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Thursday, August 11


anyway, im feeling much better right now, although there's still one bit that's not right. but i dont care. i have lots of things to do. thanks friends for the messages sa tagboard.. :P wish me luck i have tons of stuff to do in the coming weeks. think i might collapse. bwahaha. :P cge.

---f*ck off, fart faces.---

people.. no, make that ultimate jologs people have posted sh*t on my tagboard, and you know what? DI KAYO NAKAKATAWA! hay naku, buti na lang i can delete your sh*tty msgs you jologs, you! hay naku. but oh well, i have a lot more important things to consider than you guys. haha. kawawa naman kayo.


temporary superstar jenna curtsied on 20:15.