memories and there ya go. leave the weeping boring temporary superstar life i'm leading right now.

anyhoo.im in mega right now. for whatever reason, well, you really dont have to know :P haha. anyway. hmmm its been another looooooong period of time since my last decent update. i had loads to tell every now and then, but unfortunately..i dont have a laptop. YET. haha. oh yes, i think my dad finally (crosses fingers) decided to buy one.. but when? that i dont know. haha.

hmmm..singit lang!!

i want to thank YOU for TWO YEARS of BLISS. you know who you are :)


im in dire need of shopping AGAIN. i mean, as always. every time i feel depressed about school or whatever, i wanna have moolah.or spend my moolah(if i have moolah, that is). too bad it cannot be. but i swear... I'M NOT MAKING SENSE ANYMORE!

poor me. anyway. i realized my blog is all about me.kaso.what should i write here?? oh well. boohooooo. bow.

SWEAR. ill do better updates again during the sem break. my mind's really exploding right now. we just finished our magical 2nd finance test.and im officially braindead.



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