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Tuesday, July 12

finally, again. (part N of a series of long-lost updates)

rar. its been, what, 10 years? haha! ive been planning to blog for forever but.. yes, laziness took over (as always).. anyhoo, school has been pretty toxic, and not to mention draining for the past erm.. 2 weeks. i get frequent back aches coz of stress and it sucks. all this already, and we're not even halfway the semester yet! rar.

stuffs to do? here:
- find a company for the Industry Analysis (coz the first 3 parts of the paper are due on the 25th i think! im crossing my fingers that they'd move it! wah)
- Go to Norkis Yamaha again tomorrow to deliver the letter of request to their Marketing Department (this is in line with our term paper for Operations Management. double rarr.)
- Finalize a topic for APS Australia 1st major paper (good thing im paired with Chekabols :P hehe) this is due on the 29th! hay!
- hay sobrang a lot of things are going thru my mind, nakakapanic. im dyingggg haha!!
- oh yeah, we need to watch "12 Angry Men".. and i dunno where to get a copy of this! argh.

anyhoo. there are lots more to add but i tend to panic when i think about 'em so i'd rather hush-hush about it. haha!

btw, my pc's back to its normal condition again! yipee! im back to downloading MP3s again. and finally! it has an anti-virus software na, so buhboosh virus! haha! hay. rar. stress is creeping up again. so i cant focus on the entry anymore. haha. kainis. i missed listening to mp3s ulit! sobra! hay.

oooooh i need to update my wish list and my links. haha. i still need to go shopping. sobra tgal ko na ndi ngma-mall! or movie man lang! rar. although i have half of wednesdays and the whole of saturdays to myself, i usually TRY to use them for more "PRODUCTIVE" things (like watching tV! haha kidding).. like last saturday was our Managerial Economics exam. where i died. haha!

I WANNA GO OUT!!! my gosh. im just realizing that after all this, i mean, if i ask a break now... or if i'd be given a break.. it would be sembreak. then.. 4th yr would almost be over... then i'd be off to the real world... which sucks. haha. there are tons of things im learning in my management subjects right now. like in MPO (Managing People in Organizations), my prof mentioned that sometimes, HR people who go through the bio-data of persons applying for the job check their grades (as in literal), and try to see if they have been idle after graduation. it could reflect daw kung parang sure na ung tao sa gusto nia sa buhay, and if he/she would be productive in the company. WAAH i got scared coz i really dont know what i want to do yet.. waah. maybe tomorrow? sheesh. im really tired. plus, im not sure if im making sense. hay.

btw, its JANINA's bday today! yihee 20 na sha, (and because of that, she's planning to eat okra today) weird. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LABS! haha *that's how i call her hehe*

anyhoo. there. im gonna write better entries when i get the time to do that. hay. im too stressed to think! haha, kawawa. i need to read for my finance class and my spanish class. rar. GOOD NIGHT WORLD!

btw, im posting the pic of the CREPE BABIES :) we made this scrapbook for MPO, featuring different managers and their motivations for doing business. :) we used our pics for the contributors part (kunwari magazine) hehe. here ya go. i edited this one :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway i have to go now. i want to dance. haha! *coz my current music is kylie minogue's love at first sight haha! i love that song*



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