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Friday, July 1

breaking the silence.

its been awhile (again) since i made a very decent entry... haha. ive been tremendously busy since classes started.. (then again, its just that i feel more "responsible" now that im in 4th yr..wahaha. AS IF. anyway, m in a net cafe right now coz my effing computer aint working AGAIN. well, it still works... but i bet its soooo full of viruses that's why. it keeps on restarting, etc. so there. me and my sis get sooo pissed off as hell. haha.

anyway... im so tired with school na. sobrang dami requirements na sabay2.. tapos we have to work pa! waah. anyway im getting frustrated. wahh.

nwei i was supposed to upload pics (again) to continue with my update.. but i wont be able to do that coz that's another half a month! waaah. nwei. ill just make a GREAT update again in the future. (im not saying in the near future, though) haha.

i miss my friends!!! i miss my besp!! i miss kamberks!!! waaaah!!!


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